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  1. Coolest uniforms in NFL

    Agreed. I also liked the Cardinals home uni's ~ All-Dark-Red shirt + White pants. Their new uni's this season aren't near as cool though.
  2. Who else is 0-2?

    Plummer, Bledsoe, Edge, Rudi, T.Jones, W.Parker, Boldin, D Jax, Branch, Witten, Josh Brown, Pitt D I'd be 1-1 if I had benched Edge for Parker in week 1. Last week I went against the top scoring team and couldn't have won regardless of who I played. Tried shopping my RB's around and not getting any interest.
  3. King Of The Mountain

    I'll go with the Cowboys. Thanks.
  4. The Edge Debate

    I owned him last year. Finished 3rd, knocked out in semifinals by the eventual champ that had the highest scoring overall team. I had #3 scoring team, just 20 points behind #1 team. Edge had what I consider a good year - although he never had a huge game, but he always showed up in the score. I have him again this year. If he performed the same as last season, I would be happy.
  5. LIONS @ Bears

    I have K. Jones going. I think he's a good start this week.
  6. Anyone else use Huddel Perfect Scoring?

    Just to play devil's advocate - yards gained by an offense does not really matter either in the NFL - only the points on the scoreboard at the end of the game. If the FF league rules dictate that yards allowed by your D is important, then you need to draft and plan accordingly. Keep in mind that the same time the D is giving up meaningless Prevent-D yards and maybe points, the other teams offense is also gaining those same yards and points. I hate it when garbage time (prevent D) happens and a scrub TD or meaningless yards are gained that causes me to lose a FF game, but I love it when it causes me to win a FF game. What can you do - them's the breaks.
  7. Willie Parker in 2005 is Equal

    Whoah! Priest for Willie...Let me think that over. I agree with you 100%. Willie might turn out to be good/great for the whole season but there sure is no guarantee of that. It's more likely that in a couple of weeks, they have a 3-way RBBC going on in Pit and you wouldn't count on any of the RB's there as more than a bye-week filler. That said, I have Willie in all 3 of my leagues and life is good right now!
  8. Anyone else use Huddel Perfect Scoring?

    I forgot to mention, too, that in the league where we use the modified perfect scoring system, we just threw the TE's in with the WR's. That keeps the TE way down in the scoring arena pretty well, except Gates and Gonzo probably compare to a good #2 WR.
  9. Anyone else use Huddel Perfect Scoring?

    morons indeed! Not necessarily shutout for 6 points, just allowing no TD's. The scoring system only counts TD allowed by the defense, so if a team scores FG, or Def/ST TD those don't count against the D. But you already knew that.
  10. Meadowlands

    If they would only bus-in about 30,000 Saints fans, that oughta do it.
  11. Anyone else use Huddel Perfect Scoring?

    Similar thing happened to me last year. At least a couple of owners did not really read the rules and the minus points from D threw them for a loop. The constant minus points freaked them out big time. These guys aren't too smart though...For this year, we used the same scoring system but instead of starting at 0 points for 0TD allowed, we start at +6 for 0TD, +3 for 1, 0 for 2, etc. This is basically just adding 6 points to everybody's score. Now nobody has a problem with it. You can't change the scoring rules after the season starts, can you? Actually, I don't know why you would. This should've already been agreed to by everybody so why change now?
  12. Is there an inside joke?

  13. Tie-breaker

    If I was in your league I'd propose that for this season, all reg season ties stay just as ties. Next season you can propose a rule change but it's too late for this season. However, you must address, right now, what will happen in the playoffs in the event of a tie. You can't let it wait until it happens.
  14. Thrown To / Target Statistics

    It is here amongst the other weekly statistics that this excellent website provides... Question for DMD: The WR target statistics look wrong. The headings don't agree with the legend. Example: Where is "TARG". I think TARG is the sum of "PASS" and "COMP", right?
  15. King Of The Mountain

    I'll go with Philly. Thx.
  16. Huddle rocks.

    I agree...Fer sure!! (I had Baker in MVP too! I'd probably be in 1st place right now if it weren't for that bum Colbert)
  17. Rams are getting killed

    I just saw it again on replay and you are exactly correct. Bad pass.
  18. I'm gunna win!

    A buddy had an opening in his 12 team league because somebody didn't show up at the draft. They went ahead and drafted 11 teams and then offered a free team to me to fill up with whoever's left. I figured I oughta end up with maybe 2 wins for the season, but for free, what the heck! I ended up with W.Parker and Leftwich. The guy I'm playing today had a horrible day. He still has Manning to go but in order to win, he needs 6TD and over 300yds. I'm already halfway to my projected win total. Woohoo!
  19. Rams are getting killed

    Rams came roaring back and were in position to kick the tieing FG. Bulger to Bruce and he (Bruce) pulls is semi-annual give the ball to the other team play. Game over. The game was mainly lost by Rams ST though, along with some horrendous play along the O-line. Great game by SF D-line getting constant pressure on Bulger.
  20. The Fourth Annual Edmund Fitzgerald Contest

    Week 16 In their final "home" game of the season, the Saints destroy the Lions. Detroit will score 13 points.
  21. Portfolio Pool

    Raiders $80 Browns $45 Rams $85 Bengals $80 Colts $115 Vikes $95 Total = $500 Thanks!!
  22. Worst draft pick you've seen this yr.

    I wish it was!!
  23. Worst draft pick you've seen this yr.

    Last night, 12 team league - 5th pick overall...drum roll please... Brett Favre
  24. Predictions & Projections

    Hail Dorey!!