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  1. OTB

    Sammy Watkins- What do I want? I need a TE, He should be worth at least a 1st Manti Te'o- make an offer but I'd prefer to flip him for a LB Any of my RFA rights are available Taxi Squad- picks or cash Rankins Shelton Floyd Ray Hargreaves
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  3. there should not have been one
  4. and by PM, we are full
  5. Bump for myself and the other who need to pay.
  6. No Dan Pastorini option?
  7. Marks, Sen'Derrick JAC DT Harris, Chris DEN CB Munnerlyn, Captain MIN CB Peters, Marcus KCC CB I'm guess years haven't been reduced yet so that it for now.
  8. The open team comes from of strong tradition of winning so its got that going for it
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  11. Wonder how the Bills feel about that......
  12. usually when people retire they move to Arizona not from.... Kind of weird why he would up and leave and pull the kids out of school if he wasn't retiring. bad for the Cardinals since he looks like he might have a couple good years left.
  13. FYI The Superbowl is almost here, so it's time to start thinking about the new NFL season for your fantasy football league! We plan to launch our 2017 Leagues in mid-February, so you'll be able to upgrade to the new season starting on or around Wednesday, February 15th. In order to prepare for some changes that we have planned for 2017, our site will be down for about 2 days starting on Monday morning, February 13th. The work should be completed and your league should be back up and running within 48 hours. We've spent the past year focusing mostly on the back-end architecture side of things, which paved the way for some front-end league changes in 2017 (and beyond) that should make our system easier to use for both commissioners and owners. Here are the highlights of what you can expect to see in 2017 when you upgrade your league to the new fantasy season: •Better User Interface: The most visible change will be in the form of an updated menu system and completely redesigned skins and color schemes, which will result in a much cleaner look and layout for all of the league pages. •Mobile Friendly Site: The entire site will feature a "responsive" design, which means league pages, home page tabs, and menu items will be much more accessible on any browser from your mobile devices (phones and tablets). •Improved Waivers (Player Transactions): The waiver system will be overhauled to make it easier to use and simpler to understand for commissioners and owners. •Increased Security: League pages will be accessible with the HTTPS protocol, and our Developer's API will be updated to require Secure HTTPS access to comply with upcoming requirements from Apple, Chrome and others. •MFL10s: Our popular MFL10s leagues will inherit all of the above enhancements, so the experience for those leagues will be improved as soon as they are opened up for the 2017 season. We also have some new formats planned as well. The target date for opening the MFL10s is within a week after the scheduled downtime is completed. Keep in mind that these are just the highlights of the major changes and improvements we have planned for the new year. More info and details will be coming in February after the new season is launched.
  14. 2017 website- TBD Jan 15- Contract years conclude following the NFL Super Bowl trading period resumes at midnight ET Feb 28- Dues are due Last Day of Feb- Deadline to drop players without incurring a dead year penalty March- Rules review March 1st- FA run March 14 at 11:59pm- The deadline for assigning the Franchise Tag for your franchise, and must be posted in the league forum. March 15th- FA run March 15th thru March 23rd at 11:59pm -Blind Bids on Franchise players can be submitted . March 24th a Commissioner will create a thread that lists each bid for each Franchise Player. Owner of Franchise Players will then have until March 30th 11:59pm to decide if they will keep their Franchise Player or let them go. April 5, EST until the end of April 26, EST, RFA will run May 8th- The Rookie Draft will be held each year in May starting on the Second Monday of the month FA begins the first Wednesday after the rookie draft and will run every week until the Wednesday before the ATAP Championship game, at which time FA ends. July 31- IR is available 48 hours prior to kickoff of the first NFL game of the season Roster must be cut down to 43 active players, 12 DTS players, and any IR players The season trading deadline is 48 hours before the start of the week 13 NFL games