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  1. There really should be no debate after this.
  2. Per email, Ken is in.
  3. I've read that too, just not buying it.
  4. Kyle Shanahan to Indy.
  5. "Nobody comes into this house..." (NWS for Cowboy fans).
  6. There is no San Diego.
  7. All payouts and rollovers have been completed. Just waiting for confirmation from Duck Army that he did indeed get his.
  8. $65 sent and $75 kept for dues $180 sent and $75 kept for dues. $75 sent and $75 kept for dues. $380 sent and $75 kept for dues. Yours is also the only one that I'm getting the following message from Paypal: hasn't accepted yet. Can you confirm that is the correct email addy you posted? As it stands right now, I can cancel the transaction but not sure how long that option will be available to me.
  9. 1.7.2 League Payouts Pay out will be 100% of franchise fees, minus the cost of running the software (currently $70). All pay outs will occur within fourteen days of the week 16 Super Bowl. Each Regular Season weeks high score will receive $10.00, each Division WInner will receive $30, each WC team will receive $25, and the Regular SeasonTotal Points Champ will receive $70, The top three playoff teams will divide the remaining pot, dollars being adjusted up or down in the case of a change in the MFL fee. First place pays $425 (35.4167%), Second place pays $225 (18.75%) and third place pays $110 (9.167%). Rather than sending piecemeal I was hoping to do it all at once. Based on the rules payouts should occur by the 8th of January. The rules also state that owners have 10 days to state how they want their money or it will be rolled over. Due to the holidays and our dog dying on Christmas Eve I didn't get the winnings posted as timely as I should have so owners technically have until 1/10 before rollover is automatic. So my plan is to make payouts on Saturday and then deal with the few that haven't responded later.
  10. I'm up for it.