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  1. Cujo a wing, Belfour at Leaf

    Why would Cujo pick a loser franchise like the Rangers when the champions are knocking at your door as well? That was a no-brainer, to say the least.
  2. despite signings, NYR lock in mediocrity

    Hey, we actually agree on something! Richter is the most overrated player in the NHL. Sure, he has won a Cup, but that was 8 years ago. His lifetime goals against average is just a little under 3.00 and his lifetime save percentage is .904. Hardly the numbers of a great goalie. Even in his Cup-winning season, Richter allowed 2.50 goals a game that season. Overrated? Without a doubt.
  3. Will the Dominator retire on Top?

    Hasek the best goalie of his era? I think not. That distinction goes to Patrick Roy, who has 4 Stanley Cups and 3 Conn Smythe's, which mean a lot more than Hasek's regular season awards.
  4. Will the Dominator retire on Top?

    The Red Wings and Yankees are perfect examples of what is right and wrong with their respective sports. Both are run great and have great people at the top, but you have to wonder how well either would do if hockey and baseball had salary caps.
  5. Excuse me jacka$$, but they are not sinking behind Chicago. They kicked their butts in the first round. Boy, for someone who claims to have a lot of hockey knowledge, you sure are clueless about a lot of stuff. The Blues biggest problem at this point is Quenneville. They will not get over the hump until they get a new head coach. Funny how Brett Hull isn't good enough for Quenneville, but he is for Scotty Bowman, the greatest hockey coach ever.
  6. Which of the 3 Wings Cup teams was the best?

    only if it was the baby of a redwings fan, eh lerxst? brow seriously though, all he was saying is that being crippled in an accident doesn't turn an a$$hole into a saint. Exactly. Like I said before, there are MILLIONS of people who have it a lot worse off than that a-hole, so do not ask me to feel sympathy for him. It sucks what happened to him, but it must be nice to have all that money too to get the best doctors money can buy, a luxury 99.9% of the handicapped world doesn't have.
  7. my tag line says it all!!!

    Don't try telling me you were not nervous when The Blues had Detroit on the ropes in game 4 before Pronger got hurt. Anyway, congrats on winning the Cup. They definitely earned it.
  8. Which of the 3 Wings Cup teams was the best?

    St. Vladdy? Give me a break. That guy was a jerk before his unfortunate accident, so do not try to make us for sorry for him now. There are MILLIONS of people a lot worse off them him right now.
  9. Almost? I suppose if you are a Blues fan its worse for you than a Stars fan. That Brett Hull is terrible for team chemistry isn't he. wink Congrats to the Wings on a great series.Yep, stupid move by the Blues, as usual. I now will not be happy until Quenneville is gone since he is the one that didn't want Hullie back when he wanted to come back here last summer.
  10. The sight of Brett Hull hoisting the Cup in a Red Wing sweater almost made me physically sick.
  11. Conn Smythe? curious who you think

    Although I think Hasek will win it, I think it should be Hull. He leads Detroit in goals scored in the playoffs and has been the difference in the last 2 games of the finals. Hasek has been very good and all lately, but Detroit's team defense is so stifling right now that the shutouts seem like a foregone conclusion at this point. I would have said Yzerman 2 weeks ago, but he hasn't done much offensively lately.
  12. 5 best games of the playoff year

    Yeah, I know.
  13. 5 best games of the playoff year

    I am sure that was a great game, but it wasn't on television here in St. Louis, so it was hard to put it in there. Sorry!
  14. Of the games I have seen, the best 5 were: 1.Colorado at Detroit, game 5. Fabulous game that ended with a great goal in OT by Forsberg. 2.Detroit at Carolina, game 3. Triple OT. Need I say more? 3.Chicago at St. Louis, game 5. OK, I am biased because I was at this game, but to see Chicago take a 3-1 lead and the watch the Blues come back and score 4 straight to win the series clincher was very exciting. 4.San Jose at Colorado, game 7. All game 7's should be this exciting. 5.NY Islanders at Toronto, game 7. Another great game 7.
  15. Well, they had a great run and got much further than anyone thought they would, but the Hurricanes seem to have the hit the wall and are one loss away from seeing Detroit skate with the Stanley Cup. I hate Detroit, but they are the best team this year and deserve it. I have been a bit critical of the Hurricanes road to the finals, since the East is a much weaker conference, but they got there and no one can take that away from them. And, as a hockey fan, I can say honestly that this has been a great playoff year, although I am not liking the ending to it. :mad: