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  1. I miss yer little bald head...phucker.

  2. Which fans are the biggest Homers?

    Redskins have been sold out since 65 I think. Ten year plus waiting list. That is pretty homer. Eagles fans have the best sidearm battery sling.
  3. Aaron Brooks

    Any time.
  4. The Forgotten

    Yer vile..... I actually think Reeves should be in also. But Monk definetely should go in before an Irvin or an Ellard. He was a major part of a couple SB winning teams and led the league in receptions for a while. He was a badass player who wasnt flashy but showed up and did it right and consistently for a long time.
  5. Post your team names here

    Digglers Skins Digglers Skins Democratic Digglers Digglers
  6. Aaron Brooks

    Good info here. If you are able to draft soundly around him and accept what he brings to the team you can go far with him. He isnt Manning or Culpepper, however.
  7. The Forgotten

    You left Gibbs out of the tie for 2d most SB appearances at 4, and Reeves does not compare with Gibbs because Gibbs winning percentage is 65% plus. Gibbs made a Super Bowl on average every third year he coached. Reeves was good but mostly just lasted a long long time. Reeves is the Art Monk of Coaches--lots of 8 yard hitches and very workmanlike and plodding. A wise man explained to me thats not enough to get in the Hall.
  8. Portis to get Pulled at Goalline?

    Too soon to tell. Broughton is a beast though. I think they will give Portis every opportunity to everything and then reassess. He had 350 carries last year and Gibbs has said he will get as many this year.
  9. Menudo's Official 2005 NFL Predictions

    I have a problem with these predictions. There is no way the Redskins go 9-7 this year.....they will be 11-5.
  10. Mike Anderson goes all the way.

    Got him and Bell in one league.
  11. I'm SOOOOO annoyed right now !

    How'd that work out for you Men-u-do?
  12. too late?

  13. Love this PLace!

  14. Bennett Hurt, M Moore to Start Friday

    Dam. Just took him as 5th pick/3d back in a keeper flex performance league.
  15. Huddle mentioned in Washington Post

    Hometown paper comes through!