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  1. Play Melvin Gordon or Gus Edwards?

    Gus is said to get more today
  2. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving bro. I need help with my flex if you get some time, PPR I have C.Carson in now, but can use P.Barber, C.Davis,D.J.Moore Thanx
  3. I got worried about Big Ben last week and Wilson has a good matchup. Yahoo has them rated at about the same. Any advice appreciated. Thanx!
  4. Im glad to hear someone thinks this I a sitting sanders for C.Davis
  5. PPR, need to win this week. I am leaning towards Smith
  6. Flex help.....please pick 1

    How about Smith over D. Jackson?
  7. Cohen or Fournette?

    im rolling with Fournette
  8. Trade Kelce for Ryan??

    I hear ya..ALL. LOL All good points, I think I'll keep my TE, I can always throw any of thses QB's in and they can do good. But a good TE is rare in this league
  9. In fantasy...I always get screwed if i DONT go with my gut...
  10. For you, I would say go Flacco...think you're right about Ben how bout Big ben over Fitz? (my dilemma)
  11. Which defense

    I picked up miami this week.
  12. Trade Kelce for Ryan??

    i just picked Fitzmagic for this week. Think he may be better play than Ben
  13. I have Big ben, and Luck...I could use Ryan but to gi ve up my next best player next to OJB IDK?!?
  14. RB-PPR help please

    I picked up P.Barber on TB to take C. Carson's spot as they say he is a "game time" decision and/or may lessen his touches due to the injury. What do yall think??
  15. Big Ben or Luck?

    I cant decide...any advice helps thanks