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  1. Last week I picked up both Atlanta's defense and Miami's defense for the playoffs ... started Miami instead of Atlanta and lost
  2. Melvin Gordon Carted off

  3. Commish for 20 years. Finally Done.

    My 20 year league fell apart this year as well. It began to die last year when we had to convert from a 10 team league to a 12 team league. This year it finally took it's last breathe as we couldn't fill out even 10 teams and nobody tried to find replacement owners.
  4. Kaepernick benched

    Another way to say it ... ESPN has created an audience that only wants to consume the game highlights. The NFL RedZone is catering to that new mentality.
  5. Kaepernick benched

    LOL ... the RedZone exists so you can "Catch every touchdown from every game Sunday afternoons with NFL RedZone from NFL Network". Quote taken directly from their website. Even if they show other plays I still maintain the RedZone is for people who don't have the attention span to watch a football game. People that watch the RedZone want to see highlights and likely are only concerned about which players scored how many fantasy points. I used to play that game. Now when I turn on a football game I ignore fantasy football and stat lines and watch the game.
  6. Kaepernick benched

    I would argue if your NFL experience is encompassed by watching the redzone channel that you are not watching NFL games, in no way or fashion do the scoring plays define everything that happens in the game. IMO the redzone is for people who do not have the attention span to actually watch a game.
  7. Sam being Sam.... when will teams / people learn?

    I agree with a lot of this. Having said all that when the trade was made I didn't think that Bradford was going to the the magic bullet to get Minnesota to the playoffs, and if Bradford can't get you to the playoffs then the price was too high.
  8. My take on Dak vs. Romo

    You missed the point. It wasn't about their skill sets. It was about convincing yourself that a fragile QB has something left in the tank and will not break down if you hire him.
  9. My take on Dak vs. Romo

    Sounds like the Cleveland front office talking about their decision to hire RGIII
  10. My take on Dak vs. Romo

    I'm just not convinced there is another team looking for a QB with glass collar bones and a bad back.
  11. My take on Dak vs. Romo

    If we are playing this game ... can we bring a healthy Aikman back?
  12. My take on Dak vs. Romo

    I disagree that Tony would be doing the same thing. I believe the team plays differently with Dak than they do with Romo.
  13. My take on Dak vs. Romo

    Some of us saw it sooner than others ... just sayin'
  14. Trade Advice

    Trade for Hillary, she is available ..
  15. My take on Dak vs. Romo

    He won't get the kind of money he wants ... he is at the end of his football career and fragile to boot