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  1. Is this a reasonable offer? DB

    In a 12 team league. I never had problems finding DBs in 12 team leagues
  2. Is this a reasonable offer? DB

    Probably but it is a shallow DB roster to begin with so I wouldn't offer much to acquire one. I'd offer Weddle straight up otherwise stand pat IMO
  3. Browns fans: Read this long rumor!

    b.o.l. brother-in law As I've said before, my brother in law was a scout & personnel assistant exec for 11 years.
  4. Lamar Jackson

    Too much upside. Teams picking late in the 1st with need at QB will take a shot at him. With the 5th year option on 1st rounders teams could look to deal back into the fist at the end of the round as well. I could see him slide a bit more but really depends on how he handles this between now and the draft
  5. Pick the projected starting QB for 2018

    I see what you did there.... ....who aren't an actual NFL team.
  6. A dart throw at the 34th pick in a non-IDP or the 3rd WR in Philly's offense....:shrug:
  7. ehhh, probably. Assuming this is not an IDP league. Hollins would be a longer-term hold with Jeffry and Agholor in place in Philly. He could move into the other outside WR which would make him the 5th option. Torry Smith upside? I don't think he'll develop into a #1 but if either Jeffry or Nelson moves on AFTER 2018 he could be a #2. Doubt there is too much upside with the 3.02 anyway
  8. The NFL Hall of Fame 2018 Class

    Can't argue with any of them. Thrilled and a bit surprised Dawkins made it.
  9. Anybody else on the verge of quitting?

    I'm going to give it one more week, then take a few months off.....
  10. Marcus Peters discipline

    Suspended 1 game by the team
  11. Ventura Wild Fires - In my backyard

    Jeez, be safe for sure. Did you move again? LOL
  12. Coach of the Year

    but Zimmer took the back-up QB from that 4-12 team and has them at the top of the NFC. And he lost his top RB I think its between McVay, Zimmer and Marrone
  13. Eli Manning benched

    Like McAdoo is kicking the dog because he wife cheated on him
  14. 2018 HOF Semifinalists

    Per usual, the 5 man limit leaves a lot of guys on the outside looking in Yes Steve Atwater, S - The dude was just scary Don Coryell, Coach- so under-rsted for how he influenced the current offenses Brian Dawkins, S- probably a homer pick and comparable to Lynch Ray Lewis, LB- he'd kill you- in this year Karl Mecklenburg- under appreciated, probably have to wait for the Senior committee to put him in Randy Moss, WR- stud- in this year Terrell Owens, WR- stud- in this year Brian Urlacher, LB- stud- likely in this year Probably Tony Boselli- could sneak in as the 5 this year Isaac Bruce, WR- number inflation of more recent NFL hurts him Alan Faneca, G- guards get no love Torry Holt, WR- similar to Bruce but Bruce in the other side helped him early in his career Steve Hutchinson- guards get no love Joe Jacoby,- Hogs get all the love Edgerrin James, RB- probably didn't compile enough numbers Jimmy Johnson,- probably in for the SB teams John Lynch- don't think he was better than Dawkins Kevin Mawae- guards get no love Richard Seymour- dominated at stretches Hines Ward, WR- all Steelers get in even though I don't feel he was ever a dominate WR No Ronde Barber,- borderline, with the glut of guys ahead of him, he may wait a while LeRoy Butler, S - not as good as Atwater, Dawkins and Lynch Roger Craig,- Too short of a run Ty Law, CB- meh, not as good as Barber Leslie O'Neal- No one knows him, lol Simeon Rice- Too short of a run of dominance Everson Walls, CB- if he isn't in by now, he won't get in
  15. Offer sent in MFL