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  1. Panthers cut Cam Newton & sign Robby Anderson

    Salary cap keeps going up and a lot of guys are overpaid. Look at some of the QBs making 25+ per year
  2. Nicky Touchdowns To Chicago

    As an Eagles fan, I love Nick but he just isn't anyone's answer as a long-term QB
  3. Garrett done

    Bummer, maybe John Fox is available.
  4. Week 13 Milk Carton

    The Eagles? W T F?
  5. Frank Gore to BUF

    Very good, not great compiler imo Nothing against him but just not great. If he retired 3 years ago he wouldn't have may the HoF and he hasn't done much since then other than pad stats
  6. Week 12 Milk Carton

    No, you can't expect someone who never does anything to do anything. Why would anyone play Trubisky?
  7. KC-TEN game

    Not playing, overslept

    That may not go well with Paypal since it is for "gambling"
  9. Foles is back as starter

    Good luck with that. Foles has a bye week 10
  10. bench them both or root for Mark Ingram to fumble a lot To me it doesn't matter, I would play them both and not sweat it or over think it
  11. Team Goes 0-5 and Trades 2 Best Players

    I thought this was about the Dolphins
  12. I need a new name.

    I got so many QBs, I have a dollarback Too long?
  13. Big names don't mean anything in the Not For Long
  14. Paging Rich Kotite

    I love Garrett #eaglesfan