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  1. Don't let the boys scare you away.

  2. Cadillac

    Someone dropped Pittman last week and I am SO hoping to somehow nab him this week (just in case)
  3. Culpepper Projection?

    Speaking for all Culpepper owners when I say " I really hope so!!!!"
  4. LT owners, or anyone else I suppose

    Marty will figure a way to get him all involved. They have to.
  5. Free fantasy football

    ESPN had major problems with their system. They upgraded it, made it look great, but it would crash every few minutes. I had 2 drafts that couldn't be done because the system couldn't get off the ground. I think they got way more interest than they had thought, or were prepared for. If it wasn't free, I would have been pissed. I used those drafts to get some "practice" in for my real $$ league. So far I am doing real well in those leagues though.
  6. I've got Big Ben, but against the Pats? I'll be sticking with Daunte, I believe.
  7. Which Qb?

    With the show that Palmer put on last week, I would go with him.
  8. I might be nutzzz..but what the hell

    Wow. If I were going to trade LT, I'd look for a RB and WR combo and keep Collins.
  9. Trading off your vikes,

    I think about. Got C Pep and Big Ben. Just wish Pit's bye week was a little later in the year. Luckily INT's don't affect his points.
  10. Weekly Blitz

  11. Hottest NFL PLayer

    Adam Vinetari is neither tall or dark. Gonzo needed to be on that list. Eddie George fits in the tall, dark, and handsome category.
  12. T JONES vs. C BENSON

    Benson is the future of the Bears. He will be a starter. When? The sooner the better. Now if they can get themselves a reliable QB.
  13. My season rests with Caddilac Williams

    I am hoping this kid comes through too. I passed on J & K Jones, and Portis to draft CPep in the 2nd round at 2.1. When it came back to me, Cadillac was staring me in the face. I hope Gruden uses him alot (and he actually produces).
  14. Worst draft pick you've seen this yr.

    Even though this isn't as bad as Bell @ 6, we had a guy take Curtis Martin at #4.
  15. Open to advice on team

    I like it. you got a lot of Williams, but I like it.