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  1. Browns/Ravens Game Thread

    Georgia LB Jarvis Jones
  2. Went for $26 in the Home Field Advantage waiver run this week. This is a 32-team, 3 WR league so WR are at a premium, but when teams get $50 FA budget per year, this is pretty steep!
  3. The last player the Browns took in the supplemental draft was Bernie Kosar in '85. That worked out pretty well!
  4. Going Back To School

    Thanks! My program requires me to teach at a "low income" school for at least 3 years. The job offer is Brookside in the Sheffield / Sheffield Lake school district. It's a far-outer-ring suburb, very blue collar, a town that depended on the nearby Ford plant and steel mills to get by. It is not comparable to a Cleveland school. I would have considered a job in Cleveland, but several factors make that difficult, not the least of which is CMSD won't hire until August (or possibly even after the school year starts). I have a family (understatement) and we've been without my income for a year ... can't afford to gamble and hope I get hired.
  5. Going Back To School

    So the past year has been super-intense! Summer classes were the hardest thing I've ever done, we basically took 18 graduate level college credits in 2 months! Then I was student teaching at John Adams, one of the most poverty-stricken schools in the city of Cleveland. It has been a fantastic experience! I just got a job offer, high school math, in the adjacent district to my house. We're super-excited!
  6. Divorce

    Make sure the parenting agreement puts some limits on how far away she can move. That is the biggest mistake I made several years ago.
  7. Jim Thome

    Hafner on the DL makes Thome a pretty obvious choice for a return to Cleveland.
  8. At what age can a child be left in a movie theater?

    About 8 years ago, I was a single dad with 3 young kids. Boy 6, Girl 5, Girl 2. My son wanted to ride one of the smaller roller-coasters (Iron Dragon) at Cedar Point, where we had passes. I think I went with just him and taught him how the line goes ... after that each time we all went, he got to ride it by himself once. We would walk him to the line entrance, then the girls and I would sit on a bench near the exit until he came out (usually about a 20-25 minute line). I can't say for sure because we didn't go to movies as often, but I'm pretty certain that about that time I may have done exactly what is described in the original post ... left him in the theater when I took another to the bathroom (just out in the hall). I realize others will be more protective, and that is fine. I grew up in a large family (8 kids) and currently have 7 myself. I learned to be responsible and self-sufficient, and my intent is to do the same with my kids.
  9. Going Back To School

    I haven't been around as much lately as I was a few years back, but I wanted to post a major development in my life. I was awarded a Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship. This is a program for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) professionals to go back to school for 1 year to get a Masters in Education. There are 4 schools in Ohio and 20 students per school. I got 1 of the 20 slots to go to John Carroll! This will obviously be a huge change. Plan is to make it through the year on the stipend, my wife's day-care business, and some withdrawals from the retirement account. But I've known for a long time that teaching is what I really want to do (and should be doing), so having a chance to get the degree in 1 year and get a stipend to help get through it is a terrific opportunity. Call me crazy if you like but wish me luck!
  10. Yesterday was not a fun day.

    Sorry to hear it, hang in there and I hope things improve for you (and your workers).
  11. KevinL

    Classic, thanks! I will definitely use that on my blog!
  12. Oldest Item you still wear

    I have a Gore-Tex type (waterproof / windproof) running jacket made by Asics Tiger (now just known as Asics). I got it for Christmas in 1984. The zipper just broke last week and I had to buy a new jacket. I was really bummed!
  13. Browns cut some vets

    Which of these guys might catch on elsewhere? Bowens is pretty old and there was an expectation of him possibly getting cut or even becoming a coach at the end of 2010 preseason.
  14. Congratulations to WW (Whit Walters)

    read the comments on Facebook. "Whit Walters sounds like a gameshow host!"