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  1. The Cowboys are a poorly coached gaffe machine

    Sure in their house, while we started Carroll, three rookies, Drop foot, and Jeff Heath. They started a pro bowl secondary plus one of the best defensive ends n the league. Rookie coach or not, they have the players to match up with our guys and our guys ran into a buzz saw today. Come Thanksgiving we'll see where we are. No worries yet.
  2. The Chargers are cursed...

    I know, I feel bad for them also. I can't see how they can lose on the verge of winning so often.
  3. The Cowboys are a poorly coached gaffe machine

    Denver's Defense has been good for a while now. They have the best CB in football and a solid line. Our Coach of the year has not just lost his mojo in one game. Sure we are getting whipped today but that's how the NFL goes sometimes. You should know that by now.
  4. Dak, Dak, Dak, Dak, foul(get it. instead of goose?)

    R E L A X.........Don't do it. Dak and Dez will get through it. I've seen many a team go into Mile High and lay and egg. The Cowboys weren't as good as they looked last week and they're not as bad as they look this week. You'll see.
  5. The Cowboys are a poorly coached gaffe machine

    It's week two. NE sucked week 1, as did the Colts who made a game of it with the ARZ. The Niners go in to Seattle and take them to task losing by 3. So it is WAY too early to tell what tearms are or are not. Sure Dallas went into Denver and got spanked. We'll see how things go. No time to panic. Unless you're a Giants fan!
  6. Elliott suspended 6 games.

    Oh, yeah. Good on you Jerry. I had a feeling Jerry was going to give the NFL all they could handle. Texas judge, high powered lawyers, etc.......The NFL are going to have their hands full with this one.
  7. Looks like Zeke is full go for another stellar year. Wish I had him..............Picked 7th or later in my leagues and was gone every time. Suckage.
  8. Patriots/Chiefs thread

    Ummm, Brady just fell down. For no reason at all. Just fell down. NE at home giving up. That is a first. KC made them quit.
  9. Patriots/Chiefs thread

    HUNT, this kid is having some kind of game.
  10. Patriots/Chiefs thread

    WOW, KC taking NE to the woodshed in the second half. NE has no defense at this point. They are gassed and just WAY out of position. WOW just WOW. I LOVE IT...........I do love it so.
  11. Patriots/Chiefs thread

    Gronk is looking like the wheels are coming off. He running crooked. Like his legs aren't straight or moving normally.
  12. Patriots/Chiefs thread

    Wow now KC is actually looking like they are going to close this one out. Berry down though so that's not good for KC. Brady just got gobbled up by Houston. Pats looking tired.
  13. Patriots/Chiefs thread

    First game of the season folks. Let's not get carried away. KC is a GOOD team and NE has had some injuries that they can't account for today. Don't see anyone in their division having a better record in the end. I agree though they don't look good at all. Brady is not Brady today at all. Maybe father time has finally come calling?
  14. Patriots/Chiefs thread

    Wow this game is weird. KC is taking it to NE. Brady looks rusty missing a lot of passes. Smith and Hunt look awesome. Thought the rook was done for after the fumble but he kept his head and is shocking the house. Defense helped him out limiting the damage to ZERO. NIce job KC. Shaping up to be a last minute Brady win where he turns it on during the last minutes.
  15. Elliott suspended 6 games.

    Well, they may or may not have successfully bought Zeke a season of playing. What is boils down to now is this. Will the Cowboys and Jerry Jones via the NFLPA get a favorable judge who believes that suspending Zeke for DV while the lead prosecutor who was the only one to interview the clients recommended NO punishment. We are not talking about inflating balls here we are talking about labeling a guy a woman beater. That may carry some weight in the eyes of a Judge. If the procedure was to hire an investigator to give you reasonable assurance that Zeke did in fact perp DV. Then, when that same person comes back to you and tells you I don't believe what the woman told me was true and you go ahead and punish him anyway? That sets a very very VERY bad precedent. One that will surely haunt players and woman for a long time. Woman can now have leverage over NFL players, while players will be far more suspect of woman. In a case like this, I am normally with the woman all the way, but not when you lie or ask others to lie for you and threaten to lie for revenge. NO, I don't agree with that at all. So perhaps he may have a chance in this case. Either way, Zeke walked himself into this because he could have surrounded himself with people to avoid this situation from the beginning and avoid her all together. I no that's easier said then done when it comes to relationships sometimes but in his position he has to be smart.