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  1. 2020 season (or no season) - general talk

    I am of the opinion that however the NFL handles it, that's how we should. If they scuttle the season and add a year to everyone's contract, fine by me. If they scuttle the year and take a year off everyone's contract fine by me. But I don't want to do the opposite of what the NFL does. Reason: that's is usually the best course of action and cuts across all teams fairly. I recall after 9-11 a lot of debate what leagues should do in the wake of the cancellations. The leagues that followed what the NFL did had no issues. My .02
  2. AWARDED - RFA20 - Irvin, Bruce DE - 4 Star

  3. MATCHED - RFA20 - Stills, Kenny WR - 4 Star

  4. MATCHED - RFA20 - Donald, Aaron DT - Dragline

  5. MATCHED - RFA20 - Fowler, Dante DE - Dragline

  6. MATCHED - RFA20 - Fowler, Dante DE - Dragline

  7. MATCHED - RFA20- McKinney, Benardrick LB HOU (4 Star)

    I believe bidding is closed here?
  8. Trade - 4 Star Cocks

    Nice title, heh. yes.