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  1. LEftwich or Collins

    I like LEFTWICH as well. Oak Def is terrible. please see my post The Hurtings
  2. NYJ or Seattle DEF

    I am leaning to play Seattle DEF who should see alot of the ATL backup QB? They are also at home. Who would you start? NYJ are aslo playing in a meaningful game. thanks PLAYING FOR 3rd PLACE IN A 12 TEAM LEAGUE
  3. Hass v. Zona or Greise v. Carolina

    Hopefully you went Griese for Hasselbeck is holding the clip board. I started him and am paying the price in a very close semi-final game. With 0 from my QB sure to make the difference and thus playing for third next week. Its killing me.
  4. Willis has been cleared to play (according to ESPN) but BUF will probably start Williams. Willis may see some action pending pre game warmups. I would play Jones. You know Fred is not playing. Good Luck
  5. Greg Jones or T Holt (flex)

    Thanks. Going with Holt
  6. Misery loves company (leaving pts on your bench)

    I did get Bennett in my line-up and my opponent played Volek so there is hope for the Hurtings to win the SB. Need a poor game from Westbrook, E Smith, and T Barber or at least an average game.
  7. 1 pt per yard and 60 pts per TD Would you pick G Jones up an play him over Holt vs PHIL?
  8. Defense question

    I would have to play Carolina today. Who would you start Carolina at TB or Baltimore at PIT? 60 pts for TD 30 pts per turnover 10 pts per sack 50 pts shutout 30 pts allow 2-9 10 pts allow 10-19 thanks The Hurtings
  9. Who else out there is leaving major points on their bench while a starter is coming up weak? I left Droughns (3TDs and over 100 yds rush/rec) on my pine while Mason puts u a stinkin 65 yards. Hope this does not kill my SB chances today.
  10. Bell takes a shot, Droughns 2 TDs

    Bell is back on the field (7:00 minutes left 2nd Q)
  11. T Bell needed help off the field after taking a shot on his shoulder. Droughns already has 2 TDs and over 50 yards (rush/rec). Well I went with Holt over Droughns and Bell for my flex position. Good luck to all and Merry Christmas.
  12. I just know Bell is going to go off

    I am pondering the same question. Do I play Bell, Droughns, or Holt for my Flex posistion? Holt going against the Eagles Def does not thrill me but it is the safe play. Sometimes to win a championship, do you need to take RISK??? Let me know your thoughts
  13. Which Defense to start

    I agree, I like the Bills this week.
  14. Volek or Collins

    I do not disagree with you. The running game may open up the pass for Green and may also help sustain drives. Hoping LJ can catch is screen and take it to the house. I also am playing Porter and do not want to put all my eggs in the same basket. Good Luck to you.