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  1. Manning or Brees?

    Uh, then why did you draft him? Shoulda let a different 'sucker' waste a first rd pick on him......
  2. Boys-49ers

    The true motivation for Dallas this week is that last minute loss last week. I would not be wanting to play the 'Boys this week....
  3. With the possibility of Bennet getting traded (and the Moore owner not knowing this) would it be wise to offer Benson for Moore? Dividends could pay off quickly with Moore rather than waiting on Benson to develop.
  4. They're BACK

    I wasn't too worried about my bye weeks - players are well spread out. What pissed me off is my scheduling. Seems every friggin week I play someone, NONE of their startes are on a bye!!!!
  5. Mewelde Moore

    Tice and Shanahan have the same first name. Coincidence? I think not
  6. Derrick Blaylock worth a spot?

    Knee MRI came back negative. I suspect Martin will play, but will be used sparingly. In other words, if you don't have Martin, I don't think he's worth a spot.
  7. WDIS WR and RB?

    Benson will definitely see carries. He's your safe bet there. Engram is an easy pick. He's been incredibly consistent, and should remain so. Curtis vs Tenn looks like some easy points as well.
  8. Boldin or Travis Taylor

    If it aint broke, don't fix it. Boldin.
  9. Venting

    I also agree. I used to draft RB heavy as well, only to have the constant headache each week of who to start out of 4 very average WRs. I've been much more successful lately by grabbing at least 1 top notch WR. Rd 3 always seems like a no brainer to grab that elite WR. I chose 1st pick in a 10 man because I knew a Tier 1 WR would be available in my wraparound pick.
  10. "Advice" and "Advise"

    I thought they said 'I have a great ideer' :dunno:
  11. Bye Week #2 RB...WDIS

    Stick with LJ. Chances are Droughns will quickly become a non-factor as Clev falls behind quickly and abondons the running game.
  12. Flex help

    CuMar, Benson or Branch? Yeah I'm hurting at the RB position - starting LJ at #2 RB. Obviously I'll monitor CuMar's situation closely - I think he'll probably get the start this weekend. But he's hurting and will be running vs a stacked line this week. Only saving grace is the injury to Jax's SS position. I was hoping by now Benson would get more reps because of a floundering TJ, but that aint happening. Benson will get some carries, but enough to supplant CuMar? My other option is to go with Branch, who appears to be targeted the most by Brady. I just have a hard time starting a WR of Branch's caliber over average RBs tho.
  13. RB bye week fill in...

    LJ over Brown and Shipp. He'll only be yer #2 during bye weeks, but stashing him away can reap HUGH rewards if Holmes goes down...
  14. Mewelde or Dunn

    Yep - Dunn, plain and simple
  15. Taylor or LJ?

    Can't go wrong with a guy that scores every week.....