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  1. What an awful game by McNabb

    yeah he looked like crap tonight, but he got me enough points to win. oo-rah!
  2. McCallister's Backup

    Why does everyone keep spelling Deuce's name "McCallister"????? It's McAllister, people! that is all.
  3. With Walker gone.......

    Green Bay must be happy they didn't pay Walker. Driver's value certainly goes up.
  4. Big Bench Pts

    Sat Willie Parker for Portis and K. Jones.
  5. Best Food Network show

    If you watch this channel, what's your favorite show?
  6. DMD and WW in Vegas

    I thought you wanted the DMD soda straw replica?
  7. DMD- NE-Oakland Score Prediction

    Nice start, David!
  8. Take The RussMan Challenge. If U Dare!

    Priest, Owens, Parker
  9. LaMont Jordan Owners

    That comes out to 1760 total yards and your 6 or 7 TDs. That's pretty good!
  10. Best Food Network show

    It's Oprahui San.
  11. Anyone else pick 12th

    McNabb, Donovan PHI QB Brees, Drew SDC QB Portis, Clinton WAS RB Jones, Kevin DET RB Parker, Willie PIT RB Barber, Marion DAL RB Smith, Steve CAR WR Bruce, Isaac STL WR Evans, Lee BUF WR Stallworth, Donte' NOS WR Calico, Tyrone TEN WR Crumpler, Alge ATL TE Putzier, Jeb DEN TE Vanderjagt, Mike IND PK Bengals, Cincinnati CIN Def Falcons, Atlanta ATL Def
  12. Worst draft pick you've seen this yr.

    Last year...Jimmy Smith in Rd. #1. I won't mention names.
  13. King Of The Mountain

  14. Twenty Questions - message board contest

    1. Donovan McNabb 2. J. J. Arrington 3. Peyton Manning 4. Shaun Alexander 5. Terrell Owens 6. Peyton Manning 7. Shaun Alexander 8. Torry Holt 9. Mike Vanderjagt 10. Baltimore Ravens 11. Buffalo Bills 12. KC Chiefs 13. J. J. Arrington 14. J. J. Arrington 15. Troy Williamson 16. 59 17. Hasslett 18. Indy Colts 19. Philly Eagles 20. Indy Colts Tiebreaker 38 yards
  15. Peerless "I have no Peer" Price........

    So does this raise or lower Vick's value? I can't tell.
  16. Stephen Jackson...

    DMD: "If you can grab him in the fourth or fifth round, he's worth some serious consideration." Uhhhh, is that a serious statement? In what moran draft would Jackson drop to the 4th or 5th round? And why only "consider" him at that point instead of jumping for joy?
  17. How many RBs are too many?

    it must be fun playing with retahds.
  18. Tatum Bell Disciples

    I wouldn't draft any Den RB this year. Too scary.
  19. Gates gets a warning

    what's the deal with football players this year? It seems like freaking everyone in the NFL is biatching about their current deal. Shut up and play!
  20. PGA Championship

    Phil is one of the biggest chokers I've ever seen in sports. oh well, he's making bank anyway.
  21. Here's why Owens has left

    Break a leg, TO. literally.
  22. Tatum Bell - What shot does he have at starting?

    The smart money stays away from Denver in the first several rounds.
  23. i'm so stupid

    What's the FF handbook? HA! just kidding. edit: DMD, you're probably just now eating lunch aren't you? 11pm
  24. Man did I do terrible

    it's not as bad as you think. hit the waivers for WRs.