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  1. Since sacking the QB is now 50/50 a personal foul...

    Yep, may as well take your shot if you're going to get called no matter what anyway. Watch, they are going to start pounding the QB.
  2. Since sacking the QB is now 50/50 a personal foul...

    Unreal. I don't know what the defense is suppose to do to sack the QB anymore. That was about as clean a sack as you can do. Clay got called again today. Makes no sense to me at all.
  3. Week 3 Milk Carton

    What the heck happened to the Vikings AT HOME no less. Wiped out the field in survivor I'm sure.
  4. Not sold on Saquan

    I don't know but if you look up mannings face after he was sacked, he looked terrified. Like he forgotten how big D linemen are or something. His O line is going to get him killed.
  5. touching QB = roughing

    The NFL is wrong headed about this QB protection. They think they will lose fans if their Star Qb's get hurt but in reality calls like the one made against Clay is what is make me question my NFL loyalty. It makes me angry to see such calls made and costing teams wins over BS. I can't envision a better one arm tackle of a QB then the one made by Clay. He made a text book tackle IMO and if that's a penalty, there is NO way defenses can sack the QB legally anymore. Because if that is a penalty then almost every sack I saw this weekend could be called. Just make it two hand tough already and be done with it. If the defender gets two hands on the QB before he releases the ball it's dead ball sack. Otherwise the game is being changed for the worse and becoming more and more annoying to witness.
  6. Dan Bailey

    Yeah, I think there is something going on with Bailey and he's taking time off or something. May even come back to Dallas if Mahar doesn't work. Just seemed very fishy to let him go and him not have signed with anyone else by now.
  7. Jets / Lions

    Wow, did not expect this score. Forgot it was early and I see Darnold lighting Det up at home in his first start.
  8. touching QB = roughing

    Yep, some of those calls were unbelievable. If they are going to call it that way they should just make a two hand touch rule on the QB. I have no idea how defensive players are going to be able to tackle a QB anymore. Going to cost teams games big time.
  9. Week 1 conclusions

    Nah, he's just rusty and has an entirely new group of WR's to learn who to can what. The O line didn't help him all that much either. Fredrick missing and Conner needs a year to get stronger. Carolina's D is going to make a lot of offenses look bad especially at their house. I will be concerned if the look the same way on offense at home against the Giants. At this point I will reserve judgment until week 6 or so. I am more concerned about our kicker. on a bright note, I love the way our defense looked despite Sean Lee looking like Dak missing tackles as much as Dak was missing throws.
  10. Week 1 conclusions

    ExpressVPN is your friend. Makes your Ip look like anywhere in the world. Allows you to get any game you want with the Ticket or other sites that allow streaming but check your location. Have fun
  11. Week 1 conclusions

    I agree somewhat but I don't think Dak can throw a wet ball very good. I noticed in the 4th quarter when the rain stopped his passes came out better. The defense played really good and that's with Sean Lee having one of his worst games. I am incouraged by what I saw from from the D especially our front 7. The offense played like they haven't played football together ever. That will get fixed I hope. Dak was so indecisive which is not like him. His timing was way off, his feet weren't set at all like he normally does. I wonder if his WR where running the right and or crisp routes. I know this, Short and co. wrecked the running game and dominated the center of our line which is concerning. 1st game though. If they look like this against the Giants I am with you, it's going to be a long long season.
  12. Week 1 Milk Carton

    Well from what I can tell, Dak didn't play enough in preseason and was horribly inacurate and didn't seem to have his feet underneath him. I didn't help that Short, Kueckly and co. were all over him and our running game like a cheap suit. We lost Fredirick our center and starting a rookie at Guard who held up ok but just isnt strong enough to sit down on power rush and gets taken back a bit. The recievers were open but the ball just was very errant from Dak. It was rainy wet ball for 3 quarters so that could help because Dak got better in the 4th but not enough. Zeke was bottled up for the most part as Carolina played excelent run D. The only good in the game was our defense. They played like warriors all game long. We'll see but it looks like its going to take a few game to sort this offense out.
  13. Week 1 Milk Carton

    Dallas Cowboys offense looks horrid. Just no time to pass, when there is the ball is errand, when it's not it's dropped. No running game at all. No blocking up front. HORRID>
  14. First scenario sounds like butt hurt cry baby league with a totally controlling or savage competitive commish and the second scenario is a bit of the same but different. In either case, I would not belong to either. If you could get out now do so. If you have to play it out do so but either way both leagues are no good and no fun. Now if you are playing in a league of teens then disregard goes with the age group I suppose. If not, bad news and there must be a certain level of integrity in good leagues even when you disagree on things. IN senario one I would have told brother to KMA because family is family and friends is friends, but business is business. As the CEO if AMAT once said, "everyone needs to make a little money" while dealing with his staff on not hard balling vendors which they easily could. Which helped them become dominate. In essence hard and Fair keeps things competitive and most importantly ongoing. I see neither of these leagues lasting as currently occupied.
  15. “You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!” Mine has to be Chaz Green no longer a Dallas Cowboy. I just could NOT understand for the LIFE of me why he possessed a roster spot when so many more deserving were not invited. It made me wonder what the coaches, staff, owner/GM, teammates were seeing anywhere that didn't make them throw up. He single handedly gave the sack record to a guy that had, what a few sacks the REST of the YEAR in one game. Yet they left him out there. Now if that wasn't bad enough, they brought him back, for what exactly, I have NO idea. Maybe to show the rookies a soft touch to build their confidence up? I mean seriously, there wasn't a single session in practice or in games where he blocked worth a plug nickle. Well I had to get that off my chest. Now on the OPPOSITE side of the spectrum. My Sad To See Go moment. Witten Retiring which deserves a post all it own but I'm still mourning. Now what I am worried about and sorry to see go is Witten. Man, we are sorely going to miss his leadership and that 8 to 10 yard out that he just towered over coverage at the sideline to pluck the ball out of the air for a big 1st or that sit down just at the right spot, just in front of or behind, or just to the side of the backers for that 5 to 10 easy pitch and catch. Just when we needed it most by the way. Oh that beautiful seem route. Not to mention his blocking or his toughness missing 1 game in umpteen years. Farewell 82 you will be missed and thank you for all the big plays over the years. HOF warrior no doubt. Lastly, excited to see what this very young team is all about.