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  1. Food and Bev Thread - Hoboken BBQ

    Well, when I found out Nuke was afflicted with the full blown ghey, I pointed him in that direction...
  2. Would you trade R Cobb and L miller for M Lynch and Calvin Megatron Johnson? Reply and I will do the same thank you. It's a standard lg. I think you need to look at this from a statistical perspective. Current rankings have R. Cobb at a 4.753 power ranking and scoring coefficient based on primary scoring statistics of 8.745, couple this with an upside coefficient of 6.344, L Miller is a 2.732, 4.447 and 6.125, respectively. CJ is 7.613, 9.229 and 8.577 and Lynch is a 5.636, 8.259 and 9.465. When you weight these numbers together you get ratings of roughly 6.2, 5.79, 9.113 and 7.273 respectively. Thus it would appear that there is 95% probability that you are getting the better end of this deal. However these numbers are based on historical and YTD calcs and don't include strength of schedule going forward. So what you really need to do is take the power rankings that are here on the huddle and multiply them by 1.666 and then take the above weighted numbers and multiply them by .75. Add those two numbers, square them, then divide by 14. This will give you an expected player performance number for the rest of the season. If all this fails, PM grits and shins for advice.
  3. The Revival of the Tailgate!

  4. Donald Trump's Big "Game Changing" Announcement

    Of course he did, it was before affirmative action and pell grants.
  5. I haven't seen a beating like this........

    South Carolina is funny.
  6. I haven't seen a beating like this........

    Waterman, if memory serves me correctly, you are white.... White people don't ride on buses in the SE US.
  7. Cocktail Party

    UGA = I'm going to JAX for the game and will be watching it from a friend's living room surrounded by Gator fans, this was probably not the best idea I've ever had.
  8. A little love for the PAC 12

    As soon as Oregon plays a ranked team and beats them, I'll start to worry. Prior to this occurrence and considering their cream puff schedule to date, I will have to dismiss them.
  9. This forum

    Clubby, we love and miss you, come back soon.
  10. A buddy of mine's wife was banging a masseus at a fancy hotel the frequented in FL. Took him a while to catch on. Worst possible scenario, your paying the dude and he aint the only one getting a tip.
  11. Rainbow Pride

    How is this relevant to the topic at hand?
  12. Ahhh.... Or could it mean what the guy will end up doing when his wife is running around with the dude she had coffee with as he gets the papers from her attorney.
  13. Rainbow Pride

    You know how I know he's gay? God forbid he and Troy Palamalu ever end up in the same locker room.