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  1. This is more of an angry rant than anything

    Quarterback? Don't talk about -- Quarterbacks? You kidding me? Quarterbacks? .
  2. Week 2 Injury Thread

    Broken foot.
  3. MNF annoucers are horrible

    Yes it's Rex.
  4. To 1...Unfortunately we aren't able to move players to designations that we think they should be as for other league management softwares having him as a DL it's something people in those leagues can exploit. He's a top 3 DL (arguably #1) so if we have him at LB and he's a DL in your league where he'd rank at the position should be clear. 2. My apologies, I didn't have the time I've had in the past to proof them, even though that's not my job next year I'll make sure I proof them. Sorry that doesn't help for this year. 3. Sorry you feel that way. I'll be handling in-season IDP projections like I have in the past and my hope is that you find them valuable. On the offensive side, DMD doesn't do all the work but he is responsible for the majority of it and while my opinion may seem biased, I think he does one hell of a job. Again, apologies for the issue with the pre-season rankings this year.
  5. It was completed earlier today and turned in for the site to update. Should hopefully see it tomorrow.
  6. Fwiw I've asked to have the projections tweaked before the end of today. Honestly had I seen this sooner I'd have had it handled sooner. Just not in the forums much anymore. Best and fastest way to get me is on twitter (@SteveGalloNFL).
  7. I'll also say that like with everything, we will assess things after the year plays out and if we find the rankings, while not popular were good then we'll stay the course, if they prove to have been poorly done then we'll look to fix that issue.
  8. The BLITZED Podcast now available!

    We weren't sure what the problem was but it appears to be corrected. Check it out and let me know. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.
  9. Also, I should point out that the IDP rankings you have seen are done by placing names in order. Projections are made for each player and then whatever scoring system you use (or the default scoring system) is what ranks the players. Either way, if you feel a player is "ranked" too high that's fair but I thought I should point out it is all based off of projections. And in all honesty, doing pre-season projections for IDPs is about as difficult a set of projections someone can be asked to make as their are. As off as some may think the "rankings" are, go back and look at anyone's ranking from last year and then compare to year end rankings and you'll see just how much variance there is.
  10. I'm still here. We had a new person doing the preseason projections this year. As far as no rookie features that's inaccurate as there were three: One for each of DL LB and DB I will still be doing weekly IDP projections for all positions just like in year's past. Due to time constraints the in-season weekly IDP projections will be all that I'm doing besides hosting the Blitzed Podcast, this year. As for Mack, he's listed as a LB at MFL and that's where we get our player designations from.
  11. QBs

    Short answer: NO
  12. QBs

    Here you go
  13. The BLITZED Podcast now available!

    We're are back (as of last week actually). This week's episode hits on our top 12 WRs and some sleepers.
  14. Which guy are you "reaching" for?

    Here it is: