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  1. Worst Team To Make The Playoffs?

    I agree - the Hawks don't belong there. If they played every game on one of their "good" days, that would be a different story. But they can't play (or get coached) well with a lead, which means they are better off losing. The Jags are a mystery to me. They have kind of flow under the radar this season - haven't heard much / seen much about them.
  2. Seahawk Homers

    that is why they play the games!
  3. No LT and possibly no Chatman

    That's interesting...I pay for the Huddle...
  4. No LT and possibly no Chatman

    I can't find a source to confirm that Chatman is sitting this weekend. Does anybody know of a source that doesn't require a subscription to view?
  5. lineup advice

    How's John Hall doing these days? If he's available, I'd pick him up.
  6. Seahawk Homers

    I think everybody is being too optimistic over Shaun. Holmgren has no problem sitting his stars down. He has taken Alexander out of games they are winning during the 4th quarter - he doesn't mind playing Morris, who is a decent back. The only game this season the Hawks "had in the bag" (I use that term loosely with the Hawks) was their first game vs. the 49ers. Alexander only got half the carries in that game: Game Stats ...although, he still managed three touchdowns! No way I see Holmgren risk losing his star offensive player if they have the Division title wrapped up ~ especially with how sucky he has coached this season (he knows he hasn't done well with his talent). If the Jets win, which they definitely should, I say Morris and Strong get the load the entire second half. With the Falcons playing their starters in the beginning, Shaun gets 50-60 yards and a TD in one half: very mediocre day. This is a tough call though.
  7. WDIS- Volek vs. Brees

    Volek. Look at the last three games each of them has played. And, Volek has a better match-up.
  8. kicker advice

    I'd go with Graham out of those three.
  9. Do I bench T.Holt in the big game?

    I agree. Kennison has been doing well lately (overall, better than Holt the last 7 weeks), and has a significantly better match-up than Holt does. In fact, Holt's week 17 match-up is no peach either.
  10. Need some serious thought here....

    Yikes! I'd go with Minor ~ better match-up and he's getting the goal-line carries.
  11. SB RB Advice

    I think Pittman and Portis are a wash. However, Portis tends to come on strong late in the season (last season's 5 TD performance comes to mind). I'd lean toward Portis.
  12. WDIS for SB, FAVRE or VOLEK?

    Volek. He's outperforming the opposing pass defenses something aweful; he tosses at least 2 TD in all but one game; the last three games he has thrown a minimum of 3 TD passes; the Titans are not going to have their RB; do I really need to go on??? I made the horrible mistake of starting the #1 QB in fantasy football last week over Volek, inspite of what the numbers told me. It cost me a shot at my league championship ~ which I was heavily favored to win. I'd start Volek.
  13. Super Bown Week 16 or 17?

    I prefer a H2H match-up over the course of two weeks: both 16 & 17. This helps to even-out the match-up issues players face, and any odd circumstances that may occur with a 1-week SB.
  14. Who catches the record

    Harrison or Edge ~ get his buddies in the record book with him.