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  1. Hopefully you drafted the players who will score the most points
  2. They remind me of the Washington Generals
  3. Quarantines and Handcuffs

    You were probably just lightheaded from lack of oxygen and breathing in your own CO2 from wearing a mask. THAT WAS A JOKE
  4. Deebo Samuels broken foot

    I always carry protection as well because you never know when you'll run into a rich eastern European escort. Oh wait you said, Precautions.....nevermind
  5. Quarantines and Handcuffs

    They probably can't afford to do that unless they keep all the MFL10 money
  6. Ryan Leaf arrested on domestic battery charge

    Moderation attitude
  7. Ryan Leaf arrested on domestic battery charge

    That's not what killed this forum. It was Steve
  8. International games cancalled for 2020

    That was what I meant, I thought we have had them the last few years. Proof the NFL hates gambling, lol
  9. International games cancalled for 2020

    Haven't there always been week 13 byes?
  10. Regrading the 2017 draft

    Part of the grading is based on how many are still on the team and in the NFL, even as backups. I can give you 10 worse Eagle drafts in the last 30 years, lol

    Yeah, wow. The players and the posters.....
  12. Foles will be the Bears new starting QB

    And they will be lucky to be .500
  13. Panthers cut Cam Newton & sign Robby Anderson

    Salary cap keeps going up and a lot of guys are overpaid. Look at some of the QBs making 25+ per year
  14. Nicky Touchdowns To Chicago

    As an Eagles fan, I love Nick but he just isn't anyone's answer as a long-term QB
  15. Garrett done

    Bummer, maybe John Fox is available.