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  1. Everyones Favorite Question

    McAllister and Taylor. Buffalo has a tough D and Cadillac had only one good run last week which padded his numbers. Pitt has too tough of a D.
  2. Alexander, KJ, Anderson, Parker

    I would say you're right with your picks. I don't even think Anderson is healthy.
  3. WDIS @ D - S/T's

    Buffalo for sure. They have pretty relentless D.
  4. T.Jones or Droughens

    I've been blessed with the privlege of trying to decide between Thomas Jones at home against Detroit or Ruben Droughnes in Green Bay. People are saying that Jones may be spelled by Benson and Droughnes may be spelled by Suggs if he is healty enough. I'm in a performance scoring league. So who should it be?
  5. Brandon Jacobs

    This guy is still available in my performance league. How good did he look on Sunday? Does he have the potential to be a starter sometime this year? In other words, Does this guy have any moxy or is he just another Ron Dayne?
  6. Chicago Bears fans

    You know things are looking pretty bad when a Charger fan is rubbing it in. Don't worry Chargerz. I'm sure you guys will climb back into your hole before the end of the year.
  7. Need a silver bullet

    I cant believe they're still out there. PICK THEM UP!
  8. Lewis and Blylock. No Brainer.
  9. WDIS

    Go with Smith. I played against him last week and lost.
  10. QB advice appreciated

    I would play Roth. The bucs have a pretty strong secondary and after I saw what Ben did to Philly, I BELIEVE!
  11. Wheatley or T.Jones

    Big Dilemma. Jones at home against Indy. Tyrone at home against the Bolts. Indy has weak D but they looked good last week and Jones is coming off an injury and may split time with A-Train. The Chargers has one of the best run defenses.
  12. When is a Stud no longer a Stud

    Santana Moss was never a stud. One year wonder at best. The biggest surprises this year have been Harrison and Holt. They were solid studs, doing it multiple years in a row and have now fallen off the face of the earth. Definitely not worth their respective draft positions.
  13. 2004 Nfl Predictions

    You've got to be kidding. :bigshock: