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  1. The BLITZED Podcast now available!

    Episode 83: Huddle Main Page: iTunes: Stitcher:
  2. The BLITZED Podcast now available!

    Back for 2018! We just finished recording this week's episode which should be up tomorrow. This year we are doing things a bit differently in that the next two weeks we are giving you guys two podcasts a week so that we can get everything covered before the season starts. Upcoming show topics: Draft Strategy RBs WRs QBs/TEs DFS, Waiver Wire/Blind Bidding etc. Camp battles/injury updates Week 1 Content Happy listening...or should I say, Get Blitzed Responsibly, Cheers!
  3. Sirius XM FLEX experts live draft league

    I can't quit Gordon, but honestly, it's all about the upside that he presents. IF and that is a big IF, he can be dominant and is a top12 or better WR then I'm in a good spot with Julio/Baldwin and Gordon. The risk is calculated and we covered reasons why on this weeks pod which should be up tomorrow!
  4. Sirius XM FLEX experts live draft league

    I actually prefer "Industry Professionals" but that's probably too cumbersome for most.
  5. Sirius XM FLEX experts live draft league

    I don't love me team but you never know. I know I thought losing David Johnson last year did me in but miraculously it didn't. I'm probably higher on Dalvin than most so he's a big key. I do know that had I gone Hunt that Dalvin wasn't making it back to me because guy at 11 said he'd have taken him coming back if he was still there. Scott Fish and Jeff H sniped a few picks and Dolan nabbed Dion Lewis who I wanted coming back. Karl also got Rex earlier than I thought he would go. I was going to target him coming back next pass. With all that said, if and that's a big IF, Josh Gordon is back and can be a WR1 and the same with Baldwin then I could be in great shape. Only time will tell.
  6. Draft Board Defending my title is clearly going to be an uphill battle. A few interview snippets from some of the participants (including one with me): If the belt by Fantasy Jocks looks nice, it's because it is and it's got some weight to it too.
  7. Sirius XM FLEX experts live draft league

    I probably should have bumped my thread this morning about the draft:
  8. Was a good time and a tough crowd to draft with for sure. I'll grab some links and a pic and get it posted.
  9. I'll be drafting from the 10 spot as I try to defend my championship. The draft will be broadcast live on Sirius XM Fantasy (12 eastern) this Saturday, August 4. Last year I won drafting first overall even after losing my first round pick in David Johnson. I'll post the draft here after it's complete for those that are interested. If you want to take a look at last year's draft, have at it: 2017 FLEX DRAFT
  10. #SFB8 (Scott Fish Bowl 8)

    Yes, but I was on the end and I had a feeling that there could be a huge run so I decided to try and start the run instead of get in at the end.
  11. #SFB8 (Scott Fish Bowl 8)

    Draft is now complete (roster posted above).
  12. #SFB8 (Scott Fish Bowl 8)

    Shouldn't be but it's a SuperFlex league.
  13. Who has been here since the 90s?

    I was definitely here before it was a pay site. Just not sure if it was 99 or 00.