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  1. Sorry, I just realized I posted in the wrong forum. Big John, can you please put this in the advice forum. Thanks.
  2. My current Roster is: Starters: Bulger, Marc QB STL Alexander, Shaun RB SEA Lewis, Jamal RB BAL Bruce, Isaac WR STL Lloyd, Brandon WR SF (replacement for Javon Walker) Crumpler, Alge TE ATL Wilkins, Jeff K STL Bench: Leftwich, Byron QB JAC Bennett, Michael RB MIN (I plan on dropping him for Toefield if trade is accepted) Davenport, Najeh RB GB Williams, Reggie WR JAC Williamson, Troy WR MIN Standard Performance league....points for Recpt, Yds, TD
  3. Curtis Martin

    Reports on WFAN radio today say the MRI was negative. Considering CuMar's history, I would guess that he will be dressed Sunday and play also. The question here is will he be the starter?
  4. A good laugh!

    On Frisman Jackson's week 1 performance: Antonio Bryant owners, Braylon Edwards're all owed an explanation. I'd call up the Browns front office and ask them when they started the "WalMart Greeter/Wide Receiver exchange program". What happens next week? Jethro Bannister from store 98 plays TE?
  5. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 2 - TAKE 2

    WDIS? Warner vs STL or Leftwich @ Indy
  6. WDIS

    Both of these games will be a shootout. This is the reason I made this post/poll.
  7. The Injury Bug strikes again!

    Thanks Sky, I hope you're right this time as you usually are.
  8. WDIS

    Thanks for participating.
  9. The Injury Bug strikes again!

    I wish it were that easy, but I only have 5 moves for the whole season, and I already used 1 to pick up Lloyd.
  10. The Injury Bug strikes again!

    Wow, you had to go there? Are you trying to completely ruin my day? Bastages.
  11. The Injury Bug strikes again!

    lol, you guys are so supportive. NOT!
  12. I just need to vent. First Javon Walker...ok then I pick up Brandon Lloyd to replace him on my roster and now I see this news: Brandon Lloyd - WR, San Francisco 49ers 09/17/05 Brandon Lloyd stained his hamstring in practice on Friday and has been added to the injury report as probable. He is expected to play on Sunday against the Eagles. Maybe its nothing to worry about, but a strained hammy is something that can last a whole season.
  13. Pickup Ferguson or Lloyd?

    This may make you feel a little better about picking up Lloyd. Click it. POLL
  14. Negative, that would be Donald Driver.