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  1. Trevor Siemian as the missing piece in my championship has never been and never will be said.
  2. Its hard to keep track of what Cowboy is suspended and which isn't. Looks like his 4 games were last season
  3. Toomer starting per depth charts
  4. What would you cal this scoring system ?

    Interesting? It is very bonus heavy and fully custom. Not sure what I would call it. Somewhat of a TD only with bonus system
  5. Message Board League

    I'm out
  6. Finding broadcasts. Help?

    maybe say where in NJ they are. SJ gets all Eagles game, North is more hit or miss. I assume they are in north?
  7. Who will be the Eagles starting running back?

    maybe but other than Sproles that leaves them with 2 or 3 guys with a combined 77 NFL carries (all by Smallwood) and who knows on pass-pro
  8. Who will be the Eagles starting running back?

    complete RBBC FWIW, I think they end up keeping 4 (Blount, Sproles, Pumphrey and Smallwood or Clement). Its messy for sure especially since Pumphrey and Sproles are basically the same so it is almost a watsed spot to keep both of them. Blount is the only one with experience pounding the ball. Smallwood is battling an UDFA. Outside of best ball formats, I wouldn't want to guess week to week
  9. Auction Draft Rating WTF?

    It uses an algorithm. Yahoo's is comical You have no depth at QB, TE , K or D and the algorithm reads that That said.... Your WRs are thin IMO but do have upside. People are down on Crabtree and Hopkins disappointed last year and they look like the best of the bunch right now.. The rest have potential but are not locks. I'd say you RBs are about the same, no locks and all have warts and competition for touches. Same with your only TE.
  10. Pay for losses in faab league?

    I don't understand what paying for losses has to do with FAAB? They should be separate things.
  11. Feedback request: Videos

    Prefer to read articles. Easier to reference back. And I can usually skim or read an article faster than listening to a video
  12. qb as a flex?

    Maybe better in the advice forum? Personally I do like QBs as a flex option. Though if I did I would prefer a system where weekly QBs scores were on par with the other positions that you could also flex.
  13. Eagles waive Green-Beckham

    maybe its just the Beckham part Maurice Jones-Drew was Ok
  14. Ladarius Green is Brack!

    so it isn't buried in the Hernandez thread' Steelers released TE Ladarius Green. Green was cut loose with the "failed physical" designation. Signed to a "four-year, $20 million" contract last March, Green was already out of guaranteed money. He was limited to six games as he battled through head and ankle issues last season. Yet to be cleared from the league's concussion protocol, Green has been dogged by retirement rumors since last summer. Turning 27 later this month, Green has always possessed mouthwatering upside, but was blocked by Antonio Gates in San Diego and his health in Pittsburgh. His NFL future is unclear. The Steelers are moving forward with Jesse James, Xavier Grimble and David Johnson at tight end. Related: Steelers May 18 - 3:03 PM