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  1. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 3!

    Indy for me DR Rock....
  2. Who started Braylon Edwards this week?

    I am not sure how Burleson's performance would affect Edwards time... they are on 2 different teams.... unless you meant your lineup... I like Edwards, buyt not until next year, he may be too inconsistent to start week to week.
  3. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 2!

    Philly, please.
  4. Terrence Murphy

  5. 2005 NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 1

    My pick is: Washington.
  6. T Calico

    I agree w/Spain. Calico is just hype. : Why is a he a big sleeper on everyone's list? Because last year he was but he never got to show it because he f'd up both knees?? Please. I do agree that Tenn will be in a lot of shooutouts ,however, I think Bennett will be the main beneficiary of that. I actually think Bennett is undervalued this year as people get leary of him for fear that he had just a few good games. Yea, he had a few monster games but what about the other 6td's and 800 yards??. The guy has talent and will be a weapon in that offense whether it's the former MVP or Volek... just my .02...
  7. Stephen Jackson...

    STL homers... What's your take on this guy? What's the split with him and Faulk looking like? Is this guy the real deal? Just gathering some thoughts...
  8. Aaron Brooks

    Bingo. It is very painful to watch at times. The guy has done 25+ td's for 3 straight years and he is still young. This is Fantasy Football, not real football. Do I think he is a Superbowl QB? No. A Fatnaasy Football QB? Absolutely. Do I think he will be a value? Absolutely.
  9. Aaron Brooks

    Just thought I would share my thoughts on this often misunderstood QB... In my humble opinion, this guy is a serious value play this year. From what I see, this guy has been between the 8th and 12 QB drafted in the various mock drafts (antsports). This points to the fact that people place a lot of emphasis on the futility of the Saints and some of Brooks' bonehead moves.. Bottom line is, that if you can't get the topw few QB's, this guy is a real value in the later rounds who has and should at least put up 3800-4000 total yards and 25-29 td's.. I think he may have some upside as well since this guy is still raw and still learning the position... just thought I'd share. Talk amongst.
  10. Explain Your Login Name!

    Probably obvious to all, or maybe you never even cared... redknightsgoingdown is from Cable Guy when Jim Carrey and Mathew Broderick are at that Midieval Times show. "redknights going down down, the red knights going down..." I like Al Franken I am not a therapist.
  11. Bennett and Foster

    Give your thoughts on Michael Bennett and DeShaun Foster. Looking to nab a QB real early (C Pepp) and my be left with one of these two as my 2nd RB. Thinking C pepp at pick 9, then JJ or Rudi at pick #16. This leaves me with a WR at #33 and RB at #40 (Bennett , Foster, Cadillac, R Brown, etc.)..... Gettin some feelers.....
  12. Steelers - Patriots Sig Line Bet

    did someone say bump?
  13. Steelers - Patriots Sig Line Bet

    bump just to make sure no one forgets...
  14. Keep talking after your 2 yard gains...

    2 quick turnovers.... It's real early but you smell something.... I do.... A f'n NE win...
  15. Steelers - Patriots Sig Line Bet

    A little play on my Board name... very clever... I can no longer match wits with you... But I will, however, say that as NE is winning today, I will be writing up a storm of inane insults.... directing them towards you...