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  1. Lions vs Packers (MNF)

    Refs are deciding games way too often. YOu can't tell me you can see the guy is not pushing his helmet. Now you can miss once but after everyone tells you he didn't get the guys face mask and was in his shoulder pad both times there is no excuse. Seems to me the ref wanted to give GB a break. He has to have gotten crap about it through the time out and after all the replays but to call it again making the same mistake is very suspicious. Detroit should have had time to drive but 2 horrible calls give GB the win.
  2. Antonio Brown done with the NFL

    Yeah like anyone should pay that fool anything. It's like buying a plow mule that manures goatheads and crabgrass. Sure it can plow but the field gets f...cked.
  3. Antonio Brown done with the NFL

    More like the NFL is done with him. I feel bad for his kids. I hope someone can reach him and get him some help because his kids and everyone around him will suffer if he doesn't. This is going to end badly I'm afraid. NO football, no spot light and only trials to look forward to. I say put the guy on freak out watch.
  4. Week 3 Injury Report

    I sat him today and it cost me.......
  5. Who Woke Mike Evans Up?

    Yeah and they also make that horrible pick in bad situations like Cousins. 1st and goal, inside the 5 with momentum and they throw a horrible pick that breaks their teams spirit. If they get on a roll though they can all three punish defenses but good defenses force them to throw late and into coverage. Happens every week it seems. I stopped drafting all three long ago.
  6. Who Woke Mike Evans Up?

    I don't know but Jack Rabbit is getting skinned alive. I know it's Evans but at some point you got to give him help and make someone else beat you. After all it's Winston. He locks on to receivers like a Pitt Bull with his eyes and you have to make him go through his progressions to get picks and make him make mistakes. If he can stare down one guy all day and make plays, that's bad coaching if you ask me.
  7. Brown released by Patriots

    If he doesn't get help a guy like that won't be telling his kids anything because he will be dead or in jail. Sad that he won't get the help he clearly needs because he's headed down a road we all know doesn't end well. I hope for his sake he gets help if for nothing but for the people around him and his kids. I feel sorry for his family especially his kids. Can you imagine what being raised by him must be like?
  8. Brown released by Patriots

    What make this so crazy is why would you bring someones kids into the limelight. Seriously, God forbid something happens to this womans kids as a result of Brown texting their picture. I hope they don't go public and say private. Something is seriously wrong with Brown as we all know. Why would you text anything about anyone knowing you are radio active right now. Glad he's gone and I hope he stays gone because i'm tired of hearing about this idiot.
  9. Who are you done with?

    I'm not talking about Red, I'm talking about Moore. Although I believe red deserves more credit than he gets when it comes to team building and putting people in the right places to succeed. Moore's father was a coach and he's been crunching defenses for a long time now. I think we are seeing a great mind at work with this offense.
  10. Who are you done with?

    Why show any part of the arsenal to the 3 teams you can beat with just a portion of it. Like i said, there are some very stingy defenses coming up that you just can't do anything to and expect to gain yards like the first 3 we face. I would argue that we have seen but a tip of the Iceberg so to speak where 2/3 of the offense has yet to be seen. We will need to use some nuances for the likes of N.O., Rams, Eagles, and especailly N.E. where I suspect they won't be able to just run right, run left and gain 5 to 8 a pop because those teams have some really good front 7's. That's when you will see Zeke out in space to mix it up some. I could see Zeke with at least 5 catches a game out of the backfield starting week 4. I don't think we have seen Pollards role at all yet and I suspect he has some plays up his sleave also. I haven't seen any of the routes he ran in training camp yet. There is a lot more to this offense yet to see with the passing game using the running backs.
  11. Who are you done with?

    Need not be concerned. He's just coming back from Cabo. Limiting his reps and touches. They want him carrying the ball and there is no need to give him extra hits catching when you have a nice stable of WR's. He will be needed when defenses get stingy in about a week from Sunday. By then he will be full go for a full load and you will he rollin........
  12. Who are you done with?

    Mayfield in his second week of inaccuracy and miss reading defenses. Shakin my head.
  13. Brees out- what is Hills role

    Tough blow for the Saints. If Teddy can get his confidence back he's solid. Can't ask for a better coach to get it out of him though. If it's going to happen it's going to happen with Payton if anyone. Hill is just going to be a change of pace direct snap guy and may be more often if Teddy struggles but not much value in fantasy IMO. However, I suck at this game so take it with a grain of salt.........
  14. MNF who cares?

    Just watching because of Mayfield and I think I will take a nap. Guy just misses badly. You don't get more open then OBJ crossing deep and could have made a move and scored. But no, Mayfield sends the ball on an orbit around the stadium..........Bad Bad me thinking he would take the next step this year. The year I don't reach for Dak and let him get swiped from me he goes off like I knew he would this year. I suck at this fantasy thing.......
  15. Who are you done with?

    The entire rules committee that decided it's a good idea to put PI as a challengible offense. Horrible so far. They should only be able to challenge in the last 2 minutes of half or full time and is only available to the refs for reference if they are unsure. No way can you allow coaches to challenge plays because it just becomes a crap shoot as to who his making the judgment. It should only be in case of referees wanting to take a second look on a crucial call late in games IMO