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  1. Need help: Most competitive league settings?

    Active owners makes it more competitive. Otherwise, none of the settings matter
  2. The New Rotoworld Format

    thumbsdown, annoying
  3. Ok, so what's the skinny on Witten?

    I'll stick with Witten and am optimistic that he will pick it up. Plus I keep remembering Bledsoe and Ben Coates
  4. BillFighter

    Great site. worth a look weekly
  5. Need to trade away a stud RB...

    I would try Rudi (or Deuce) for CJ Even with the NO situation I like Deuce more and Perry may have some impact in Cincy
  6. Pick 2 RB's out of 3

    I have to go with Edge and JJ over Green. He hasn't improved my lack of confidence in him.
  7. Pick 2 RB's out of 4.

    Probably CJ. I would say Horn but I don't know about the whole N.O. deal. I do feel he is gamer and will try to have a great year but I don't know if a trade would be equal value with out seeing everyone involved. I would definitely grab Fitz over Jenkins. Can wait a week or 2 and see who gets desperate.
  8. Trade

    I would prefer Coles but both their QBs have rag arms
  9. Pick 2 RB's out of 4.

    So are you signing Fitz and maybe McCardell?
  10. RB Help

    Alexander and Jackson and trade Parker (unless you are willing to deal with RBBC and Bettis stealing TDs)
  11. Trade

    Take LJ
  12. WDIS?

    Moss Branch Caddy
  13. Pick 2 RB's out of 4.

    Edge and Rudi but I would have to try and trade Rudi or Deuce for WR help
  14. Coles/Burleson/J. Smith

    I agree with this. I don't trust Pennington either
  15. Need advice

    Shoot the left one to and even out the pain
  16. WDIS ... WR

    Stokley & Muhammed
  17. is it worth it?

    Booker, Ferguson or Dayne. Just not Glenn Dayne may pay off. Booker may be the old Booker and Ferguson could be a great filler. With your roster I would drop Glenn and G. Lewis and sign Dayne and Booker or Fergi. Probably Ferguson since his QB was better.
  18. WDIS

    Depends if you have to fill the machine yourself and how much each can costs.
  19. Trent Green or Tom Brady?

    I have the same problem. A trade may be in the works but not yet. Will Trent ever throw a TD with Priest and LJ in the backfield?
  20. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 2

    Trent Green or Tom Brady?
  21. Trent Green Owners

    I never understood how he was a top QB with that rushing attack. But this year I finally gave in and took him in a couple leagues. So far I'm still wondering how he has and how he will be top 5 QB. 200 yards and no TDs is not helping me.
  22. DMD ?

    Mine are
  23. You know.....

    2-3 but its only week 1
  24. RB

    There is a guy with the Chargers who might be good.