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  1. Pathetic BYE week options....

    yep - Gore looks to be ther better of the 2 between him and Barlow
  2. Pathetic BYE week options....

    Suggs I guess - but I agree I would see if Dayne or even Shipp (zona starter now) is available
  3. who should I pick up out if these: Jabobs - NY Giants Dayne - Denver ---leaning towards him Shipp - Arizona Blaylock - NY Jets Thanks
  4. Defense Bye Week

    I have the Ravens on a bye in week 3 - who should I pick up out of these: Bears vs Cincy Chargers vs NY Giants Jaguars at NY Jets Rams vs Tennessee Dolphins vs Carolina There are a few others but these stood out to me. Thanks
  5. J.J. Arrington

    Give it time to judge.
  6. waiver wire

    DO IT ALREADY - Brown will be much valuable down the stretch.
  7. Trade for LJ

    wait it out now that the news has come in about this arrest on LJ
  8. please help! willie p or sjax

    Sir Parker - please read my post
  9. Reserve D?

    I have the Ravens, but 2 teams in my league dropped the Panthers as well as the Jaguars, should I pick up one of these to have as a reserve or just wait until Ravens have a bye and not be stuck with the dreaded which D do I start each week. Thanks
  10. which def,do i start?

    I have B'more and Im forced to start them. Of course I would say Ravens, but you might want to consider the Giants since they are playing at home against the Cards
  11. Who to start

  12. WDIS, Jordan or Anderson?

  13. 1st week lineup

    Grits what is your problem - Seriously man - come on
  14. Willie Parker

    Westbrook - he will get more catches out of the backfield from Parker. ON that alone you start him.
  15. 1st week lineup

    No - im in a 12 team 2 keeper league. I kept McGahee and Boldin from last year.