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  1. damn straight rajn.
  2. thnx Rovs...... i feel the same way about you bro.... this post made my day. As for the cigs..... they're gone / done / outta here. I'm not even going to consider the electronic stuff right now.... hopefully I can just 86 them all together. All I have to do is look at the photo's my surgeon took inside my lung. If those don't make you quit nothing will.
  3. well i'm not really sure where to start here except to thank all of you for your thoughts & prayers ...... the past few weeks have certainly been some the hardest days i've had to endure my whole life. I've not been too active here much the past couple years but reading this thread makes me realize that I need to be here more often.... I got to read some of this thread on my phone while still in the hospital & it literally brought tears to my eyes.... you arer all wonderful people. As for my health..... the technical term for my condition is parapneumonic effusion, empyema. ..... more commonly known as a severe case of bacterial pneumonia. I also had a small growth on my right lung that had to be removed which by the grace of God was not cancer. what happened is i had a build up of fluid in my right lung & some of the fluid had hardened forming what my doctor called a "orange peel" substance around my lung not allowing it to expand, contract etc. Basically i've been work'in on 1 lung for a while now.... pretty f'n scary. Bottom line ? complete & total lifestyle changes..... immediately. Years of abuse, smoking cigarettes, smoking dope, poor diet, poor exercise regiment finally caught up with me. I just feel very fortunate that it was caught in time & I can begin to heel & get back to living. I've still got a chest tube in me with a little "fag bag drainage pouch' i have to carry around but hopefully that will get yanked out by then end of this week. now it's time to get to some football stuff..... sure feels good to be back & thanks again for all your prayers..... they were answered.
  4. was up 27 points heading into the eagle/vikes game. I had greenway..... keg had jared allen & F**KING WINFIELD !!!
  5. ECB garard, cutler, kitna (drafted romo) foster, peterson nicks, harvin, moore (TO) witten janikowski baltimore
  6. the LA Vikings.
  7. the last 2 games colt mccoy & ben watson have been on the field together watson's numbers are as follows....... 17 catches - 192 yards - 1 TD - 18 targets.
  8. just in time for the stretch run.
  9. BTW Az.... get checked in the puddle forum.
  10. bush pretty much covered it. I was there... in fact I was in a red zone suite in the north end zone. At any rate..... the hawks got their asses kicked the 1st half but the D looked great. Gore didn't do crap the whole game. As for the Hawks... Mike Williams stood out.... guy's a beast. And oh yeah..... the noise. Haven't heard that place as loud since the NFC championship in 05..... crazy.
  11. Oh yeah.... Jahvid Best - 2.04 Steven Jackson - 2.07
  12. Ryan Matthews went 3rd pick in ECB. ......THAT threw off the apple cart abit. Other than that it was pretty calm this year. Bushwacked made it down from Bellingham...... Sky & the gang from Bremerton..... Digitaldan & the boys from Puyallup/Tacoma & our resident eastsider DO Jaded were all here today..... great to see them all.
  13. what's going on with sharper this week..... MFL has him active & starting....... the huddle has him in-active.
  14. good teams find a way to win those games. Part of being good... is being lucky. Heck for that matter....IMO the packers are better than both SF & BAL. As for Childress, as a life long Viking fan I think he deserves the extension if nothing else for the team that he has built, and I'm not even talk'in about Favre here. Hutch, Allen, AP, Harvin, Rice... not to mention retaining the players that were already on board. All that was done before Favre was even around.