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  1. Draft Advice

    I would have to go with DJ over Bell or Hopkins. Not taking anything away from Hopkins by any means, but having to wait that long on an RB could leave you in a bind. Of course, if the Zeke stuff gets situated, forget what I just said!
  2. 10 team 1/2 point ppr should i keep Ertz and lose my 6th round pick or keep J. Conner and lose my 18th round?

    1. mmevans217


      Do you know what your draft position will be? 

      Also, if you know ahead of time that the other 2 top TEs are going to be kept, I would lean towards Ertz because there’s still a chance you could get Conner possibly in the 2nd. 

    2. Steve S.

      Steve S.

      I have the 5th pick 

  3. First year keeper... Ertz or Chubb?

    Thanks y’all! I was considering Ertz because I know that Kelce and Kittle will be kept, and TE position is pretty thin this year towards the top.
  4. First year keeper league... 12 team PPR My initial thoughts are to keep either Zach Ertz in the 5th or Nick Chubb in the 13th. Other options would be: David Johnson: 1st Davante Adams: 2nd Carson Wentz: 9th I can only keep one for one year. Any advice is greatly appreciated!