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  1. Any Given Sunday, a BOTH league established in 2003, has an opening. This is a very stable league with little turnover. The league homepage is Any Given Sunday FFL 2017 The open team is Buffalo Stampede. This is a keeper league that uses Perfect Huddle Scoring. Each team may keep up to 2 players. The TEs are a premium in this league as they get double yardage points. The defense scoring is more like real defenses instead of point producing team defenses. We have a great group of long time Huddlers and would love to have someone that is looking to get into a BOTH league for the long haul.
  2. Long Time BOTH League has 1 Opening

    League buy in is $50 through LeagueSafe. Optional $10 NFL Picks Pool as well.
  3. Go Bangles!

    I'm amazed that CBS assigned a color commentator that is unable to correctly pronounce that name of one of the teams in the game he is doing. I can't stop thinking about the bad 80s girl band. Hopefully it will be a Manic Monday for him as he finds out it was his last game.
  4. OT: Sunday Ticket

    It took me a week this year. I made the first call last Monday and was only offered a dicounted rate of $31.99 per month. I went ahead and cancelled it. I then send an e-mail to them later that night saying the Sunday Ticket was the only reason I have had DirecTV since 2001 and that I was thinking of cancelling all of my service and going with Xfinity, who has been hounding me lately. I got a return e-mail saying that they were very sorry that I was thinking of doing this and that were escalating my e-mail. Yesterday, I finally got another e-mail with a number to call and a pin code. She offered my the Sunday Ticket Max for half price of $40.99 for four months and a bill credit of $20 for the entire year. They then offered a free upgrade to the Genie. The only fee was a $3.00 charge for Genie service, but she said that she would give me another $10 monthly credit for the year. So I got Sunday Ticket Max and a Genie upgrade for a total of negative $160. That worked for me. First time I have every had to actually cancel it before. I was a little worried.
  5. Any Given Sunday, entering its 10th season as a BOTH league has ONE opening. Keeper League Perfect Huddle Scoring System $50 Entry Fee Live Draft Check out the league page here - Please PM me or post in the Any Given Sunday forum in the BOTH Forum section of this board.
  6. I have never seen this many openings in BOTH leagues before. As I recall, openings in BOTH leagues used to get snatched up as soon as they were posted. Are we not attracting many new members to the boards, or has the appeal of faded away. Come on people!! You get to play against an entire league of highly informed fantasy football fanatics. What could be better!!!
  7. Any Given Sunday is about to enter its 10th season. It is a 12 team keeper league that uses the Perfect Huddle Scoring system. The entry fee is $50 and we use LeagueSafe for all league finances. If you are looking for something different, then the Perfect Huddle scoring system will be the perfect change of pace for you. It puts great value and tight ends and good defenses. Make sure you check out the past year player performance reports to get some idea of how it works. Any Given Sunday also has a tradition of having a live online draft every year. You can check out the league site here - Any Given Sunday Please post in the Any Given Sunday forum if you are interested.
  8. Any Given Sunday, a BOTH league founded in 2004 has a last minute opening. This is a 2 player keeper league that uses a modified version of Perfect Huddle scoring. The league entry fee is $50. Interested members should check out the league site at MFL - The open team is Chief's Warriors If interested, please post in the Any Given Sunday League Forum or send me a PM
  9. Long Time BOTH League Opening

    The opening has been filled. Thanks everyone!
  10. Netflix Price Increase

    Our local news reported 1,000,000 subscriptions cancelled because of the rate hike. I am keeping the DVDs and cancelling the streaming, much to chagrin of my 6 year old.
  11. Any Given Sunday, a BOTH league since 2004, has two openings for the upcoming year. One of the open franchises has the first pick in the draft. Any Given Sunday is a two player keeper league that uses a modified version of DMD's Perfect Huddle Scoring system. 2/3 of the owners are the original owners and long time Huddlers. Check out our league site here - Any Given Sunday If interested, please post here or in the Any Given Sunday BOTH League Forum.
  12. Established BOTH League has two openings

    League is full
  13. Established BOTH League has two openings

    We have one spot remaining. The league entry fee is $50 and we use LeagueSafe for our league finances. The team available is The Tominators and this team has the first overall pick in the draft.
  14. quick prayer and support

    I'm keeping him and you in my thoughts Mike.
  15. No Cancer

    Oh man, now I feel bad about beating you last week in Poles N Holes. Glad to hear that everything is A OK!!!!
  16. Ft Meyers huddlers

    I'm pretty sure that I'm the only one on the boards that is from Ft. Myers. I haven't run across anyone else. I'd love to meet up for a beverage. It is always fun to head out to the beach for a libation and scenery. I was going to say a drink and the sunset, but it sounded awfully gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that. My only bad nights are Tuesdays. I'm sure I can do anything else.
  17. MFL iphone app

    I got the app for iPhone yesterday after reading this thread and I love it. I can set my line-up for all of my leagues in under a minute. When I just used the internet to go to the league sites on my iphone it used to take me longer than that for just one league. I recommend it.
  18. Rules you wish you could get your league(s) to adopt

    I've always wanted to employ these keeper rules. You can keep any player on your roster by using the draft pick two rounds earlier than they were originally drafted. No keepers can be kept in the first 3 rounds. If you picked up Miles Austin last year in the 16th round, he would be kept with a 14th round pick this year. The pick would move up two rounds every year until he reached one of the first three rounds. This keeps the top talent spread around at the top, but gives value for late round finds for years to come. Most keepers now keep the top talent, this would totally flip the entire concept around.
  19. Has anyone tried a 15 team 3 Division league?

    Really? One team with a bye each week? I'm sure that 14 or 16 would be much better options.
  20. Any Given Sunday, a BOTH league entering it's 7th season is looking for one owner. This is a very stable league with 9 of the original 12 owners still in the league. This is a two player keeper league and uses Huddle Perfect scoring system. There have been some slight scoring modifications made, but it is still pretty true to DMD original model. This is a great league with some long time Huddle members. We are one of the only BOTH leagues that has a LIVE draft online and is the evening of the last Sunday in August. The entry fee is $50 with an optional $10 NFL Picks Pool. We are looking for someone that would be in for the long haul as this is a very stable league. The league website is here The team available is listed as Open Team. The keeper status of each player is listed on the roster page.
  21. 7th Year BOTH League Opening

    Still looking for one owner