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  1. Steelers-Chiefs Sunday Playoff Game Start Time Changed

    Ugh planned work around that game at 1PM....ugh
  2. 3000

    Only took 13 years do I get the socks yet?
  3. Best App

    Another for yahoo, best around and I have played them all. I am not a fan of ESPN at all.
  4. I have to start Wendell Smallwood this week ... who is with me?

    One league Ameer, Rawls, Martin, Foster, Forsett was hoping two to come through. Started with Hopkins and Bryant needless to say that league sucks for me.
  5. How long does it take you to get over a bad trade?

    A bad trade is like a broken mirror 7 years and a few tequila shots!
  6. My "signature"...?

    Where are the signature bets I miss those?
  7. I hate to tell you this....

    we shall see in the next 4 weeks if they are for real my guess is that they go 1-3 or they start losing once we get those Cowboys are for real threads that I miss
  8. Anyone else play in a league where trades rarely happen?

    Everyone comes to the forums and they tell them to get more
  9. Michael Floyd

    I dropped Floyd in multiple leagues this week for Sammie and Meredith. I just do not think he is up for as much potential as those I picked up. Also another person here who has troubles with the ROS rankings not sure they are spending much time on them, but the weekly rankings seem to be doing well.
  10. Official Super Bowl 50 Thread!

    They were both yelling and taunting how you penalize one for doing the same thing is beyond me....
  11. Steelers @ Broncos

    I am starting to believe...
  12. AFC against the spread this week

    Being a homer i think there is too much to overcome. If I was the broncos I would keep everything on the Defense 20 yards are less until Ben can prove he can throw. If he can maybe we have a chance, but I doubt it overall. Steelers-9 for me I take Denver. Plus Brown and his fake concussion, Williams not being many ifs for me. Having said all that GO STEELERS!
  13. PIT vs CIN

    Bottom line is that the refs were consistent on letting the coaches on the field if a player was injured not only in this game, but every other game throughout the history of time. and hence my BOOM it was done earlier in that game, but you still want flags on Porter being on the makes no sense to me. Anyways onto the Broncos we have a chance especially with the refs on our side.
  14. PIT vs CIN

    so we should start flagging smack talk? Cowboys I did not realize you were such a hater.
  15. PIT vs CIN

    I think the best part is that Porter kept his cool after Gilberry. Maybe Pacman can call him up and ask how he did it.