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  1. Falcons vs. Eagles

    The Eagles, Phlli, and Eagles' Fans suck. Atlanta 17 - The much maligned and marginally talented Eagles 3. You guys are becoming the Buffalo Bills of the NFC championship game. I cna't wait to watch the Eagles' Fans to have to wait another year before they lose in the NFC Championship game, for the FIFTH TIME. MAybe next year you guys can lose to the Saints, that way the whole NFC South will have kicked your d*icks into the dirt when it matters the most (second most, actually).
  2. Favorite Team

  3. College Commentary

    Maybe the huskers can go to the local penetentiary and grab a few new players. It shoudn't take too much money to get them to play.
  4. Best Rivalry

    The worlds largest outdoor cocktail party. UGA-UF