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  1. agree
  2. I thought there was a thread on this? Maximum Number of Conditional Groups for each Weekly Waiver - maxes out at 8. Am I doing something wrong or is this the case? The whole blind bidding is a cluster-f
  3. said: http://forums.thehuddle.com/forum/186-any-time-any-place-dynasty-league/ Need t-bone65 zooty ptheoret Thanks!
  4. No Dan Pastorini option?
  5. The open team comes from of strong tradition of winning so its got that going for it
  6. Wonder how the Bills feel about that......
  7. usually when people retire they move to Arizona not from.... Kind of weird why he would up and leave and pull the kids out of school if he wasn't retiring. bad for the Cardinals since he looks like he might have a couple good years left.
  8. you each get one sock?
  9. +1
  10. maybe if you're lucky, he'll show you....
  11. just the finalists. They will all, eventually get in. Baseball has no limit and they don't put in 100 people every 2-3 years. Football may be the only HoF with a limit. Part of the reason there is a hugh wait list is because of the limit. If they did away with it, it would eventually settle out with 5-7 , maybe, per year. There are still borderline guys getting in (A. Reed) and compilers (Bettis) so I'm not sure your argument holds water.
  12. They should all be in. Stupid yearly limit
  13. How much money did you lose?