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  1. Big Ten Outlook for 2004

    First, Sarge get a life. Nobody needs to hear off topic smack from a tunnel-visioned fan of a school who plays a soft schedule and gets handed their ass when they play a decent opponent. Second, its too d@mn early for a decent outlook for the Big Ten 2004. There are too many recruits still to commit, too many players yet to decide whether to stay/go pro and it will take at least 5-6 months of weights plus Spring ball before we know who among 2003 bench players (or recruits) will emerge. About all we know at this point is based on their tradition and coaching staff track record. So we know that OSU, Michigan and Wisconsin are likely to be good and a couple others will have a shot at being among the top tier. 2-3 others will be good enough to win against any Big Ten school on any given Saturday, but will end up 2nd tier. 1-2 will have the potential for an upset or two, but not much else...with 1-2 being door mats. Sadly the season's over and it won't be until next summer when we know how the 2004 season shapes up.
  2. What Is A Sooner?

    jester I'd always thought the term came from what the settler's wife replied when he told her they were stopping to put down roots in Oklahoma... "I'd sooner live in a cave with wild animals than this dusty hell hole with these low-life miscreants." brow jester
  3. OSU/Michigan Commercial

    Great commercial, but... its a shame the scene is 10 minutes early, since true Buckeyes are always up to see OSU "screw Blue" (so to speak). jester Then again, the OSU guy did say "I love you too" to her - and that's to much to stomach.
  4. Mike Price New HC Texas-El Paso

    UTEP ain't much of a program (I personally think the guy got hosed by bama). So I can't imagine Price is head-over-heels about the move. Still I suppose if you're a CFA fan living in El Paso/Juarez, this news calls for a celebration lap dance. brow
  5. Jason White is staying for another year.

    Sooner fans - I'm just curious, what degree did White get and what's he studying in grad school? (Just curious if he was studying to be a doctor or such, or just filling requirements to play ball?) I think the move does give him a HUGE leg up on next year's Heisman...but man you gotta worry about the guy's knees (and how much if anything this will cost him payday-wise in the long run). If hurt next year, it would be awful expensive and if he ever has a career-ending injury, this move costs him a year's top QB paycheck. On the other hand, this surely cements his place among the all-time greats in the hearts of Sooner fans. So I suppose he always has a career as an Asst. Coach and/or Asst. A.D. in his back pocket now. So I guess it comes down to his values/goals. He may plan to go the Archie Griffin route, shooting for 2 Heisman and seeing the NFL as a short-term payday gig leading back to OU.
  6. KSU/OSU Line

    Seems odd, maybe you should jump all over it before they wake up. thumbs_u I just hope they know something the rest don't.
  7. Fiesta Bowl - Kansas State -7

    Not really, considering the way your cats thumped OU and the way OSU got handled in its last game, at UoM. Personally, I'd have made the line higher (other than accounting for the difference in fan/bettor bases). Also, I think it's going to be tough for the Bucks to get focused and motivated in this one. A lot of air came out with the UoM loss...and the local/national press had hyped Columbus up for a trip to Miami to revisit last year's NC game. Frankly, a 2nd straight holiday trip to the desert and KSt's relative lack of national name has made it hard for OSU fans and team to hide their tepid enthusiasm. (No offense meant...I just refer to what you yourself have said before, namely that KSt doesn't get respect or airtime outside the Big12. Plus even after that great win, KSt is ranked lower.) The OSU team has really had to force enthusiasm in local interviews so far, falling back on "the Fiesta did treat us pretty good last year...and they said it wasn't just because it was the NC game". It's just my guess, but I figure it takes the OSU team a week or so to get over the disappointment of not getting Miami again, and start building interest in this game. As for fans, I've already heard from a travel agent friend that game pkg. bookings are off 25% from prior years (even excluding last year). Its early, but that's the way I'm seeing things on the Ohio end right now.
  8. Sugar bowl

    I'm with you on this one. Woody was our great one (with baggage) and I was more than happy to ignore the bad in favor of the good. It just added spice, right. I'm sure you're the same way with Barry. ...ahh if only we could relive the good ol days.
  9. Sugar bowl

    I don't know the distances, but I'm guessing KC is 75-90mi from Manhattan and my point was that the game wasn't a KSt home game. Maybe it was close enough to be a virtual KSt home game (I'll defer to you). Side note: does that infer anything about the size or travel propesity of Sooner fans? (My only visibility into Sooner Nation strength is from the OU/TX and old OU/Neb rivalry games, from which I assumed "Sooner Nation" travelled well/widely. Maybe not, or maybe this game just didn't warrant the trip.) I disagree completely and whole-heartedly. OU was obviously up/ready and ran right down the field on their first drive. It looked like OU was going to dominate. Then KSt smacked 'em in the mouth and OU looked stunned. Kst did it again and OU just kept taking it...they did not answer...they gave up. That is my definition of a lack of heart. I'm not saying it isn't possible for lesser teams to beat better teams on any given day, I'm saying when a team with superior talent/coaching/etc. (which everybody seems to think OU had) doesn't at least answer back in part, they just gave up...which again, is my definition of no heart. IMO, to say otherwise is admitting that KSt is the superior team in talent/coaching/etc. and the game result wasn't a fluke, but is how we should have expected things to turn out. ...and that sure isn't what I've heard you and others say all year (or for that matter, how I saw/see those 2 teams stacking up). Resorting to name calling doesn't reflect well on you Sarge. Doing it weakly, reflects even worse. Heart had anything to do with Reynolds' choke job. Isn't it more accurate to say that action resulted from him having no brain, no self control and/or no class. Either way, Reynolds is 1 guy and not a whole team...and we were talking about a team not having heart, not one player. Agreed...and like most fans, let's hope it spawns a 8-team playoff system in 2006. cool_thu Absolutely agreed (and an astute observation on your part). However, since this is a Sugar Bowl thread, we weren't talking about the Buckeyes. Also, sadly the 3 one-loss teams only have a partial say themselves and are left hoping for a little help to gain an outright NC.
  10. sgt dont cry but not talking crap now!

    I can't and don't answer for other people, some of which (including OSU fans) are idiots. However, I (and most other OSU fans) did and do give respect to UoM, who kicked OSU's ass in every phase of THE GAME. I also respect WIS, who controlled that game and won, although I don't think it was exactly an ass kicking based on final score. Still, no excuses they beat us. If you talk trash and belittle others all year, you get what you get. You can't say "nice win" and then claim to be above it all. Stop patting yourself on the back and get a grip. Also, you can't compare a coach's post-game actions (in this case, Stoops was clearly classy) to a player's in-game actions (in this case, Reynolds' were clearly sleazy). BTW, only a moron would think Reynolds' actions reflected coaching as I heard some Sooner fan hypothesize. Nor can you compare either a player or coaches actions to those of a fan. You aren't Stoops, so don't take credit for his gracious actions. And don't go claiming moral superiority when you are one of the primary over-the-top bu11$hit throwers around. As for myself, I gave you guff last night (as you surely deserved based on your crap all year). However, I certainly respect OU as a very good team. I think OU is one of the top teams this year and has great talent. In fact, I think OU would likely beat OSU head-to-head (as long as OSU didn't keep it too close, because OU really surprised me by showing a lack of heart last night...and heart is OSU's long suite). Finally, whatever happens with BCS..I think you can give that "we'll beat whoever by 21+" a rest for awhile. As they say, on any Saturday...and nobody has proven to be above that this year.
  11. sgt dont cry but not talking crap now!

    I appreciate the lame attempt at humility after running your yap all year. coach However, I've gotta tell ya Ryan, that wasn't a nice win, a fluke, a "we just ran out of clock" or a nice try...that was a grade A, "behind the woodshed", crawl back in your dusty lil hole and shut up - ASS KICKIN! jester
  12. Sugar bowl

    Nice to see you humbled. OU sucked and swallowed after the first series tonight. A friggin joke! No heart at all! So guess what, we don't need to hear why OU should still go to Nawlins. OU lost bad (on neutral ground no less), so shut up and take what ever the computer gives you.
  13. Heisman

    I reckon not. jester After the KState performance, it'll be close and White may well have blown it altogether. Add in Fitz's last performance and Perry might get a close look.
  14. Sproles is the man

    I didn't catch if he's a Soph or Junior. Do you think he gets a "get out of Manhattan free" card from the NFL...or does he go back to school? If the votes aren't already in, he certainly wins the Doak...for whatever that's worth. GREAT GAME for him! take_a_b I just wish OU hadn't rolled over, to see if he could pound it out with things still on the line.
  15. oh cyin! mcboner?

    OU just plain sucked and swallowed tonight. jester Ryan, et.al. - put down the pipe long enough to take off your rose colored glasses. coach Seriously, OU is a good team...I'm sure they'll rally to play a strong bowl game, but the aire of dominance is history. They're young and if they don't lose too many more coaches (or players going pro early) they'll be back near the top next year. However, I hope this will end the "greatest team of all time" crap OU fans have been spewing. applause At least OSU's thumping came AT MICHIGAN...not on neutral ground. jester (God we need an 8 team playoff.)