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  1. Quit your f-in spamming or get yer a$$ banned!!!

  2. anybody wanna pick a week?

    this week
  3. Cedric Benson

    I have McGahee and J Lewis. Putting Benson this week to fill in for Lewis cant be any worse then actually having Lewis in there.
  4. Jamal Lewis

    I took Lewis as my #2 pick because he "fell" to me. Looks like the other owners were simply avoiding what Im dealing with now. Will Lewis bounce back? Will the bye week help? Lets hope so.
  5. Has Dayne taken over?

    Yoda? Is that you?
  6. W. McGahee

    Also, Buffs OL needs to step up their game if they want to do anything. They need to give him better blocking.
  7. W. McGahee

    Texans D wasnt all that, and he put up 117. this week however was different. I expected him to do more then 34 f-in yards, but oh well. He'll rebound next week....guaranteed! Bucs D looks a lot tougher then it did to me yesterday.
  8. McNABB Owners, are you bennching him?

    Yikes. Palmer is on my team in another league, but I still lost. McGahee/J Lewis decided to stay home today.
  9. McNABB Owners, are you bennching him?

    Howd you guys do that benched him? All I can say is I told ya so. Dont give me any cheap shots asking me how my Bills did!
  10. Can I get opinions

    Definitely. Ive been wanting to get in a league with some folks from here for a while. I finally got in the 32 more homers, but 1 more league can never hurt. Keep me posted on it.....thanks
  11. Can I get opinions

    Correction...IN Tampa. Always have, likely always will. Problem is, I was never a fan of the Bucs before, so I never jumped on the lame ass bandwagon here. Bills fan for life.
  12. McNABB Owners, are you bennching him?

    I think youd be crazy not to start him. The niners gave up 362 yards to Bulger. No way is McNabb not gonna be in the home opener for Philly. Im starting him without thinking twice.
  13. Miami Bandwagon

    Good post... This is how we felt after whoopin NE 2 years ago 31-0 on day 1, but we were quickly brought to reality the next few weeks. As a Bills fan, I hope the fish fall on their face, but from a competitive standpoint, I would like to see the rivalry renewed like is used to be in the early to mid 90s. Heres to hoping that happens -
  14. Can I get opinions

    From non homers, how do you see this game panning out? Its easy for me to say the Bills will win, but how do you outsiders feel about this game?