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  1. RB Help

    New England's been giving it up, so I'd stick with Willie this week. I do think SJax will just get better and better, but my gut says Willie will put up better numbers for the next couple of weeks until Staley starts stealing carries.
  2. "Advice" and "Advise"

    I live in Florence, just about 15 minutes South of Cincinnati. Bowling Green is about 2.5 hours from here. I've never partied there, but have in Louisville many times.
  3. "Advice" and "Advise"

    While we're all being grammar elitists: Hey, look over THERE THEY'RE coming to the game THEIR seats are really choice. THE GRAMMAR POSSE Great new band name for some schoolhouse rock.
  4. BLOCKBUSTER trade- i need your help

    What if we refer to him as Bill? Bill Parker. BIG BILLY PARKER!!
  5. Mewelde or Dunn

    good enough for me Much appreciated. I tend to roll the dice a little too much.
  6. Mewelde or Dunn

    But this may be the week Mewelde gets to shine..........on the other hand, if Vick is hobbled, then Dunn may shine. I dunno. Willie Parker will be my #1 this week. Need a #2.
  7. It might be better if people posted..."will give you a reach-around" instead of "will respond to yours." Apparently the will respond to yours is a no no here on the boards. Anyway, I'd definitely drop Williams for Engram. In a heartbeat.
  8. "Advice" and "Advise"

    Maybe it's a Kentucky thing (I live in Northern Kentucky) or just a redneck thing, but many around here say ideal instead of idea. For example: "I have a great ideal." And get in Ludlow, Ky where I work, there is a hardware store called Ideal Supply. A guy that works for me actually said..."Do they have mulch at Idea Supply?", yet he also says, "hey, that's a good ideal." Now let's look at the proper usage of these words. Having Manning and Tomlinson would be the IDEAL situation for any fantasy owner. Starting Manning and Tomlinson is a good IDEA for any fantasy owner.
  9. Good Trade?

    And then you can smile twice as big when Collins airs it down to Moss. Hell yes! Do it!
  10. Just traded Tomlinson for Palmer and Johnson

    The chin...ha! Honestly, I like my chances better now with Chad Johnson and Carson Palmer. That gives me Johnson, Reggie Wayne, Engram, and McCariens for receiving, Witten as a tight end, and I still have Collins to deal for another running back. It was hard to give up Tomlinson, but he's the only real player I had (lost Javon Walker ) Thanks for the feedback!
  11. Now another owner wants to give me Willie Parker for Collins. I don't need Collins really now that I have Palmer, but I do need a good running back to compliment Dunn. All I have is Dunn, Mike Anderson, and Mewelde Moore. Should I trade Collins for Parker or hold out for safer bet?
  12. I might be nutzzz..but what the hell

    After reconsidering this move, I'm offering him Tomlinson and Harrington and I'll throw in McCariens to sweeten the deal. He can afford to give up Palmer and Johnson. He has Manning. He'll have Manning and Tomlinson, thus leaving me with Collins who I can trade to another owner for Willie Parker. Now, is that a fair deal?
  13. On my sportsline fantasy site, they had news that Martin's injury was not serious and that he could be expected to play this weekend. Then 5 minutes later that blurb was gone and I've seen nothing sense. Any word?
  14. I'm about to trade Kerry Collins and Ladanian Tomlinson for Chad Johnson and Carson Palmer thus strengthening my receiving greatly and leaving my running game in shambles: My team Collins Harrington Tomlinson Dunn M. Anderson Mewelde Moore Reggie Wayne Bobby Engram Justin McCariens David Givens Patrick Crayton Shaun McDonald Jason Witten Bubba Franks I've scored pathetically thus so far, but I'm hoping Wayne gets it going and I think Palmer and Johnson are absolute studs. Should I pull the trigger?
  15. Dropping Harrington ...

    Even Culpepper was worth more fantasy wise than Harrington last week. I'm dropping Harrington and putting Dilfer on my bench...and if not him, then Frerotte. Sounds like a good move. Harrington may tear it up one week, but God only knows when and where.