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  1. Weekly Player Projections

    I don't see "the old experience" at the bottom. Also, for some reason, the IDP projections aren't showing up either.
  2. Not every down Zach Brown

    That's a good question and makes projecting him difficult every week because I keep expecting him to turn into the every down guy.
  3. Fantasy "experts"

    Looks like dressing up as a hindsight champion was a popular halloween costume.
  4. Weekly projections

    Just now seeing this and the reasoning is two-fold....I expect Byron Leftwich to get DJ much more involved and Foster's shoulder injury played a part, albeit a slightly less important part. Also, note that the confidence factor on Foster is 1 star because there is/was no way to be sure he'll play, how long he'll play, how effective he'll be, etc. And you know you can always DM or email me if you have any questions about the projections.
  5. Gronk.

    Gronk's stat line in 7 games IN Buffalo: 44/740/6. He likes to play in his hometown but being a MNF game it's risky to rely on him.
  6. Stud QB values not really high?

    if anything, the increase in QBs that are "fantasy relevant" moves the needle in the wrong direction for QB value. More passing yards would only matter if the top 1-3 were doing it and everyone else was languishing.
  7. Stud QB values not really high?

    Scarcity impacts the value more than the 6 pt passing TDs but even that's negligible. And if you haven't yet, check out the bottom of my signature!
  8. Week 1 Waiver Wire

    At that point he's depth/flex with upside if Hogan or Edelman get hurt too.
  9. Week 1 Waiver Wire

    Phillip Dorsett. Not a league winner but should be a decent enough end of bench WR/Flex play.
  10. New Forum Issues

    No lag for me when typing a post or otherwise.
  11. I posted a Moment on twitter in hopes of generating additional exposure for Fantasy Cares (, which is run by Scott Fish (great guy), in hopes of not just pushing donations above $50k but hopefully above $100K if I'm able to get Alexander Ovechkin or a teammate to donate. The Moment makes me look a bit foolish (ok, maybe a lot foolish) but it's for a good cause. If you get a chance and you are on Twitter please RT the moment or interact with it. Anything to help Fantasy Cares get some additional exposure. And if need be, feel free to rip me for cutting grass in my flip flops. Thanks in advance!
  12. Weekly Rankings/Projections-IDP

    Yep those are my job! Fwiw, the first three weeks are always the toughest of the year since trends haven't shown up yet.
  13. How many carries will Christian McCaffrey get?

    I'd have rather seen a 175-225 range but think he's in the 200-220 range on carries and 65-80 on catches. Sometimes, especially with RBs, less is more from a productivity standpoint.
  14. The BLITZED Podcast now available!

    Episode 83: Huddle Main Page: iTunes: Stitcher: