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  1. Hell, What do you say

    Sorry Gil, but I think you and everyone else know which Big Ten fan I was talking about. There are plenty of classy OSU and Michigan fans out there. Unfornately we have the least classy fan of each program posting on this board.
  2. Leinart was given a Gift

    Norm Chow is a *** mastermind. With a month of prepartion, he could have kept USC close against the 49ers, Cardinals, Bears, Raiders, or Giants last night. How this guy isn't a head coach I have no idea. Carroll better say his prayers every night that Chow doesn't leave anytime soon.
  3. Hell, What do you say

    This post ranks right up there with some of theohiostates drivel. Sarge makes a classy post, giving USC all the credit in the world, and gets ripped by a Michigan fan? Hey Brian, take one of those ass backward left turns you morons make up there and head back to Ann Arbor. Your lack of class seems indicative of the rest of the Little Ten fans on this board. ***.
  4. Unreal

    Okay, these AP voters pay no attention to anything. Utah jumps Texas, but not OU? What logic do these idiots use? Either Utah or Texas should have been #3, followed by OU at #5 (although a case could be made for Louisville, which was one dropped interception away from going unbeaten.) I'm not sure we were "robbed" of our national title game, but this wasn't entertaining. Funny how much things snowball once they start. OU marches 92 yds. on the opening drive, then can't do anything after the turnovers. Leinart would be foolish not to go pro. How can it get any better for him? He'll be the #1 overall pick for sure with the niners in dire need of a quarterback. And as for Reggie Bush, all I can say is wow. That guy has so much speed it isn't fair.
  5. theeohiostate

    But Sarge, USC plays in the Pac 10!! They are a stacked conference! The Big 12 Sucks ass!! Michigan will destroy Texas in the Rose Bowl.......uhhhh, ummmmm....well, Cal will obliterate Texas Tech in the Holiday Bowl....uuuuuuummmmm, weeeellllll.....Well, trust me, USC will annihilate Oklahoma. Cal and Michigan were both garbage opponents!! Wait till the Big 12 faces some real competition! They will get crushed like the crappy conference they are!!!!!!!!! CHUMP!
  6. theeohiostate

    Actually, I just checked your post since you were the one complaining about someone else's spelling in another thread. Oh and by the way, you misspelled the word misspelled. Get your mommy to do a better job homeschooling, asstard.
  7. theeohiostate

    Okay, I realize its a new year, and every year Webster's adds new words to their dictionary. Nevertheless, theohiostate, I am offering $5000 in crisp hundred dollar bills if you can give me a definition for the word "archieves." I live in Central Kentucky and can have the cash to you in person later today. No, this is not a bet, since I know you lack the necessary funds to cover such a wager. This is simply an offer of 5 large in cash upon completion of the task above. Good luck, teeny bopper.
  8. USC vs. Oklahoma

    ROFL. We may not share the same views in the tailgate, detlef, but here you are my sworn brother.
  9. USC vs. Oklahoma

    OU 42 USC 27 I dont think USC can stop OU, and I think OU can at least slow down Bush.
  10. Worst Poster in Message Board History

    I live in Kentucky, ***, and am the biggest SEC homer there is. There's another example of you blatantly misrepresenting facts. What a dumb motherOpraher.
  11. Is there any doubt of whom I speak? I've spent many years on many message boards. Hell, the Tailgate alone has enough dickwads to offer, but never in my life have I seen a more useless, moronic, pathetic poster than theohiostate. I can only hope and pray that your life is not as bad as everyone here must make it out to be. I want to add you to my ignore list, but every time I see one of your posts, I am so enthralled with the amount of nerve you have to post something so inherently wrong. You even directly contradict facts in alot of your posts! I'm no saint, as many of the liberal posters at the tailgate could certainly tell you, but you are the hands down winner of the Worst Poster in Message Board History award. Ass.
  12. Who's your homer team in college basketball?

    Kentucky Baby!!!
  13. Anyone still think the SEC is strong?

    Texas lost one game to the #2 team in the country and Pitt will play a BCS game. That's all I'm saying. As for OSU, if you followed the SEC closely every year, you would know that it is way down. Teams like Florida and Tennessee usually pummel my team (UK) by 50-60 points. The SEC is off this year, just like the Big Ten. That was my point.
  14. One of the conference Championship representatives is a team that squeaked by Vanderbilt 38-33 and needed a last minute score to beat Kentucky HOME. Yes, the same Kentucky team that lost to Ohio U. The SEC is wayyyyyyyyyy down this year. And I live in Lexington, so I follow the SEC very closely. It will hardly be a feather in Auburn's cap to say they beat UT twice this year. Good Luck to USC and OU in the Orange Bowl. Auburn and Texas both get jobbed by consequences beyond their control. Time to rework the BCS.
  15. White for Heisman

    All right, I've watched enough of this. As a diehard SEC fan and a proud member of Big Blue Nation in the heart of the bluegrass, I have to take to task anyone who touts the SEC this year as a strong conference. You can diss the Big 12 all you want, that's your prerogative. But anyone who cites the SEC as a conference that is miles better than the Big 12 is blinded by hatred for OU. Let's take a look at the SEC, shall we? LSU is waaaaayyy down from last year. Same goes for Ole Miss, Miss State, Georgia (who were dominant last year, just very good this year), Kentucky (yes, we play football in KY)and South Carolina (who squeaked out a one point win over a Kentucky team that lost to Ohio University for crissakes.) Ron Zook has taken a once proud Florida team and run it into the ground. Tennessee is using a two QB system. It all adds up to a weak SEC, and therefore an undefeated Auburn. So bash OU if you must, but please don't embarrass those who know and love the SEC by painting them as some world beating conference. Sarge is right. OU is better than Auburn and we will have a good National Championship game this year. USC has proven vulnerable to poor opponents a few times this year, and I don't think we will be seeing a blowout in Miami. Ten points either way is the most.