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  1. What defense should I start

  2. Need expert trade advice! HELP!

    Really this is news to me, did not know that thanks for the info and tell us when he mucks that up as well please
  3. Miserable RB situtaion

    Doh tough one Id go with Henry too i guess
  4. Who Will Win?

    Drops those picks and go with the Beagles and Cincy... Rams and for sure...well maybe
  5. Alex Smith?

    Putz for sure

    Culpepper Droughns LT Moss Holt Gates Vanderhack Pretty Happy we will see what happens
  7. Chargers Respect earned......?

    My thoughts on Cowher exactly! He keeps them so close with his run, run, pass routine when having a lead that teams always come back and make it a game. It may cost us in the playoffs!
  8. Chargers Respect earned......?

    They blew a 15 point lead and have a losing record against playoff teams..... I do not understand why they deserve respect as a superbowl contender for doing this . I will give Marty and the boys mad props for turning around a team that I thought would be woeful and challanging for the worst team in league, but as contenders, please put down the crack pipe and step away from the glue fumes. The only thing that scares me is that in the playoffs of January 1995 I remember thinking the same thing when the superchargers came in and beat my boys to advance to the show. Deja Vu! Not this time.......I hope! Well done on a good season Chargers now lets see if you have what it takes!
  9. Lewis Out 2 more weeks

    1. Fatman stay off the crack you will live longer. 2. Caveman Nick I blame you and wish you the worst in our league this week:D . 3. This is horrible news, I am still alive to make the playoffs, but needed Lewis, Heap and O line to be healthy for playoffs. 4. I need a beer!
  10. Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go !!!!

    Maddox will deliver and the o line is healthy again so I am in agreement about winning the division. After that it gets a little shaky at best, but HERE WE GO STEELERS.......HERE WE GO.....SUPERBOWL PS Maddox did not have time throw last o line and no RB
  11. Sofa League Draft

    Nevermind saw the error of my that guy has got some faith...
  12. Sofa League Draft

    Can anyone join? What about Staley? I think he may help the Steelers in Pit and Bettis has leg problems any time they rely on him heavily. Tiki is not bad, but his fumble problems will catch up to him some day!
  13. Huddle Contest: Who will be the first to beat the Rams?

    I would like to thank Kurt Warner... as in drops back...fumble applause ...Kurt Warner runs right...fumble applause . Kurt Warner sits on the bench...fumble applause . Kurt Warner walks to his car...fumble applause . Kurt Warner (insert any action here)...fumble applause . I could not have done it without his help. Truely God was on my side and I could not have done it without his help too!!! smash
  14. Huddle Contest: Who will be the first to beat the Rams?

    Giants by 10 Week one