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  1. Working on exactly that. Tied up on a big job but I will certainly be posting a Romo farewell shortly.
  2. Well, that was the best scenario besides staying in Dallas. He will be a great analyst. He could still be available to the Cowboys should something happen but it's sad to see him go.
  3. For the record, I hate it. The fonts too small, it's not what I'm use to seeing from the huddle, the logo is too happy, the colors remind me of throwing up in Green Bay while drinking with a depressed Browns fan, and to be Frank, not cool. Not cool at all. Like coming home to find out your wife has re arranged everything and replaced your favorite lazy boy with a foofoo chair from Japan that's suppose to be good for your posture.
  4. Just have to share this guy. I laughed so hard I cried. This is exactly what every Atlanta fan must have felt but this guy brings it home in style. A true old school gambler breaks it down perfectly from a gamblers perspective.
  5. I'm not discrediting their SB's at all, they still had to play awesome to win the games. I'm just pointing out how amazing things happen that seem to make it easier for them that's all. I mean how do you not kick a field goal after Jones's catch? How do they run 4 times in the second half up 28-3, 28-9, 28-12. Seriously, I just don't understand what goes through a play callers mind after watching Ryan drop back and take a sack fumble thus proving he is incapable of making the right decisions on a 7 step drop. Yet on the 22 they drop him back not once but twice. Even after the sack they do it again just to make sure they can't kick the FG. Retarded if you ask me. The could have taken a knee three times, taking time off the clock and TOs from NE, kick the FG and won the SB. It was really that simple.
  6. Ok fair enough. If I had Lynch and the SB was on the line, as it was, I look him in the eye and say, "Beast Mode win us the SB. You got 3 shots". I say he finds a way to run over a few guys to get in. His name is Beast mode for a reason.
  7. Yep, I can't think of another team that has been the beneficiary of such horrible play calling, mistakes and chokes. Seattle wins if they hand the ball to Lynch, Atlanta wins if they take the ball out of Ryan's hands on 3rd and 1 (Fumble) or kick the field goal once on the 22 instead of letting Ryan take a sack then holding on two pass plays. It's like the other teams lose their minds when playing the Pats.
  8. Yep, pulled off the impossible, the improbable and perhaps the most unbelievable win of all time. I don't think a single person believed even the mighty NE Patriots could pull off that kind of come back. I can't stand the Pats because they win so much but even I have to tip my hat to the way they found a way to take advantage of every single opportunity left to them by Atlanta without a single mistake. Have to agree with you. I didn't think my jaw could drop any further.
  9. Brady is obviously the GOAT, because everyone knew he was going to win that game even Atlanta once they got to within 8. The game was lost by Ryan and the coaching staff. After the Julio catch that got them to the NE 20 the only thing to do was to get 3 points and win the SB. After the sack they still had a chance to kick the FG had they of run the football but no, they dropped back again and holding, out of FG range. Ball game. Once they punted and gave Brady 3 minutes to rip their hearts out it was over. Especially knowing how long the Atlanta D was on the field. Had they of kicked a FG on first down they would have won that game. Had to put points on the board on that drive but they played stupidly and handed the game to the GOAT. Sure Brady had to make the plays but we all knew he would if given the chance. IMO Brady proved he is the best of the best but Atlanta pulled one of the biggest choke jobs in NFL history. The best offense in football couldn't put up one single point in 4th. Ridiculous. Even when the points were there for the taking they choked them away too.
  10. Matty Ice turns back into a pumpkin that is Matt Ryan and gets picked by NE Defense three times trying to force the ball into Jones. Atlanta gets beat to death 34 to 17 and we all get to eat another heaping helping of NE pound cake covered in fish gravy while having to endure another year of Brady God worship after just having watched the media get off their knees praying to Aaron Rogers golden statue. If I hear Matty Ice one more time, I think I'm going to throw up. Go Cowboys. 2017
  11. It was a great game and I am proud of my Cowboys. That said, how do you explain a ref making a call that hasn't been called in over 30 years and most coaches, players or fans have never seen it called? Now had Butler tried to be sneaky and join the huddle hiding trying to throw the defense off sure, I get that call it. But no way was he trying to do that and anyone could see that. 12 men fine, but digging into a rule book for a 15 yard UC call is crazy. I thought the league and officials are all about player safety. So why let a play go just so you can call it back over some BS call sighting some obscure rule. Why not call 12 men in the huddle and march off 5 and call it good. No doubt in my mind that guy was looking for a call to make. Yep they missed calls on Adams but those are judgment sight calls and all I want is to call it fair for both teams. I can live with those type of missed calls but the UC call on Butler just makes no sense at all. Yeah, I'm still raw about it. I get over it. Give me some time.
  12. That call hasn't been made since 1984. 1984 are you kidding me. Think about that. NOBODY had made that call in over 30 years. Think about that. In 30 years not a single ref had considered making that call. Why now? In the biggest game of the year and the Cowboys on the move coming back on the Packers. That is what you call "looking" for a reason to throw a flag which begs the question. WHY? Why not a 5 yard 12 men in the huddle call? There is a reason we have never learned about the rule. Because it's never been called. It's a fine time to pull that call out of their arse in a game this big. Not only that, the rule is intended to stop teams from deception not when a guy runs on the field while the entire offense is milling about and NOT in a huddle bent over listing to a play call. That was a BS call and to have it called in THAT situation was bogus period. I could see if Butler comes in joins the huddle during the play being called and then runs off the field as they break the huddle. Even then 12 men in the huddle is only a 5 yard penalty and I have seen that called before but the guy has to be IN the huddle. Whatever. BS call pulled out of thin air because that call hasn't been made the entire 2016 season. To call it there is suspicious. The called PI on us but holding on the Dez play which is 5 yards and a first instead of spot foul. The difference being the ball was out of his hands for Rodgers but not and for Dak it wasn't. Should have been PI on both plays. Just a lot of uneven play calls all night. The call that really bothered me was the NO call on Witten being twisted down on the goal line. That was a horrible no call. The take down on Irving on the last play was also a bad miss. It's just that they seem to miss calls on the Cowboys but flag them for suspect fouls or dig into the rule book to find a call like above.
  13. Uhh, I see players going in and out all the time making mistakes thinking they are in and get called off the field. That was a bullkaka call and showed without a doubt there was some Packer fan wearing zebra stripes. The more I think about it the more it's a horrible call. That's ok I guess, the being a Cowboy fan you must understand there are many many haters. We shall overcome.
  14. I'm here alright. I just didn't want to jinx the game. Now that it's over I guess I can give you my thoughts. I am broken about the game. I thought the team came out flat and gave GB too many opportunities to get ahead and reduce the ability to use Zeke to wear them down. The refs suck. I don't think I have ever seen a UC call for 15 yards called on a guy that runs out on the field and runs back off. It's not like he was bent over in the huddle. That call seemed very suspicious to me. Then the call on Free for man handling the DB on the Zeke sweep was another crazy call. Then they go and close their eyes when Irving gets held badly on the last play. Just looking at the game, GB was didn't get called for anything, yet the Cowboys seemed to get flagged for the same things GB was doing. They did let them play for the most part and kept the flag in their pocket on a few calls that could have been made but there was some GB fans in the officials crew for sure. Now as far as the Cowboys going toe to toe with the best QB in the game, I gotta hand it too Dak and the rest of the offense for really stepping up today. Dak was legendary and had he of pulled this game out he would have gone down in Cowboys lore. The defense however, was not ready for prime time. Yes, they made some pretty amazing plays when they had too but they gave up way too many plays that could have been stopped. The last play of the game before Cosby sticks the knife in our hearts was a perfect example. For one, why are you playing prevent on 3rd and 20 with 18 seconds left. Why not put pressure and force the quick throw? Ok so they played coverage. Then cover damn it. What the hell was Jones doing letting Cooks run behind him totally free towards the sideline. He had no one else to cover but space. He has to know Rodgers can put the ball anywhere so why leave the guy wide open? I have to say this was perhaps the greatest divisional playoff game I have ever watched despite coming out on the losing end. The teams played their guts out and made some awesome plays. Heath should have tomahawk chopped Rodgers arm on that sack though. That ball has to come out there period. The Cowboys let a golden opportunity slip by but we have a great foundation to work with. Getting some defensive help and we end up back in the mix next year. Sucks to be me today but that was one hell of a great effort from my boys. Well here's to next year.
  15. What a great great game. With that said,...............I think I'm gonna be sick. I will say one thing though. In all my years of watching football I don't recall ever seeing UC called the way it was called on Butler that took away a scoring drive. That was the most suspect call I have ever seen in playoff football.