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  1. I have, and am not making any untradeable: Christine Michael Latavius Murray Jordan Howard Open to suggestions, must come to the table with a nice TE.
  2. Alshon!
  3. In -a- roonie
  4. I think we overdid simplifying the tie breakers when we stripped them down a few years back. In the NFL Chavez would be the division winner based on his 5-1 division record, it wouldn't go straight to points after h2h sorts out, it should go division h2h totals. In a h2h format league you'll never convince me it shouldn't be so. And I'm talking just to select the division winner, not the wc which should pretty much stay as is.
  5. Rosters look pretty good, but there are a few spots to clean up: Doc - you have 2 guys eleigible for IR, leaving you one to drop from the TS. WFIFC - you can put White on IR or drop someone from your TS. BBalata - you have some work to do on the TS but with the number of NFL FAs there it shouldn't be hard TUP - over by 2 but both from the TS. Needs cuts pronto... but how did you end up with Tony Lippett a CB? Was that supposed to be something else?
  6. No, they're technically different. PUPs aren't on the IR. ANd they have that "one guy can come back from IS per team per season" rule now where we just follow their example.
  7. Honda show oh this place...
  8. I have Colin Kaepernick, but I paid a ton for him...
  9. Is it PUP or the temp IR designation? I say no to the former, yes to the latter if you want to put him on IR on the site.
  10. You mean like ours? Are there 3 Jaguars fans in the country?
  11. Ok - BillyBalata is IN.
  12. Ok Ill cast the net wide and see who's interested! Anyone else besides those 3?
  13. Does anyone have any preferences?
  14. That's why you're a Bad Example.
  15. I'd prefer to simy enforce the rule. Some of us have useless guys stashed on the roster because we don't want to drop them, and they would serve as a penalty. This is my fault for not asking for them as I have in the past. That's it.