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  1. Who else is 0-2?

    Main Money work league: Jake Plummer/Drew Brees C. Portis/K. Jones/R. Droughns/L. Toefield/M. Shipp J. Walker/R. Wayne/D. Mason/D. Stallworth J. Feely/J. Hanson Cincy Def/Atlanta Def (yes, have to have 2 kickers/defenses) Another league: Plummer/Griese McAllister/Alexander/Arrington/Foster/Shipp(off of waivers today) Horn/Driver/Rogers Gonzalez/Wiggins Jeff Reed Atlanta/Dallas defenses This league I've faced the top team btoh weeks with me barely losing... This season is a whip already!
  2. Shut up M Irvin

    Anyone else here cheer with utter delight when Michael Irvin got hurt in Philly? I know I did. Karma is a b!cth!! Btw, also a life long Packer fan and Texas Native Republican!!! I'd tell you where I live here in Texas, but I don't come out much during the day for fear the lynchmob will find me.
  3. Why I Might Start Parker Over Edge

    Yeah, I agree. I did the same exact thing. But you only illustrate my point further by pointing out that starting the guy while you can is the idea. Parker will only go down in value as the season progresses and the other backs get healthy. But Parker had a favorable matchup with a powerfull line vs a weak defense. It really doesn't get much more basic than that. I think had I had the opportunity to make that call myself, I would have had to go with Parker over Edge this one time. But alas, this is fantasy football, and everyone has an opinion and none are 100% correct 100% of the time.
  4. With Walker gone.......

    I think that up until last year, Driver was the main receiver since 2002. He started opposite Sherry Glenn in 2002, and then Ferguson was given the shot in 2003 until Walker came on. Although, Driver was hurt for a game or 2 at the beginning of the 2003 season and accounts for his lower numbers that year. I think he'll do fine in this situation and while the offensive woes for Green Bay are just starting, there is time for them to get that line in shape and possibly keep Favre upright and throwing, God knows they'll have to with the defense the way it is.
  5. Why I Might Start Parker Over Edge

    Just curious though... In the Huddle MVP Challenge, 33.49% of the 4327 participants took Willie Parker to start for their teams this week. It's not like having a choice between one or two backs on your team, but all of us had our choice between all the backs in the league and over a 3rd took Parker over studs like Edge and so on. Edge, btw, had a whopping 0.37% utilization. This isn't the exact same thing as head to head matchups, but it does speak volumes on what many of the people here at the huddle was thinking going into this weekend. While I agree, that in most cases you are going to start your studs, there are times to pay attention to maximizing your points through other players. This happened to be one of those times and there will be others that creep up during the season. I'll qualify any and all statements/opinions I make here at the huddle with my whopping 0-5 record this weekend with my 5 leagues. Only saving grace is the MVP challenge where I am currently sitting at 449. Nothing to see... move along...
  6. Willie Parker Celebration thread

    I threw him in on the huddle MVP challenge. He did ok for me I guess...
  7. Post your team names here

    My team name this year speaks of how dangerous my team is. Running with Scissors
  8. Jax on ESPN

    Saw Fred Taylor get up a little gingerly after being run down rom behind on that screen play. Wasn't exactly limping, but he did come out of the game and looked like he kind of tested it before coming out. Yeah, that catch by M. Jones was nice. Very Nice!!
  9. 10 reason why I detest fantasy football

    Anyone find it ironic that someone with the name "Cunning Linguist" felt dirty?
  10. Love this PLace!

    You could have also titled this thread: "Let the Post Padding Begin!!!" But does this mean that now I'm guilty too?
  11. Help T.O. Get His Money !

    TO Loves me.. got him 64 million on level 7. But now that I've wasted that time... nevermind... it wasn't like I had anything better to do.
  12. Whose around?

    So, there's no Thomas Jones, no Mike Anderson, no Mewelde Moore or something along those lines to help you in the backfield left? While I understand the fascination with the rooks and stuff but there are other backs in situations that are enticing for down the road. T.J. Duckett gone too? I mean, I really see no difference between Shelton and Jacobs than between these backs. Other than they are rooks and has yet to show what they can do. I think the upside on all of these guys is worth a flyer at some point in the draft. Edited to add: Sorry, missed the post with the list of RB's available... My apologies ignore me... my wife does.
  13. ***Mock 14 - 10 team ***

    You can change the round at the very bottom of the page that you wish to preselect for. For future reference. Although, I haven't been very good at pre-selecting myself, kind of gun shy due to some picks I've missed on from trying to do it all this way.
  14. ***Mock 14 - 10 team ***

    Wasn't really expecting to get Bennett with my pick earlier. I threw him in case thought I would need some depth at running back. Now with Bennett there, I have all 3 backs off the same week and no help at all there. Definitely not turning out how I would have hoped.
  15. ***Mock 14 - 10 team ***

    well, usually I wouldn't make that kind of move when I draft, but I kind of panicked a little bit when Green went off the board. I was all set to have him and the ground opened up and swallowed him whole. So, I figured I better get another running back that has the potential to throw up some serious points this year. Maybe, if things go well, then I could make a try at trading to avoid the inevitable loss. But, I'd never strip my team to try and avoid a bye week massacre. I think alot of that depends on if the team is going along well, and you've only got one loss going into week 5, then I think taking my chances is a good bet.