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  1. Vernon Davis this Thanksgiving

    0,0,0. They didn't even try to throw it his way. Kept him in to block the entire game. Thought he was going to be in the top 5 in stats this week among TEs. WRONG. Had him in daily and it cost me A LOT of money. Could have been in the real money but 157 points just doesn't cut it.

    Don't give up on Taco yet. He's way too light in the arse this year. Just like D Law's first year. Doesn't have enough bricks in his pocket yet. Give him a year under the SnC program and we'll see. He's been right there on a number of occasions but just is a step late and a brick to short to get there. Need more talent at back up positions and see what happens.

    They were wobbly but I guess my Cowboys glasses were a bit foggy and I missed them coming off at some point. I now see clearly they are gone and the team is up on blocks completely stripped.

    And now the axles just came off too..................Can we just call the season now. Get everyone healthy and start again next year. I just don't want to see anymore of this, this season. I don't want to see anyone else get hurt and I don't want to see anymore of this team getting blown out at home by and average team. I just can't take much more. The Browns look better losing then the Cowboys.

    Wow, just wow. The wheels have officially come off.

    Worst calls I have seen in some time. Both plays and penalties. Jones is paying for going after God. This team is just lost right now. With the loss of Martin I just don't know how they can get anything done. Too many missing pieces. Chargers are getting NO calls and I have watched their linemen hold at least 5 times now. Blatant holding calls go unnoticed.
  7. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving all. Eat well and blessing to you and yours.
  8. Jason Garrett Has Lost His Team

    It came down to the 3rd and 2 on I believe the second series of the 2nd half. Philly had just scored and we had the ball after two great runs by Morris at mid field. Had to have a first down there and what do they call. Line plunge left. Now mind you, they hadn't gained a yard going left all night. Not only that but the left side of your line is Bell and Cooper two of the worst linemen on the line. So instead of a simple roll out right or hand off right behind your all pro center and all pro guard and pro bowl tackle they get stuffed going left. The coaching is as bad as I have seen all year. That was a must have and you have to go for it on 4th there. That took the wind out of the entire stadium and team. IMO it was first down or bust on that series. But to just line plunge behind your worst side of the line made NO sense to me at all and the team had to say WTF. Philly was in the same situation late in the forth with 3rd and 2. They rolled Wentz out right for a first down and went on to score. Dak could have done the same many times in this game as the ends were crashing down all game long or going wide. The wheels have come off this defense and now with Hitch out with a groin the season is on the brink if no already over. We can't block at LT, we can't throw or catch the darn ball, and we can't stop the run. The injury bug has done us in and the coaching staff refuses to make adjustments that make sense. Horrible game to watch. Like watching my team get put in a grinder and ground into itty bitty pieces. Hard to watch. Too many rookies in the secondary and linebackers. Too little creativity on the part of the coaching staff to put them in position to win.
  9. Collusion in Yahoo league

    If you're scared you will get caught just don't do it. There really isn't any Yahoo police but your fellow league members won't feel so friendly if they catch on to what you have done or thinking about doing.
  10. NFL investigating Jameis Winston for sexual misconduct

    See ya in Six games. Regardless if you were in the car or not. In fact, may not even matter if he ever used Uber. For that matter he could have been on the field Sunday under center when it happened, and he still may get 6 games. There should be a new charge acronym. GBPIAWOL= Guilty Black Player in a White Owned league.
  11. Any News On Zeke Hearing?

    Well, now you see how bad Zeke will be missed and I don't mean his running ability. Morris was a liability in pass protection which is why they brought in DMC at the end of the game. Smith wasn't much better but at least he stuck his nose in hard where Morris just didn't seem to know where to be or what to do when he was there. On one play he was responsible for helping Green to the outside and ended up inside watching Claiborne beat Green like the rented mule he was, to the outside. If that wasn't bad enough stopped instead of making a B line to try and knock Claiborne off his stride to Dak. Just very Poor play all around on the left side of the line. I have a feeling Smith is going to be in there more for protection if we can't find a LT who can play better. Green surprised me how bad he was. He didn't look that sorry in the three games last year when Smith was out but Zeke was also in the game.
  12. The Cowboys are a poorly coached gaffe machine

    +1000000 No way, NO how can you let Green or Bell one on one without help after showing how obvious he couldn't move his feet and stay in front of Claiborne. But I saw him get beat to the outside three more times with help inside which proved he's was not only horrible but stupid too. How the hell can you let the guy go around you knowing you have a free guard to your right with nothing to do but help you. I couldn't stand watching the game anymore. That was as poor a plan to help Green protect as I have ever seen. It's not like they (the falcons) showed they could exploit a leak somewhere else once they helped Chaz. They didn't even use Smith or Morris or for f......k sake another fricken lineman or TE in the back field to help chip on the outside. Hell they didn't even try to trap the guy into rushing passed the play with a roll out or end around to slow the beast down. I threw my hands up on this one. Just had me shakin my head all day long. Smith, Zeke, Lee out = losing
  13. Any News On Zeke Hearing?

    We'll it's over for now. It looks like the clerk set an expedited hearing for the full case to be heard. Which mean's the next available date to be heard is probably sometime in a couple of months. Which means the court case would start but who knows how long it will take and it won't matter. So it is safe to say, Zeke will be out for 6 games. The court found that Article 46 gives Goddell complete power to do what he wants period. Glad I grabbed Smith and DMC. I have a feeling Smith will see a lot of goal line while Morris and DMC between the 20's. I really don't feel too bad about our backups as I feel they are a drop off sure, but I think we can still get the job done. We will certainly miss those dirty yards Zeke gets and those 10 to 20 yard tackle breaking scampers, but I still think we can run effectively. Not sure the read option will work as well for Dak as they may not feel as scared about any of them breaking long runs so crashing off the edge may end. We'll see.......but Zeke is out for 6 weeks and it's time to get use to it. Damn.............
  14. Any News On Zeke Hearing?

    I did. I like him to be the guy around the goal line. It will be RBBC but I believe they will mix Morris and DMC for running and pass protection while Smith will be the full back and short yardage guy. They say DMC is better in pass protection assignment and if he runs well he could take the lions share from Morris. However, Morris will get the first shot at being the starter is what I hear but he better be up to snuff in pass pro or he will quickly lose that advantage. I really hope it doesn't come down to that.