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  1. Conversation @ the bar

    Neyland. Death Valley. The Swamp Rose Bowl Happy Valley In that order.
  2. Players to target for 2012

    It's just pre-season ,but he looked pretty good and seemed to have absorbed the offense well. Mallet has a cannon for a arm and I see him as a very decent lotto pick and in my opinion they could get a pretty good buyer these days. I like him better than Landry Jones. I see Luck, RGIII, L.Jones as the top QB's Weedem looked pretty good, but I think Mallet is better than him as well. Hoyer is a good back up for Brady and I just think Mallet could get the Pats more on the open market. The whole Manning melt down and Polian's getting fired could make some gm's do a double look, so there is value in Mallet staying, however keeping him on the bench for 3-4 years is a waste and I can see him causing problems if he's not dealt. Mallet is no Rodgers in my opinion. I think he wants to play asap and unlike Rodgers won't sit around quietly and wait, this is all opinion of course. He has kept his nose clean so far.
  3. Players to target for 2012

    Ryan Mallet. I see a ton of QB hungry teams and we all know how the Pats like to collect picks. He could be a franchise qb very soon.
  4. Michigan vs Michigan State this sat.

    Good game. I don't like the Michigan 4th down and inches call, however the game was a good game to watch.
  5. Bye Bye Tressel

    Pryor has played his last game as a Buckeye. The city is turning on him fast after he showed up in a Z this morning. How can you be so dumb? He is under a 90 day driving suspension to boot. It's time to let him go. Fickell is going to have to make a decision soon with Pryor.
  6. Bye Bye Tressel

    Heck, I have made mistakes myself. I'm way over 12!!!
  7. Bye Bye Tressel

    I thought my statement was pretty clear. I did not know Auburn has been found to be guilty of anything. OSU will get it's sanctions and I'm okay with that. I know Tressel made a mistake by covering up guys getting tats and selling their rings/gold pants. I also know what good he has done for OSU and the community. I'm just saying we will be at the Shoe and ready to play under Fickell and then for whoever takes over from there. I'll make the statment again, so it's clear. I don't think the University or College Football got better by losing Jim Tressel.
  8. Bye Bye Tressel

    I lived the Cooper days ,so I understand that. I was a fan in those days too. The point is everything always looks worse than it really is. Fickell is going to run the same program for this season and OSU is not even going to look to hire anyone till late 2011 or beyond. You have to turn the page as a fan and move on. I don't see what good it does to be negative at this point and this could be a great opportunity going foward. Fickell has been under JT for a long time and OSU is already through spring ball. It's going to be a long process on hiring the right coach. I have confidence that a long search will bring the right coach for the program.
  9. Bye Bye Tressel

    Jim Tressel made a mistake and now he will spend a couple seasons away from football and either decide that's it or return to the game. I don't think college football or Ohio State got better today by seeing Jim Tressel resign. The Shoe will be packed, players will play, and life for Buckeye Nation will resume. It's never as bad as it seems and never as good either. I can only say that I will be in the stands as much as possible this fall and every fall for that matter. We still have our big game with Wisconsin every year. I hope they don't take that away. GO BUCKS.
  10. Ohio State suspensions

    I think pot should be legal for many reasons, but it's not. ( I don't smoke either) These guys knew better and I don't think OSU should appeal anything. To say it's a dumb rule and should be changed is one thing, however it is against the rules and there for they deserve to sit the full 5 games.
  11. NFL Survivor Picks Thread WEEK 1

    Wk 1.Tenn. Wk. 2. GREEN BAY PACKERS
  12. Bengals Draft

    I like Palmer, but he has not been the same since getting hurt in the playoffs against the Steelers. I do in fact think looking into the draft next season or finding a vet is worth exploring if Palmer has issues again this season. Lets face it the Bengals rode Benson's legs last season. Palmer has weapons now, so we will see. I still think it's time to begin thinking of the future.
  13. Bengals Draft

    Palmer needs to produce now or there will need to be a new face of the franchise. Dunlap is a boom or bust, but I'll trust Marv on this one. I thik Shipley will help a lot if he can give the Bengals a similar production as TJ did. Gresham is not sexy ,but solid. I think overall the Bengals had their 2nd productive draft in a row. I'm kind of surprised by this.
  14. Tashard Choice

    Thanks Guys.
  15. Tashard Choice

    Looking at Choice from a long term perspective as a Development Prospect. The league is a PPR Keeper League and you can have players on a Taxi Squad. What do you guys think about him??