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  1. Fournette inactive

    Agree with BJ
  2. Deone Bucannon LB3 or?

    He's a LB2 with LB1 upside with how much the D should be on the field going forward.
  3. Chris Conte Week 8 projection

    Their DBs aren't easy to project and if I told you how I came to Conte's week 8 projection of 7-2-0 (he finished 8-1-0, 1INT, 1PD) I'd have to kill you
  4. Kiko Alonso

    Yes, it was unfortunate. As for the going low, look at Flacco's height and if he was going low it would have been a knee/thigh shot, not much better honestly, so not sure I buy that. Imo, he was trying to stop a first down and applied an unnecessary hit.
  5. Kiko Alonso

    So he didn't have time? Then explain how he had time to change his trajectory (for lack of a better word)? It's milliseconds but he's processing and tackling down to Flacco's slide. We'll just have to agree to disagree. Also, I'm not saying he's dirty but it was an egregious hit that could have been avoided, imo. Would some contact have been made? Possibly. To the extent that it was? Not even close, again, imo.
  6. Kiko Alonso

    Here are some reverse angle images. A coupke of notes, Flacco is 6’6” & Alonso is 6’3”. According to some Alonso didn’t have time to avoid this hit. If you are of that mindset I say to look how he has time to track his tackle down into Flacco’s slide.
  7. Kiko Alonso

    You don’t have to be dirty to deliver a dirty hit. I don’t buy he didn’t have time to not light him up. First image is last full stride. Next is start of slide. Last two are the slide.
  8. Back to second string.
  9. Posted in the IDP forum but this guy is one of the best players in the NFL so figured he deserved a thread here too. No word on if it's displaced or not. Either way recovery is 3-4 months minimally. Tibial plateau fracture info:
  10. No word on if it's displaced or not. Either way recovery is 3-4 months minimally. Tibial plateau fracture info:
  11. Is Matt Ryan Entering Dropsville?

    Meh, pretty much all QBs are droppable.
  12. Smallwood probably out

    Not probably, he is out.
  13. New Forum Issues

    You can see if you can find what you need using the Way Back Machine. I was able to get to your forum Not sure if you'll be able to turn up what you need but if you're going to you're most likely going to need to find a way using the Way Back Machine.
  14. Kareem Hunt - Chiefs

    Only player with more yards from scrimmage than Hunt (538) in their first three career games is Billy Sims (562),
  15. This is more of an angry rant than anything

    Quarterback? Don't talk about -- Quarterbacks? You kidding me? Quarterbacks? .