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  1. WDIS: Rodgers or Wilson

    I have same post up if you want in on it...
  2. Do i sit Wilson for Rodgers???

    ...soooo Wilson?
  3. Ajayi or Lewis

    ok we're 2-2 here who gives the tie breaker???
  4. Brady or Rodgers?

    yeah but they also say that the area with the plate it stronger than it was before, he is at 80% and he says he is good to go...
  5. Now that Rudolph is active after not practicing all week do i start him?
  6. Ajayi or Lewis

    But wouldn't Gronk be that guy?
  7. Ajayi or Lewis

    Now that Gronk in back (besides Birkhead stealing carries) do i start Lewis over Ajayi? As a Giant fan, I am torn here...but i WANT TO WIN! LOL
  8. Man, I dont know what to do. My opponent had Hunt in and racked up 56 pts!!! I need to fine tune this thing and it starts with a QB decision. What do you all think i should do here? Wilson has been solid, yes, but this is Arron i start him?
  9. Ajayi,Gore,Lewis(NE)

    Ok..update. I picked up Duke Johnson heard he would be good pick this week. Or maybe I'm.over thinking So now think Gore is def out and choices are Ajayi..Lewis..Johnson pick one and other for flex. Or pick one and throw in Sanu in flex. brain hurts..
  10. I like what he's done so far and good matchup..what do you think?
  11. PPR ..have Gurley in one need stick one of these guys in 2nd slot..also I can put another in flex. Thanks in advance and Happy Thanksgiving!
  12. WR help...PPR pick 2

    thanx guys!
  13. Pick one player for FLEX!

    tough one....Adams i guess out of them.
  14. Cant decide who to put in: pick 2 Green Hopkins Cooper