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  1. Did you used to run a contest called Flicks Picks?

  2. I'd rather pick my nose.

  3. If you poke your nose in here, say something!

  4. Your Team.~~.Who should we be watching?

    The Bears secondary. I called the entire unit a Top Ten D in the preseason, but Vasher (8 INTs for that kid in 18 games, and he wasn't even a starter for some of those games) has now pushed Azumah to the bench , Tillman is a near-shut down corner and Mike Brown seems to score every other week.
  5. 15-3. This could be ugly for DC.

    YES. or Blackjack.
  6. 15-3. This could be ugly for DC.

    Well, I know you two will disagree, but in tiebreakers for things like this, the losing the 'breaker' is going OVER the score, not under. Three points less is better than 3 points more.... Not that it really matter, cuz we're the bad mamma jammas that nearly nailed a score and got the winner. Before you argue against the tiebreaker, keep in mind I'm not getting into ANY 3 way with you two.
  7. Shipp for Branch

    If you have to start 3 WR's I would probably do it. If your RB depth is thin, then I wouldn't. Although - keep in mind that the Cards look like hype and are starting their #4 center i believe and have a few other OL injuries. Warner has not looked all that great, and I like McCown enough to think the team will get better once he starts - he's a gamer. But the #1 receiver on the SB Champs is probably better than the #1 RB (maybe) who'll split time on the Cards.
  8. This is the way to go. We got our site free by a pre-purchase of Madden 06 and after being worried am actually quite pleased at what they offer for a free site. Also, considering that FF sites might be gettting charged more for licensing in the future, and EA has locked up exclusive rights to players licenses for Madden this site might be the way to go for the forseeable future. no one knows about it right now, either.
  9. 15-3. This could be ugly for DC.

    As the person with the closest score (no debating there, tho' a few were close) thanks for the fun and donation!!
  10. When do they bench Dante?

    He's looking for Moss.
  11. Texans Fire Offensive Coordinator

    Was that Chris Palmer? On the game yesterday they pointed out how the guy mentoring Carr (who appears to have regressed) is the same guy vaporlocked Tim Couch.
  12. Steven Jackson...

    I had him two years ago. 3rd and 2, and he'll call a 45 yard slant!! To Torry Holt!!! It's like having a telephone to the Rams bench.
  13. what do you need on MNF?

    I have a 9 point lead, with Aaron Brooks and Tiki Barber matching up against McCallister and Burress. All yardage is 2 pts/25 yards, but it could go either way in this wacky sport.
  14. When do they bench Dante?

    Michael Bennett -> Mewelde Moore Culpepper -> BRAD JOHNSON.