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  1. Aaron Hernandez questioned in homicide

    Just heard on Sirius they have released him.
  2. Thoughts on EJ Manuel

    As a long time Bills fan, I was a bit disappointed in them taking Manuel where they did. I dont hate the player, but Im not a fan of where they took him. Watching several FSU games the last 2 years, he never really wowed me. Most people had them taking a QB, but no one had them taking Manuel in rd1. He looks like he could start this year if he beats out Kolb, and Im fine with that. However, they need to draft more around him (WR, OL, TE). What do the other Bills fans think of the pick (or is it more like the other Bills fan )?
  3. But why let Levitre walk if they just draft another guard? Seems like a wasted pick if you ask me. I think itll be WR or QB. If Smith is there, I personally think they take him.
  4. Starting a Twitter league..I'm in over my head

    And Taz, before you get mad at me, Im just bustin chops man. As is everyone else.
  5. Starting a Twitter league..I'm in over my head

    Hey remember all the crap we gave Muto when he first signed up? All he did was win 100 grand. So lets not jump the gun here... Ahh nevermind. This IS Taz we're talking about. Carry on.
  6. Then in that case, stick around longer than just today. Plan on doing this next year once people know who you are. Lots of folks here are closer than the average message board and dont take kindly to people posting in every forum the same thing over and over asking for money.
  7. Huddler leads 2012 NFFC Online Championship after Wk 14

    Henry Muto. The man. The myth. The Huddle Legend. Congrats man. I know you certainly have gotten quite a bit of grief around here, some even from me. But thats all part of the initiation. Maybe now we will start listening to you.
  8. Denario Alexander vs Antonio brown

    Did they quit on him prior to last week? Hes only had one bad week.
  9. Rob gronkowski

    I have him and will start him if active. If not, its either Dallas Clark or Brandon Myers. It would be Myers had he not stunk up the joint the past 2 weeks. So if not Gronk, likely will be Clark. Yikes.
  10. Lloyd 2nd TD did not show up in the stats

    How was it scored earlier in the year when the same thing happened with RG3? He fumbled and I think Josh Morgan recovered it (might have been someone else...).
  11. Cecil Shorts III

    Who hasnt shut these 2 WRs down?
  12. The tommy-two

    I like turtles
  13. Should I Throw My Game?

    Note to self...
  14. Should I Throw My Game?

    If I was the treasurer and had your money, and you threw a game like that, you would get no money if you won any. Be a dick get the dick treatment
  15. ESPN makes Fitz droppable

    Drop? No. But I started Denario Alexander over him last week. At this point, I cant trust him, so yeah, I have no problem dropping him for someone like Chris Givens.
  16. Big Ben could be out up to 6 weeks...

    Wasnt Amendola's injury supposedly near fatal as well?
  17. I agree. Definitely need to incorporate this somehow. Muscle Hampster up my ass? I mean, afterall, this is something to degrade his team right?
  18. Mucks Power Rankings -- Week 7

    3 teams from the AFCE making the playoffs?
  19. No more Jahvid

    Actually just read today that Daniel Thomas is going to be wearing an oversized helmet after his recent concussion.
  20. MVP

    MVP doesnt stand for most valuable prick.
  21. TMobile/MetroPCS merger
  22. They're Baaaaaaaaaack

    They are = They're They ARE back!!!
  23. WR Johnathan Baldwin from KC

    You are a dumbass. This is clearly a minotaur.
  24. Golden Tate

    I think the dude is a straight up punk. First the hit to Lee, and the ensuing celebration. Then last night the PI/TD. It isnt the hit nor the TD, but the way he carries himself after. Dude is gonna be a marked man and I would bet moneyt someone levels him intentionally at some point and injurs him. And honestly, I hope they do.