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  1. I can play two at flex. Chark is still iffy and Perriman plays on Saturday. SO...wight two do I go with? Perriman, AJ Brown , DJ Chark> My startinng WRs are D Adams and A Robinson RBs Mixon and J White TE Ertz QB A Rogers Bench, RBs C Hyde, B Scott, Jamaal Williams, D Washington All feedback is welcome
  2. Start Marvin Jones or Zach Pascal

    thank you, any other observations?
  3. Ok, football community, M Jones is playing with a new QB. Stafford is out. Pascal is playing with Jacoby Brissett, but Jacoby is just coming back from injury. Which is the best bet? Thank you wise people. All comments are welcome.
  4. Trade for S Michel

    12 Tean PPR my tean is in my signature. I need RBs. My team is WR heavy: Golden Tate, M Jones, P dorsett, Scantlin-Valdes M Williams, Josh Gordon. I want to trade for S Michel. I am thinking of offering DOrsett and M Williams for Michel. what do you think ?
  5. 12 team PPR.I''m ahead in my game. 121 to 94. I still have Z Ertz and James White yet to play. I can also play either Jordan Howard or P Dorsett.My opponent has Wentz and Edleman left play. Ertz helps me against Wentz. So , do I take a chance with Dorsett who os officially listed as qustionable BUT is expected to play or go safe woth Jordan. gain tis is PPR. All help is appreciated.
  6. 12 team PPR CBS. J Graham or T Eiffert at TE? Scantling-Valdes or Mike Williams at Flex?
  7. 12 tean PPR. I think my CBS team is in my sig. Do I play Mike Williams or Valdes-Santling at flex. Scantling plays at Dallas. and D Adams is out. Mike Williams is coming back from an injury and he plays Denver at home in GB. Also at TE, , do I start J Graham or Eifert? and is it time to drop Jared Cook? Thank you
  8. 12 team ppr.....Who is the better flex play? WR Marvin Jones Jr vs KC or RB Chris Thompson at NYG? thanks for all cmments
  9. Do I play Carson Wentz vs GB on a Thursday (I hate thursday games) or do I play M Stafford on Sunday? All comments welcome
  10. My team is in my signature CBS PPR 12 team . I want to upgrade at TE. Should I try to trade Mixon and Cook for Kelce and Carlos hyde? Mixon has been hit and miss. Kelce is #1 at his position. Thoughts?
  11. PPr Mike Williams vs Houston or Marvin Jones at Philly? thanks
  12. 12 team PPR. Jimmy Graham , home vs Denver. He is coming off an injury. Jared cook at Seattle with QB Teddy Bridgewater. Who should I trust. Thanks in advance
  13. Quick questiom PPR, start Mike Williams, LAC or Josh Gordon NE?
  14. Thanks for the quick answer on mt other post. Before game time......Tarik Cohen rb bears or Mike Williams wr Chargrs Flex? I need to know soon Thanks again