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  1. Brett Favre

    I think Brett was getting frustrated because it seemed like everytime a Packer DB touched a Lions reciever the flags came out, yet there were a couple of plays where the refs could have easily called illegal contact on Lions DBs and it wasn't. He was just doing a little lobbying on his WRs behalf. Not making excuses, because even with all the penalties the Packer D played well enough to win. This team just can't afford to turn the ball over and give the opposition a short field. It also seemed like anytime they would get a little offensive rhythm going a holding penalty or false start would kill it. The o-line has to play better.
  2. Who is the top backup QB in the NFL?

    DraftSharks predicted that Cassell would beat out Flutie for the #2 job. Anyone know how that is going?
  3. Brett Favre

    He was resting the ankle he sprained in the last preseason game. He should be good to go come Sunday.
  4. Star Trib story on Daunte

    I think you mean Robert Brooks
  5. Fantasy player insurance?

  6. Cory Simon-restricted free agent

    He's obviously looking for a big payday, which would leave the Pack out of the race. And Franks' deal, according to this article, actually saved the Pack some cap room this season.
  7. Buckhalter

    That would be very interesting and ironic
  8. Never saw this before!

  9. Franks signs long term deal

    Franks has his limitations, but is an excellent blocker and red zone threat. David Martin and Ben Steele weren't going to cut it.
  10. Sherman close to signing 2-year extension

  11. Explain Your Login Name!

    I've posted this before but here it is again:
  12. Atlanta WR's

    I don't know anything official, but I thought there was news coming out of Falcons camp that Price was falling down the depth chart.
  13. Rodgers can't hit the broad side of a barn..

    I'm not worried...yet. I'm hoping he shows improvement in training camp after he's had a while to study the playbook, but I won't start worrying unless he has the same problems in next years mini\training camp. I know they say it takes 3-years to learn the WC offense...blah blah blah. If you spend a 1st round pick on a QB, by his second season he should be a guy you can rely on as a backup at least. It would be nice if he could progress to the point of supplanting Nall/O'Sullivan this year, but if he hasn't done it by next season it may be time to worry. Personally, I hope he has to wait a while to get his chance to start, but I want that to be because he's sitting behind a HoFer not because he hasn't adjusted to the NFL yet.
  14. Green Bay IDP outlook

    Another point made by the article was that one of these players stayed in Green Bay for offseason training and the other did not. Can you guess which one?
  15. Green Bay IDP outlook

    There was another article today on jsonline.com saying that it appears Thomas has taken the lead in the race for the spot opposite Harris. It even quoted Carroll basically conceding the fact that he is being outplayed by Thomas.