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  1. I know that 49ers are opening their new field today and they just spent big bucks resodding the field not long ago. My understanding is that by "big bucks" they brought in sod that was several feet thick, not your Home Depot variety... So if the field is some type if issue I'd be surprised if they play, but perhaps that isn't an issue. Any 9ers homers know? In any event if you're allowed to I'd say that right now S Holmes would be a solid pick up and play guy this afternoon.
  2. Adrian Peterson indicted for child abuse

    If you've seen the photos you cannot defend this in any way and not be a cretin. Disgusting. The kid is four years old. http://www.ijreview.com/2014/09/177641-see-photos-got-star-rb-adrian-peterson-indicted-child-abuse-decide-went-far/
  3. Semi-Official Super Bowl XLVIII thread

    Why wasn't that safety a dead ball foul on illegal procedure? What did I miss?
  4. Dynasty Dialogue - 2014 (Quarterbacks)

    I have to applaud Darin for doing these. I just think that these are great pre draft reads and will make for fun watching draft day but if Manziel becomes a Radier I'd pass on him in a heartbeat. The ultimate "variable" has yet to be settled IMO. I look forward to the post draft ranks...
  5. Report: Win or lose, Manning could retire in offseason

    Let's not forget: Elway was the whiner that started all the " I'm too good" attitude then ran away from attempting a 3 peat. Jus sayin.
  6. Coaching changes

    The Lions...
  7. Bears sign Cutler to 7 year extension

    There's no doubt he has a massive media handicap, that he could give two chits about. Kind of endearing IMO, compared to a spotlight whore that is rg3 for one...
  8. Bears sign Cutler to 7 year extension

    Oh come on dude, use a little imagination. Here's a quote from an article I loved a few years back when he wrecked his knee during the NFC Championship game (most non Cowboys fans know what that is) and got flack from everyone for not grabbing a set of pom poms to cheer his team on moments after wrecking his knee for a few months: Full article here. http://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2011/1/24/1952992/jay-cutler-injury-nfl-soap-opera
  9. Bears sign Cutler to 7 year extension

    oh boo f'ing hoo I most certainly did not. Go re read lil guy.
  10. Bears sign Cutler to 7 year extension

    4 full years since you've been above .500. 4 straight years of 500 or better with an NFC Championship game appearance. I'll take the latter all the way.
  11. Bears sign Cutler to 7 year extension

    When I projected Cutler over 16 games I was surprised to find out he only averaged 238/game. A quick scan of McCown's starts shows the best D he faced was Bal, and had GB, Was, Dal & Min in his spate of starts which was probably the softest part of the Bears schedule vs passing Ds. That's why it isn't apples to apples but I would guess Cutler's average would have gone up facing those boxes of tissues.
  12. Bears sign Cutler to 7 year extension

    Well, I can do what I want but I didn't bother because I didn't need to to make my point.
  13. NFL stories not worth their own thread - post them

    The Charges made the playoffs and won a game.
  14. Bears sign Cutler to 7 year extension

    I have been. No real issues with him, he's tough as nails IMO and while he makes mistakes you're in no position to be very snarky about him with Romo on your squad.
  15. Bears sign Cutler to 7 year extension

    Kaepernick isnt bettr than him, that's statistically provable and they're about a wash comparing their last two full season. If you extraploate Cutler to a full season in 2013 it's him by a pretty decent margin. Same goes for Wilson. The others on the list are primarily equals tho I'd give an edge to Ryan, Luck and ben perhaps. So, you're up to 7, with a bunch of QBs in the same wheel house. He is NOT in the bottom half of QBing in the league when its claimed there are 12-15 better than him. That is demonstrably asinine.