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  1. yer a little buddy.

    -Cat Lover

  2. There, you have a friend. Now, go pack and get ready for Denver, momo.

  3. i am only looking because i know it makes you uncomfortable. it's for your own good.

  4. Still has some gas left

    They're pretty much the same guy. And besides, they both have about the same chance of netting you points, if you start them.
  5. Your post makes me want to poke you with a stick until I see you cry again. I don'y know what it is about you that makes me want to see you cry, maybe it's that you're good at it, or maybe it's that sort of thing that makes you slow down when you pass a train wreck. Regardless, I'd really like to see you squirt a couple more for daddy.
  6. What an awful game by McNabb

    Don't make me come down to your dojo and spear you, Corky. Bottom line, Falcons won. They played well, and the Eagles looked flat-- especially on that final drive, with a little over three minutes to play-- more shades of the SuperBowl. Mad props to DeAngelo Hall, I was really hoping the Eagles would draft him last year, and now, more than ever. The kid has got the goods. Putting him on an island against TO all night and holding him to what: 7 of 17? Unbelievable! Mora, Jr is doing great things with that Def, which will help take a lot of pressure off Vick, who, IMNSHO, remains completely unworthy of all the hype and sack-dangling. He is a good athlete, but a pretty lousy QB. Oh, and as much of a farce as it seems to me, Trots getting booted happened, so I can cry about it if I want to but it won't do much good. Sure as sugar, it meant the game. Some of those mammoth creases that Dunn found his way through, almost certainly would not have been as big if he was on the field. The Eagles are still way too vulnerable to runs Off Tackle, especially with no Trotter. And spearing, from what I recall of the NFL Rules, is spearing, no matter what body part you are targeting. I had this self-same argument with one of my best buds last night (who is also a loathsome fan of the unmentionable TEXAS, OUR TEXAS, OH HAIL THE MIGHTY STATE, TEXAS OUR TEXAS, SO WONDERFUL AND GREAT... dynasty, despite some of his better qualities). Anybody care to straighten me out on this?
  7. Who else got bloodied today?

    Ummm, yeah. Ugh. And the rest of my WRs besides DJax are immersed in crapulence. I need a long-shot to come thru, or this is gonna be a long season.
  8. My Crock Pot is bigger than your Crock Pot

    I almost posted something about the Big Green Egg when I read the smoker post, but I figured: "Nah, it's coming. Just wait." EDIT: Oh, and schleprock, that sounds really tasty. I'm gonna have to try that recipe.
  9. My Crock Pot is bigger than your Crock Pot

    Defintely hate/love feelings, and a little tinge of chartreuse when I read these (apparently, that's green... for envy, ya know). You shame me with your gusto for life, sir.
  10. Dallas Clark info....

    This sucks, now I gotta decide whether or not to pull the trigger on Chris Cooley. Kinda glad I picked a back-up TE, now. I am hoping the combo of FB/TE leads to good numbers, because that worked out really well for me the year I took a sleeper flier on Patrick Hape.
  11. RB

    I was a little confused what this thread was about, just by reading the Title, so I am glad you clarified it by specifying it was a "RB, RB" you wanted to talk about, instead of the other kind of RB. That being said, I like them. A lot.
  12. it's good to be a Collins owner

    The O in general showed flashes of brilliance: 1) Moss looked pretty good, being double- and triple-teamed all nite. 2) Collins looked adequate. Even getting pressure all nite long, he didn't make any huge gaffes and threw some decent passes. He definitely needs to stop telegraphing his reads so much, but with all of the guys to throw to, he'll put up good fantasy numbers, IMHO. 3) Lamont Jordan is going to have a big year, I'd be pleased as punch to have him as my RB2. Maybe he didn't look too flashy last nite, but his production was solid. He's an excellent receiver and he has more speed than I remember ripping them off to the outside. When he plays a team with worse LBs, he will put up monster numbers. Hammered dogcrap: basically, the entire performance of the O-line. Gallery, in particular, blew at least 3 assignments that I saw, and I wasn't even trying to key in on O-line pay last nite. They'll get better as the year goes on, but they suck right now. Oh, and no surprise, you make it a lot harder to win games when you get called for over 130 yards in penalties. I know the Raiders want to lead the league in some category, but it ought not be penalties.
  13. it's good to be a Collins owner

    I don't think he looked bad, at all. In fact, there were flashes of brilliance in the Raidas O last nite. Bear in mind that Curry and Porter were gimpy, the only real problem I saw was that the O-line looked like complete hammered dogcrap, oh, and they commit way too many penalties. Collins is not a guy I'd want having to lead my team from behind to win a game, but Fantasy-wise, he looked to me like a really good choice for this year. Even when he was forcing the ball into Moss, he looked like he knew where to put it to avoid the crappy INTs that we're used to. Maybe having confidence in a WR of Moss' caliber will setlle him down some. Dunno, but I'd be pretty happy with 3 TDs against NE, as a fantasy owner.
  14. Player you absolutely hate.

    TO, and he is on my team. I always loved Harrison, cheap-shot artist is in the eye of the beholder. Football is a contact sport, and I love watching guys that play hard and with abandon. Oh, and maybe Roy "horse-tackle" Williams, I think I'd be a hugh fan of him if he were on any other team. Wouldn't mind seeing him as BDawk's eventual replacement.
  15. Best Food Network show

    that sycophantic floor guy is awesome, but my favorite is the bubbleheaded actress they have on the show. [stereotypical giggly girl voice] Oh, that looks tasty! I swallowed a live eel once. teehee, it was very wriggly in my throat and made me feel very wanton. [/stereotypical giggly girl voice] Ok, maybe she never said that, but in my head she says it all the time.