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  1. 30 - 44 FF league

    36 here and am very interested
  2. Ravens Fans

    The sad part is that the Ravens will be sitting home while being better than almost every team in the NFC and probably a couple in the AFC as well.
  3. Chargers

    Thats alot of what I would expect in a Steeler /Colt game too steeler....the Colts can play from the ends but not up the middle and that is exactly where I would expect the steelers to attack all day long.
  4. Chargers

    Jvilles secondary has killed them all year..I would bet they address that situation in the offseason.
  5. Down 8 points w/ LJ Smith 2nite!

    I read in the news that Smith was not gonna play today because they are worried about hurting him for the playoffs.
  6. Okay Big Bill ... I wanna know ...

    It has not changed that much...the game is still the same..don't turn the ball over, control the clock and dominate the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball...but I think you are right on a couple counts there.the ego's have changed and also he don't seem to be the motivator he once was.
  7. Congratulations Peyton Manning!

    He has had the greatest season a QB has ever had ...definately MVP....and a thrill to watch.....plus Tommy is his favorite worker on his fantasy team...what else can you say about the guy.
  8. Okay Big Bill ... I wanna know ...

    I think Bill has been great enough in his past for footballers to give him another season...Bill always has a plan and I would bet they come together next year. What they need to do is become better pass blockers or it won't matter who the QB is in there. and that may be why he don't want to throw Henson out to the wolves anymore and ruin his confidence.
  9. Chargers

    Yes it was a great game to watch, with lots of records and a late comeback for all us watchers..the Chargers seem to have a flair at making big defensive plays in the red zone which has been very impressive and the Colts defense has really picked it up the last 6 to 7 weeks..if these 2 teams defenses can keep making strides they may catch up and even pass the Steelers and Patriots by the time they meet them in the playoffs..that being said they still have big strides to make on defense to catch either of those teams..but they are improving at the right time of the year..good luck to fans from both those teams and great game today to both.
  10. Joe Montana

    If you can not see Manning is a great QB by now you will never see it.
  11. Does Vick deserve Pro Bowl ?

    Vick making the pro bowl is a joke..he made it clearly on hype and not his play..that being said there is always people who do not belong in the pro bowl but get there anyways so that is nothing new there.
  12. Chump Bailey

    Yeah the Bears have been one of those teams too..and they can be a good team next year also. they need to upgrade their offensive line in a horrible way...if they go shopping for a QB next year and don't go offensive lineman hunting they won't improve much.I don't believe any QB in the league could look good behind that line of theirs.
  13. Since eagles dont need him

    I don't think he will play the whole game..but I believe he plays at least the 1st half...I would suspect that they don't want to sit him and let him lose his groove but at the same time they don't want him to get hurt either.....I would be scared to use him again this year myself unless Reid says something different.
  14. Take heart Denver fans!

    I am hoping that happens DR ..1 of the guys that is running neck and neck with me has Manning and 1 of the others in 4th place has Harrison..maybe they won't play a whole game for me that week ..once again some good information DR.
  15. Chump Bailey

    I think the Redskins are realy ready to be 1 of the best teams in the league next year..if you look at their defense it has been excellent at every part of the game..imagine if their offense would not have put them in so many bad positions this year .they would be 1 of the best teams in football right now.