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  1. Volek or Green for the championship

    I agree w/Green, he's very solid and always has big game potential. FWIW my opponent has Volek and is benching him this week in our final championship game.
  2. Attention all A. Gates owners . . .

    I'm not seeing a lot of info about how much he's expected to play. Looks like up to a half??? None of the other starters will play much, if any at all.
  3. RB's--who would you start?

    My vote is Johnson & Johnon. PS, I'm in the Superbowl of my husband's league, too. He's competing for 8th place. Girl power!
  4. I don't know what to do. This is the final game of our 2 game Superbowl and I have a 7-point lead over my opponent. I can either play Gates or the SF tight-end Eric Johnson. I have to play a tight end. Thoughts?
  5. I made it to the Super Bowl! I have great match ups this week which I want to make the most of since we have a 2 week Super Bowl. So, please vote. No replies necessary, this is a quick poll. Thanks. EDIT: Oops, looks like the poll isn't working for multiple responses. I guess you're going to have to reply in order to help a girl out. Thanks.
  6. What I hate about FFL

    Well, 3 TDs plus a safety = 4 scores, so, I'll give the storytellers the benefit of the doubt. I'm sure it was a very heartbreaking loss. Reminds me of the time I had a huge lead on my opponent going into a Monday night game and I ended up losing because Shaun Alexander went off for 17 TDs. (Well, maybe not that many, but, he did score close to 50 points.)
  7. What I hate about FFL

    Oh really??? The game was December 8, 2002, Panthers v. Bengals: Scoring Drives 1st Quarter Car TD A. Wallace fumble recovery in end zone (Shayne Graham Kick), 5:47 Car 7, Cin 0 Car SAF Safety, C. Dillon tackled in end zone by M. Rucker, 12:07 Car 9, Cin 0 2nd Quarter Car TD Steve Smith 61 punt return (Shayne Graham Kick), -13:-47 Car 16, Cin 0 Cin TD Peter Warrick 3 pass from Jon Kitna (Neil Rackers Kick), -8:-18 Car 16, Cin 7 Cin FG FG Neil Rackers 24, 0:-45 Car 16, Cin 10 3rd Quarter Car TD Steve Smith 31 pass from Rodney Peete (Shayne Graham Kick), -28:-3 Car 23, Cin 10 Cin TD Takeo Spikes 45 fumble return (Neil Rackers Kick), -26:-10 Car 23, Cin 17 Car TD Muhsin Muhammad 2 pass from Rodney Peete (Shayne Graham Kick), -20:-37 Car 30, Cin 17 Car TD Steve Smith 87 punt return (Shayne Graham Kick), -19:-24 Car 37, Cin 17 Cin TD Jon Kitna 12 run (Neil Rackers Kick), -15:-27 Car 37, Cin 24 4th Quarter Car TD Wesley Walls 2 pass from Rodney Peete (Shayne Graham Kick), -42:-48 Car 44, Cin 24 Car TD Dee Brown 6 run (Nick Goings Run), -36:-13 Car 52, Cin 24 (Taken from www.footballdb.com)
  8. Which D -- DET or INDY

    Thanks, I know that's what I should do. For some reaon I'm having a hard time sitting Indy and starting a D that scored -5 last week. Hopefully Navarre won't end up being another Ben Roethlisberger. Pretty unlikely.
  9. I have 2 great defensive match-ups this week and can't decide which one to start. Performance scoring league -- 10 to -10 points based on points allowed, 3 pts for TDs, 2 pts for turnovers, 1 pt for sacks. I'm leaning toward starting Detroit against the rookie Arizona QB, but, the Colts D has averaged over 18 pts the last 3 games, so, it's tough to bench them.