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  1. Dallas or Buffalo

    Performance scoring league Dallas or Buffalo Buffalo at Tampa Dallas at Washington Thanks in advance.
  2. Rookie WR's

    I just picked up Matt Jones this week on my ww and I have to say I think the kid will make a impact middle to late this year. HE"S A FREAK!!! TE size. sprinter speed and has that attitude to go with it. I think if Jimmy Smith keeps defense's attention and Jags running game picks up is when Jones will start to be a factor.
  3. Plain and simple......

    I go with Roy. He will get more targets in my mind that's the answer.
  4. Crayton or Charles Rogers

    I keep Crayton. I don't have much faith in Charles Rogers...He is bound to break something soon and then it's going to be the William's/Pollard show in detroit.
  5. Pick a QB

    I go with Farve against sorry A$$ browns defense.
  6. Whitten or Cooley

    Performance Scoring 1 pt for every 20 yards and 6 pts for td. Who do you play???? Cooley vs Cowboys Whitten vs Redskins.
  7. Matt Jones

  8. Matt Jones

    How do you guys feel about Matt Jones as a waiver wire pickup and general thoughts?? I don't know yet on my ww Randel El, Booker and Crayton are ava. as well. How long till Jones contributes??? My league is a performance scoring redraft league. Jones is getting big praise from Byron but is that just teammate talk?? Here's what Bryon said: Bart Hubbuch, of the Florida Times-Union, reports Jacksonville Jaguars QB Byron Leftwich offered lofty praise to rookie WR Matt Jones due to his unique athletic ability. "The closest person you can compare him to is Randy [Moss]," Leftwich said of Jones. "They're different type of receivers, but I'm telling you that this guy [Jones] has got the talent that not a lot of people on this planet have.'' Offensive coordinator Carl Smith has incorporated Jones to contribute on trick pla ys, which appear to be part of the team's offensive playbook this year. "He helped us win [sunday]," Smith said of Jones. "What we're going to try to do with him next week is to have him help us win again.''
  9. Quick help Please!

    Rudi...because the browns suck and alot more opportunity imo. I figure Detroit and Green Bay could be high scoring with both qb's throwing the rock around. I just like the Rudi option more plus Rudi knows how to hold on to the rock.
  10. Which QB?

    I would go with Plummer against Miami D. I want to see how Green does on that leg and Jets are no slouch on D. It's mainly a matchup call in my book.
  11. Flex Help?

    Performance Scoring .5 point per reception pretty only factor. Chris Brown vs Steelers or Eddie Kennison vs Jets
  12. WDIS @ WR

    Rod Smith no brainer for me.
  13. Ohio State / Texas

    Last night was what makes college football great. The emotions being up and down the great plays and the almosts. If you did not enjoy that game whoever you support Big 12,Big Ten,Pac 10, SEC, and others then why even watch the games.
  14. Hasselbeck or Griese

    Best ava. at the time.
  15. Ohio State / Texas

    We have no one to blame but ourselves!!! 3 turnovers and no touchdowns!!!! It was heart breaking!!!! I had a great time all the way up to the frigging end of the game!!!! We just have to strap it up and get ready for San Diego State and then Penn State. Life will go on and so will the Buckeyes, Go Bucks. Give the Texas defense some credit they flat just stopped us. I have no voice and literally sore all over. The crowd in the south endzone gave it all we had from the first play to the last we screamed our heads off. Texas played lights out and won in a hostile enviroment. OSU is done for the Rose Bowl with a loss by the Hawkeyes and Wolves will be very difficult to get back in the race. I know later down the road I'll look back and really appreciate what a great game I witnessed but right now....I'll just say congrats to Texas. You have 2 things you can do pack it up or Buckeye up....Go BUCKS.