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  1. 49ers @ Panthers

    Isn't that a dead ball foul? The too many men in the huddle bit? In other words, had they called it, wouldn't they have called it the same way as a false start rather than let the play happen and then call it back? Assuming that's the case, the Niners wouldn't have had to replay that down after having scored, but rather play the down for the first time from the 6 instead of the 1.
  2. SF/SEA

    I was really hoping the weather would be nastier than it appears it's going to be, just to mellow out the crowd a bit. Seattle looks more beatable at home now than they've been in a while. NO, a team that is absolutey not suited to deliver a victory in a situation like what you're going to see in Seattle, fared much better this past week than they did before. And I was at the AZ game where they may have shown a blueprint for beating SEA in SEA. Basically, shut down Seattle's offense (which seems easier these days than it has been all year) and ugly up the the game to keep it close. SF uglies it up as well as anyone, so I certainly don't see a repeat of week 2. We're also far less easy to defend with Crabtree back. That is massive for Kaep whose worst part of his game is working through progressions. The more likely he is to find his 1st or 2nd option open, the better. Probably more so than for any QB who doesn't suck. I'm a homer, so I'm only going to focus on the ways SF comes out with a W, but it's hard to get to boastful given what has happened to us there the last two times. Nonetheless, SF 23- Sea 17, The game ends with Seattle unable to punch it in for the winning TD.
  3. 49ers @ Panthers

    Well that's pretty indicting. Maybe he meant they hadn't wound the play-clock. After all, the official is still standing by the ball. Again, this is not my justification, and I was as surprised as any there wasn't a flag. I had just happened to catch that bit on the radio and thought I'd share it. And, for the record, the Niners eventually scored on a TD pass to the back of the endzone, so the impact of the five yard penalty may not have been as big as had they punched it in on a running play.
  4. We are not watching football anymore

    The NFL was so much closer to a good solution to the problem before they started calling penalties every time a defender's hand brushed a QB's helmet. They'd let them play and then fine the players when game film showed malicious intent or reckless behavior. All they had to do was stiffen the fines and include suspensions, and the problem would be solved. Why didn't this work before? Because people are stupid. We complained, "It wasn't bad enough to draw a flag, so why should dude get fined?" Imagine how pissed people would be if they applied that same stupid logic and a guy actually missed playing time? But, that's best way to police the game. Let them play. Obviously, if someone does something particularly bad and an official catches it, throw the flag and punish them if the film confirms it. But err on the side of leniency in terms of throwing flags and punish the crap out guys when film shows they lined a dude up and took him out with bad intent. And, again, punish them with suspensions, right away. Up to and including full season and possibly lifetime suspensions for repeat and/or egregious offenders. James Harrison, for instance, should not be in the league any longer.
  5. 49ers @ Panthers

    For the record, and I'm simply repeating what was said on the local (Raleigh, NC) radio, because I have no idea whether or not this is a correct justification for that. However, according to the official, they had not spotted the ball, so they didn't call 12 in the huddle. Once again, just repeating what I caught on the radio.
  6. Odd, you posted something to this effect twice in this thread, yet also posted a link on FB about how the refs who messed up the loss of down bit got downgraded.
  7. Audio? Like if he said any bad words? Honestly? Say there's a LB whose been talking earlier that week about hitting your QB. Then he collars him out of bounds, and nobody from the O-line goes over to get in his face? I know five guys who are going to get an earful from their coach. I'm sure Staley had some pretty harsh words for Matthews so lets just assume the worst. Are you saying that's worth a flag more than a second on the guy who started the whole mess with the late hit then taking two swings at him?
  8. Unfortunately, I think, as long as both sides do something wrong, they just cancel out even if one side has more infractions. I could be wrong about this, but I think I've seen it go down that way. Mind you, if that is, in fact, how it works, it's stupid for the exact reasons you give.
  9. Well, since you asked, it's basic message board "rules". Don't start a new thread when you can just add to an existing one. Dude started a thread with a list of guys "everyone loves but Axel Elf hates" That's the thread he called out Cook in. Now, since that wasn't the only player who he seems to have whiffed on, and someone else starts one dogging Elf because he said to stay away from Brees and so on. Next thing you know, there's 5 threads on the first page of people poking sticks at Elf. And, yes, it happens all the time.
  10. I actually tend to agree. Mind you, I see how that call could have been made, so I don't think it was a really bad call or anything. But everyone is going on and on about what a bonehead play it was, and dude was just barely stepping out of bounds.
  11. Werd, if you truly have to gloat, go find the thread and call him out there.
  12. Realize that, before they botched that one, they botched who should have gotten the 2nd flag between Staley and Matthews. I was thinking that from the outset and was reminded of it on Mike and Mike this morning. If a LB tackles your QB around the neck out of bounds, the OT should have every right to get in that dude's face. Then, if that same d-bag who said before the game how they needed to hit your QB has to resort to a late hit to do so, then takes not one but two swings at the OT who is merely doing his job by standing up for his QB, that sackless chives deserves a 2nd flag and, perhaps, an early shower.
  13. Jordan Cameron

    Funny thing is, I actually had him penciled in as a sleeper pick for me in both my drafts but Jared Cook was there super late when I would have grabbed him and took Cook instead. Certainly not kicking myself today for having done that, but I've got a mind to go after him Cameron in waivers. My hope being that people who weren't aware of why he had reasons to be good this year will just see that game as a fluke.
  14. One song

    . High rotation of late. Strictly Reserved by Charles Bradley