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  1. Waiver Wire Warriors

    Funny stuff Yo, nice column again. How absurd would it be if KRob was the one that helped turn around the Vikes offense.......naw, not gonna happen
  2. Chad Johnson

    Just saw that too. I think of all the trash talkers in the NFL Chad Johnson has to be my favorite. The guy is just funny.
  3. For those about to dump Kevin Jones--

    I would've given you more than a defense for K Jones. Something tells me not having that RB depth is gonna hurt - probably sooner than later.
  4. Texans Fire Offensive Coordinator

    Exactly, so feel free to fire the GM unless Capers had his hand in it.
  5. WPARK

    "Statistics are important in ProTrade, too, but the system tries to provide more context by analyzing the situation in which a play occurs. As an example, a 3-yard run on fourth-and-2 would be worth more than a 3-yard run in a third-and-20 situation." How do they "provide more context" by giving a bonus for first downs? Is the play worth even more if it happens in the 4th quarter or if the score is close. It seems like there are too many unknowns and opinions of what is more/less important to attach a value for each event.
  6. 15-3. This could be ugly for DC.

    Dallas 20 Wash 6
  7. Who will win a game first?

    Whoever wins the week 7 matchup.
  8. Caddy as insurance? Now that's a luxury not enjoyed in most leagues.
  9. Need 2 WR's...

    Ferguson and Parker
  10. which wr's should i start.

    yes, and especially with Drivers matchup
  11. Drop Antonio Bryant for Derrick Mason?

    Da mn, Mason is usually drafted even in small "short bus" leagues. If he is there go get him!
  12. Am I Overracting?

    No good reason not to do this trade, other than everyone else in the league should hate you for taking advantage of that poor fool you traded with.