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  1. Cowboys trade for Tavon Austin

    Look at all that speed..........Unbelievable speed! We needed someone who can take the top off the defense. He can and will do that. I like the move.
  2. The Catch Rule Proposal

    Well, they passed the new catch rule which should have been that way since the beginning. So now it's proof positive that we were robbed and Dez's CATCH that everyone who knows football new it was a catch is now officially a blown call that cost us a chance to beat GB in GB and move on to the Championship game. Suckage...........that's all I have to say about it. Major Suckage......
  3. Congrats to the Eagles

    That's great news Swamm. Must have been an event for the ages. Now that it's over, I look forward to taking your crown next year. You are now the hunted.
  4. Congrats to the Eagles

    Good for you Swamm. Have a great time and don't get stomped. Happy for you even though you are still the enemy........
  5. Congrats to the Eagles

    You still Drunk Swamm?
  6. Superbowl 52 Chat

    Great game. Congrats Eagles. One question I would like answered though. Dez Bryant catches the balls and slams the ball towards the goal line ball come up and he catches it no catch, yet Ertz catches the ball slams ball over goal line TD. Makes no sense.
  7. Congrats to the Eagles

    Well played Eagles. Congrats Swamm. You guys took it to emm. Parade time. Have fun.
  8. People actually believe this

    Interesting. Proves the refs hate Dallas for sure. See I told you so. They love the Pats and hate my Cowboys. I knew it. I been saying it all along. You CAN'T WIN Eagles...........
  9. You know, since you brought it up, my Cowboys were robbed I tell you. The entire NFL is in on it. Take for example the refs. The Cowboys went 4 games without a single holding call on the opposing O line. Not a single call. D Lawrence was hogtied more times then I could count in the game against Atlanta. Notice how he got 10 sacks early in the year then the sacks all but stopped as teams figured out that the refs wouldn't call holding on him. Ridiculous........
  10. You know, I must admit you do have a valid point there Irish. The Eagles still suck and to think they would find a way not to suck for one Sunday is asking a bit much. I do find myself spitting the words out of my mouth after saying that foul name. I'm not sure what's worse, having to endure yet another Brady parade, with blue and red ticker tape or watching the filthy Eagles and their fans throw a year long party after winning. Boy what a SB. The team I hate vs. the team I can't stand. Ahh hell,,,,,,,,when's the draft?
  11. Is Tom Brady the GOAT of all sports?

    Hell NO. The Greatest is, well, The Greatest. Ali was and is the Greatest of all time. in a sport that takes no prisoners and the object is to concuss.
  12. Swamm, how you feelin? I know you have to be 2 parts so fired up you can't stand it while 1 part scared to death you have to deal with Brady and Belly whom seem to have made a career off ripping the hearts out of those who seek the ultimate in football ecstasy. Then there are Cowboys, Giants, and Skins fans that would love nothing better than to retain the No SB Victory sledge hammer used to beat you to a swollen pulp with for the past, well, several decades. Me, I find myself in a quandary. On one hand, I can't stand the Eagles, as you well know, and the closest I have ever been to rooting for them is when Randle Cunningham played QB and they let me down. I was even pulling or them to beat NE when TO played on a bum wheel, yet they came up short and let me down again. I have gotten use to being able to hold on to the fact you have NO SBs to hang your hat on. However, on the other hand, I am sick and tired of watching NE win SB's. So again, I find myself rooting for you guys to take home your first LT. You deserve it. So for one Sunday I will put aside my hate, and prepare a ceremonial disposing of the aforementioned sledge hammer. Good luck Swamm. I really hope you guys get it done this time around. I will be pulling for you.
  13. Kudos to the Eagles

    I must extend my congrats and tip my hat to the Eagles and their fans. I don't like it but it's the right thing to do. As much as I hate you Eagles and I am sick that my Cowboys can't seem to muster the grit and consistency to make a deep run, you have found a way. Now please Kick the Pats arses please. I have a healthy dislike for the teams in my division and a healthy respect but it's my division and I must throw my rooting behind the Eagles in this one. Good on you and go beat the Pats and finish your fairy tale season. You have no SB rings and this is your opportunity to remedy that so we no longer have that over you. I can tell you this though. Brady in Co. are going to be a handful..............Good luck. Congrats Swamm. Happy for you despite our disposition.
  14. AFC Championship Game

    Jags go down as the next team to get Bradied. The guy is just too good. Much respect to the greatest QB in NFL history hands down. Good on you Brady. I tip my hat.
  15. AFC Championship Game

    Oh yeah, Coughlin knows how to beat the Pats. I didn't think about that until now. They are playing Patriot football against them. The Jags look just like the Giants and playing smashmouth football on all three sides of the ball. Love it. Tired of the Pats really. Time for some new blood. Go Jags.