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  1. Photos attached of my team and the trade offer. PPR1D
  2. Some obvious pros - every TD is worth an extra point. Every failed TD drive in the red zone has potential for 3 points. Cons- Low scoring game kills 2 players on your roster. I started this topic because I have Aaron Rodgers and I am thinking about picking up Mason Crosby....should I? Convince me either way Thanks
  3. Hill was just dropped in my league and I can scoop him up right now. PPR
  4. How would you handle this?

    10 bucks? Ask for your money back, buy a six pack and watch the redzone channel. Next year join a real league with better owners.
  5. RT @rapsheet: Colts coach Chuck Pagano on Trent Richardson: "We did not bring him in here to be a waterboy on Sunday." This. I'm still undecided. I have David Wilson or Ben Tate to fill his spot if I bench him.
  6. Jordan Cameron

    Well, what to expect now?
  7. Chandler - He's playing the Titans 32nd Ranked defense against TE's
  8. WDIS

    I am at a tie between Felix and CJ.....the rest of them should start.
  9. A Green or S Greene

    Alex - You'd have to think that GB will be in the redzone much more then the Jets will today. Play the guy who has the better chance to score.
  10. WDIS - RB - PPR - pick TWO

    Bump - I couldn't make this any easier. Please participate if you are reading this.
  11. Select the TWO running backs that I should START. PPR league.
  12. McElroy is a better QB than Tebow.
  13. Best fantasy team names

    An old one - Palmer Breaston Driver Bush A new one - I Pitta The Fool
  14. Collusion..

    fair trade? I thought this thread was about collusion. Move along....nothing to see here.