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  1. Superbowl 52 Chat

  2. Alex Smith

    Greedy is a word that my source used when describing Cousins. FWIW, the Skins feel that Kirk is a system QB. As for Fuller, when I broke that he was the player to be named later Skins fans were seriously hating on me on twitter. Some were even saying I was a fake account.
  3. Social Media

    Twitter: @SteveGalloNFL
  4. interesting piece on pats offense/jags d matchup

    For those of you that remember steeltowndre, that's Warren.
  5. Bill Belichick eyeing NYG job?

    Never can tell when you are being tongue in cheek
  6. Bill Belichick eyeing NYG job?

    Likely just not a guarantee is all.
  7. Bill Belichick eyeing NYG job?

    STOP IT! As for Denver, Cousins would be a quick fix.
  8. Bill Belichick eyeing NYG job?

    Just to play along...Jimmy was traded in October, McAdoo fired in December.
  9. Gruden the new Raiders coach

    Rooney rule likely the main reason.
  10. Gruden the new Raiders coach

    I don't know who his source is but mine is extremely solid.
  11. Gruden the new Raiders coach

    Not speculation. I got it from someone with direct knowledge about the signing.
  12. I have a source very close to the situation and they have confirmed that Gruden has already signed a deal with the Raiders. I know that the speculation is that he would be coach but now it's not speculation.
  13. Charger DB Desmond King Unranked?

    I have him ranked #11 among DBs this week but DB is a very deep position so I can see why others haven't ranked him.
  14. Beer & Microbrew thread