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  1. Tenn/ A & M

    That was a glorious, glorious ass-whooping for the ages. Go freaking Vols. Maybe Polk can find an Aggie thread to go along with the Cal one he posted.
  2. 26 plays, 95 yds, 14:42

    That would seem unlikely. That's about as many plays as you could run without going for it on 4th down a few times. They averaged 3.65 yards per play which is barely a 1st down every three. Also, they took off 34 seconds per play, which would imply that basically every play was a running play (or a very short completed pass). I'd have a hard time imaging another like it.
  3. The Pac-10 is flat out embarassing

    My, that sure was a solid effort from Cal. So much for my rant about them deserving a better bowl game.
  4. Bucks/Cowboys

    This is about the single most chicken sht thing I've read in some time. Dude, have just a little sack! 1) You called out that the Cowboys would kill OSU and they got smacked. Have some sack. 2) You've been saying all along how much better the Big 12 is and how TU will walk on Mich. Now it looks like you're hedging your bets. If Texas does win, we can all expect an assload of how rad the Big 12 is. If Mich wins, you get to gloat about recruiting. I hope you're 12 years old, 'cause you sure sound like it. Have some sack.
  5. I remodeled the kitchen with last year's winnings and built us a bed with winnings from the year before. That pretty much got her on board for a while.
  6. Is a muffed punt return a Fumble?

    IMO, I think that if you start a player and he does anything good or bad while on the field, you should be scored accordingly. In the case of a WR who returns kicks, that should mean TDs as well as fumbles. Whether you also award return yards shouldn't matter. With those rules in mind, I wouldn't hesitate to draft a WR if I knew he was returning kicks. I think the likelihood of him returning one for a TD is much higher than him fumbling 6 times.
  7. Cancelling out your opponent's QB points

    I don't think a plausible reason can ever be given for leaving a player on the bench that you think will score the most points. It's quite simple, actually. I suppose if you really felt both guys were evenly matched (including the match-up), then I suppose it wouldn't hurt to lean that way. But there's absolutely no evidence to support that you'll even cancel him out anyway. Ask Marvin Harrison or Reggie Wayne owners. How many times has Manning gone off while they had so-so totals?
  8. J Jones,Westbrook or Pittman?

    Wow, that's a tough call. I actually think I'd roll with Westbrook and Pittman of those 4.
  9. 2 Keepers for next year

    I can't see why he would be. I think he'll be right up there with those guys, but not "significantly better"
  10. Clayton v the Pillowy soft Saints or J Walker v Jax Suggestions would be appreciated
  11. Major RB Quandry

    A Green B Westbrook W McGahee C Brown C Martin W Dunn start 2. Some interesting angles. TJ Duckett is now out for the next two weeks so Dunn should get all the looks. He also happens to be playing Carolina, who's allowed the 2nd most pts to RBs (thought they've been playing much better of late). C Brown and McGahee also have nice matchups, playing Oak and Cin, the #3 and #4 most desirable Ds respectively. Green, Martin, and Westbrook each face tougher foes in Jax (#25), Seattle (#19 but seriously fading), and Dallas (#17).
  12. I believe you have a near consensus here.
  13. Rate these keepers

    That's funny, a friend of mine said T Holt hands down. For what it's worth, based on play-off matchups, that's the guy I could get most for. That aside his remarks had a lot to do with the fact that he sees the Rams going in the wrong direction and there are several up and coming options stealing looks. Of course, going in, I also had Wayne as the 5th wheel. The deal begins with a 5th round pick (for a 16th rounder to preserve roster sizes), but I could squeeze him for another swap (say his 8th for my 10th) if the player was Holt. Do you see a clear cut difference between Holt and the other WRs?
  14. Keeper league....

    Sounds a lot like my keeper situation. I'd probably go with A Green and D Davis. A Green had an off year, but I'd still be inclined to keep him over Walker.
  15. I can keep 4 of the following, who's the odd man out? I can trade a WR to a guy in the playoffs for a 5th round draft pick next year (the first real round of the draft). Assuming that one of the WRs listed below is, in fact the odd man out, who is it? Standard scoring, no limit to number of years you can keep a player. A Green D Davis T Holt C Johnson R Wayne