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  1. Hey Bucs fans.....

    middle linebacker Quarles or Ruud?
  2. Broncos running backs

    Tatum Bell has to be the man. I can't imagine Denver starting Mike Anderson over the multi-talented Bell. Any of you Bronco fans have an insight?
  3. I have thought about my reactions to an administrators locked thread, and I was very immature about it. This is a great site and I am proud to be a member of it. I could have changed my name and come back with an alias, but that would have been cowardly. I am the "Gators" and always will be. I also have to admit that the whole Manning-Brady debate was getting boring for me too. I was frustrated that Manning scored 50 points against me 3 games in a row over 2 years including a playoff game. When I couldn't pry Manning from his owner to end the bleeding, I became frustrated and the Peyton bashing began.. So, sorry to all and I hope to add my opinion to future threads without being ridiculed or ignored.The ironic thing is that I try to instill integrity to my children on a daily basis. I know I acted like a brat and wanted to take my ball and go home. Man, is it boring at home with no one else to play with!
  4. What is a locked topic?

    Why is "Is there anyone better than Tom Brady" locked?....I haven't seen one inappropriate thing in all the replys?
  5. What is a locked topic?

    Why would they lock it?
  6. What is a locked topic?

    and who has the power to lock it?
  7. Yeah Cap'n, The Colts made me yawn too!
  8. Is that all you Brady doubters can come up with? So, he had a bad game against the Dolphins during the regular season. Who cares? Manning scored 3 points against the Patriots,in the playoffs!. You heard me 3 points! Yeah I know. The receivers dropped balls. The weather was bad,yeah I know...The Colts defence sucks and The Patriots defense is Awesome, I know I've heard it before. It wasn't Peyton's fault, yes i know that. But still, The Colts managed only 3 points!
  9. The title of this thread reads, ...Is there anyone out there better than Tom Brady? So far , after 165 posts, I have realized that Peyton Mnning fans are BIGGER whiners than Peyton, himself. Why are you guys so sensitive? You guys can bash anyone you want, including Brady, but when anyone criticizes Manning, look out! People are called IDIOTS, MORONS etc......You guys are acting just like Peyton when his back is against the wall.. It all makes sense to me now. You guys bcan't help it. You were born that way! Lets all be adults from now on, that includes you too ,Peyton!
  10. I've asked myself which would be a better team A Colts team led by Tom Brady or a New England team with Manning at the helm........I believe the answer is easy, the Colts led by Brady....He seems to make everyone around him play better...The Colts defense would be better because of the confidence Brady exudes....They would never see Brady shaking his head on the side lines like Manning does when things get tough....Plus the Colts Offense would be unstoppable with Harrison,Wayne, Edge, Stokley, Pollard, Clark and Brady.....
  11. Brady also can sing and dance(ala Saturday Night Live)...Manning talks through his nose......
  12. First and foremost, I have nothing against Peyton Manning. I also understand why many of you have defended Peyton on this thread. His stats are monsterous. I just believe Brady dosen't get his due, because he does not throw up gaudy stats. Mannings receiving core is much more solid than the Patriots ....While I believe Dillon is better than Edge between the tackles, Edge pads Mannings stats with great receiving abilites..On any other team in the NFL, Edge would run for 1500-2000 yds and have 15-20 rushing TDS....Reggie Wayne would be the, by far, The #1 receiver in New England...Then Colts have the best receiving TE tandom in the league...Manning has all those weapons at his disposal, how could any other QB ,not lead league in TD passes...Give Brady a dome and those guys to throw to and he'd have 50 tds too.....The biggest difference between Brady and Manning, I feel, is Brady has more composure in big situations.. I will say, Manning will go down in the books as one of the greatest QBs of all time, because of the Stats..
  13. I have an Idea....To make things fair for Peyton, and try to solidify his place in the all time QB rankings..Lets give the Colts home field advantage for the rest of Peytons playoff career. We can also make teams play with 10 defensive starters against Peyton in the playoffs....I'd hate to see the kid denied a ring...We can't just give one to him, ya know!!!
  14. Can Peyton throw 50+ TD's this year?

    Of course Peyton can throw for 50 this year. He had 49 last year. The one thing he won't do, is lead the Colts to a championship. Who has time for Superbowl rings when you spend all your heart and energy trying to break insignificant records. Then when its all said and done. we can blame it on the weather and the Colts "D"!
  15. Maybe I am wrong, but I feel you can give the Colts home field advantage and the NFL All-Pro Defensive starters and you guys would be racing around to find more excuses on why poor Peyton lost the big one. I have nothing against ,Manning but he has the Joe Ferguson look in his eyes. All the talent in the world and a shaky confidence against big teams, in big games. I don't think any of the Mannings have the Michael Jordan Moxy. The ability to load a team on their backs and carry Them to Championships. Archie taught the tikes to whine, cry and make excuses for their failures. Now, you the fans have bought into all of that s#@t...