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  1. Minneapolis Huddlers, am moving up in June!

    And if you want to head a little further north, there are almost 4,000 lakes in Ontario that are larger than 3 square km, and an estimated 250,000 overall.
  2. Man of Steel

    As far as superhero movies go; The Dark Knight The Dark Knight Rises The Avengers Iron Man Spider Man Batman Begins X-Men Man of Steel It's pretty good, in a group with other pretty good super hero movies but not in the same class as the Batman movies.
  3. Golfers

    Some courses around here offer a "special" or lower price if you book as a foursome, but I have never heard of them charging extra at the course for booking as a twosome. And, it is complete BS that they paired you up after charging you the $5 extra. I would have told the starter to either go get the $10 back or refused to play as four.
  4. MLB Playoff Predictions

    I won't go through predicting how all the play ins and series shake out, but I'll take Atlanta over Oakland in the WS.
  5. Who Gets Your AL MVP Vote ?

    I voted Trout basically because he did things that have never been done in the 100+ year history of baseball. In my lifetime there have probably been 30 seasons had by players that exceed what Miggy did stat wise - in fact, this is probably only the third or fourth best season of his career. At the end of the day I think Cabrera wins because the TC is a phenomenal accomplishment and I think the bulk of voters is still made up of the "old guard" who probably don't respect things like WAR and defensive stats. Of course, these are a lot of the same guys who have decided that Tim Raines doesn't belong in the HOF, so you never know what they are thinking.
  6. I actually have no dog in the fight - my own logic tells me that Miggy is probably the best hitter of my generation (he hits for a high average and great power, averaging something like .320/34/120 for his career,) but Trout is a better "baseball player" (and no slouch stats wise either.) Statistically, this season for Miggy probably only ranks 3rd or 4th for him as a season, but the fact that he won the TC has people buzzing. It will likely be a close vote and you can't really argue against either guy. Miggy's stats aren't "historic" the way Trout's are, but he came out on top of the three main categories.
  7. I believe the Angels have the best record in the American league since the day Trout was called up - the problem is, they were so bad before him they couldn't make up enough ground in the 5 months he played. Trout did things this season that have NEVER been done before. Not just by a rookie, but period. Swap Trout and Miggy and Detroit probably would have clinched the central 3 weeks ago, and the Angels would have hovered under .500 all year. Miggy is a liability defensively, Trout is the best defensive center fielder in the game - and that is a premium position.
  8. Talk about bad luck for Cabrera, pulling out a triple the same year Mike Trout emerges as hands down the best player in baseball. Trout's WAR is over 57% higher than Miggy's, and he wasn't even called up until the end of April. He's also the best defensive player in baseball at a premium position. Unimaginably there is a decent chance Miggy could win the triple crown but not the MVP - I wonder what kind of odds you could have gotten on that before the season started. From Jayson Stark's column on his MVP ballot (he has Trout 1st) We just understand that Trout's insane 10.5 WAR are one more clear indication that he's a better baseball player than even one of the greatest hitters of our lifetimes. I've often said that if I had to pick one hitter to send to home plate with a big game riding on it, I'd pick Cabrera. But that doesn't mean he's been a better baseball player than Mike Trout. And remember, that Triple Crown isn't the only historic achievement that belongs in this argument. Trout is the first player EVER to hit 30 homers, steal 45 bases and score 125 runs in one season.
  9. Upset of the Week

    Jax 28-24 over Cincinnati.
  10. BCG fired

    Any comment on the disaster at Texas Tech Polk?
  11. Calipari

    Well this thread went dead, with college BBall starting up again I thought it was worth a resurrect. I won't gloat about the '12 title because we lost the entire team and even though Cal refilled it with yet another #1 class, these guys can't possibly replace everything that left, and on top of that Noel is still questionable to be eligible. Looks to be a bit of a down year across college basketball though, with Louisville and Indiana getting most of the hype (deservedly so IMHO.) Any early Final Four predictions? I'll go with Indiana, Ohio State, NC State, and Arizona.
  12. Try and top this one...

    Sep 20, 1999. Cowboys/Falcons. I'm down 19 points and have Emmit Smith going vs my opponents Richie Cunningham. Emmitt puts up 19/109/2 for 22 points. Cunningham, through 59:14 of the game, has kicked 2 extra points and has a made and missed field goal, I am up one, Atlanta is down 10 and in the Dallas red zone, I'm going nuts having made the comeback and even called my buddy to talk trash to him. While still on the phone, Danny Kanell is picked off by Greg Ellis at the 13, the Falcons don't bother trying to catch him since the game is basically over, and he takes it 87 yards for the TD. Cunningham comes in, kicks the extra point, and my buddy owns the tiebreaker. To this day I haven't suffered a worse loss or put such a brutal win on anyone.
  13. Donald Brown puts up 1800 total yards.
  14. So, who'd you go long on?

    Jordy Nelson, Rivers (great value in the 6th-8th range) and Ryan Williams ended up on all of my teams. I reached for Nelson in a couple but Rivers and Williams were there to be had later in my leagues.
  15. how does my team look?

    LOL. Well played, SEC. And totally lost on the OP.