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  1. DirecTV / NFL Sunday Ticket offers

    I called on Friday. Did not get it free after going to retention. I did get a free upgrade to ST Max and free HBO for 6 months. But I did get $75 off a month for 12 months so its basically free.
  2. Greg Olsen is questionable

    Greg Olsen - TE - Panthers The Athletic's Joe Person reports Greg Olsen (questionable, back) is expected to play in Week 1 against Dallas. Olsen was a surprise late addition to the injury report. He practiced all week, but the Panthers were concerned enough to list him questionable. Olsen may play fewer run snaps at less than 100 percent. Ian Thomas could have a bigger than expected Week 1 role. Source: Joe Person on Twitter Sep 8 - 5:29 PM
  3. yeah he can do both, but I would not stay in a league like that for long
  4. Who has been here since the 90s?

    I used the free site. Boards were too slow on my dial up until after 2002
  5. Odell is no Dez for sure
  6. Should Antonio Brown be numero uno?

    AB got the Madden cover, that's enough for me to pass at #1
  7. Is this a reasonable offer? DB

    In a 12 team league. I never had problems finding DBs in 12 team leagues
  8. Is this a reasonable offer? DB

    Probably but it is a shallow DB roster to begin with so I wouldn't offer much to acquire one. I'd offer Weddle straight up otherwise stand pat IMO
  9. Browns fans: Read this long rumor!

    b.o.l. brother-in law As I've said before, my brother in law was a scout & personnel assistant exec for 11 years.
  10. Lamar Jackson

    Too much upside. Teams picking late in the 1st with need at QB will take a shot at him. With the 5th year option on 1st rounders teams could look to deal back into the fist at the end of the round as well. I could see him slide a bit more but really depends on how he handles this between now and the draft
  11. Pick the projected starting QB for 2018

    I see what you did there.... ....who aren't an actual NFL team.
  12. A dart throw at the 34th pick in a non-IDP or the 3rd WR in Philly's offense....:shrug:
  13. ehhh, probably. Assuming this is not an IDP league. Hollins would be a longer-term hold with Jeffry and Agholor in place in Philly. He could move into the other outside WR which would make him the 5th option. Torry Smith upside? I don't think he'll develop into a #1 but if either Jeffry or Nelson moves on AFTER 2018 he could be a #2. Doubt there is too much upside with the 3.02 anyway
  14. The NFL Hall of Fame 2018 Class

    Can't argue with any of them. Thrilled and a bit surprised Dawkins made it.
  15. Anybody else on the verge of quitting?

    I'm going to give it one more week, then take a few months off.....