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  1. How many carries will Christian McCaffrey get?

    It's one thing to get the ball, it's another to keep the body together while doing it. Many try few succeed. You have to be pretty special to be small, and durable. It takes being very elusive at the last minute to avoid that extra they like to give you down low. It also takes a lot of mental toughness to grind it out all season with that kind of load. I wouldn't count on it until I saw it done first.
  2. Cowboys Observations on Offense and Defense

    Yes, it is. You just watch these kids play. Chito and Lewis are ballers. Watch the switch for Jones.
  3. Cowboys Observations on Offense and Defense

    Yeah, we'll see about that. SB hangover is real. Can Wentz wear the same magical slippers as Foles' during his magical ride to glory? The East looks like it's back to being a real meat grinder. All Divisional games will be huge.
  4. Offensively, I will say this, I have NO idea who will be the best WR on this team, nor who will be the go to pass catcher down the seam where Witten made his career. The current crop of TE's seem not to have enough bricks in their pockets or the badger temperament it takes to live inside. That said, it may just work to our advantage early in the year as defensive coordinators will have one hell of a time figuring out who and where the ball is going, all while keeping enough players in the box to keep Zeke in check. I am very intrigued to see how these wideouts shake out and who steps up to lead the group. I like the kid Gallup as he has a smoothness and a calm shrewdness to his route running. Has great hands too. Just when you think he is covered he has separation just when the ball arrives. Tavon Austin seems to be lapping up his new role and seems to be given more respect as a true wide out rather then a gadget guy. For once we don't have a diva that demands the ball, however, we do have players that require attention from the defense or could find themselves chasing one of these rabbits only to find out there's not enough field to catch them. I can certainly see this offense being a run first scheme with a plethora of ways to hurt you down the field and quick 1-10 yard completions that keep the chains moving and defenses on the field tired and frustrated. Dak has the patience to walk the ball down the field and I can see this being a very tough offense to figure out early on which should allow these WR to take up their roles as the offense grows naturally rather than out of forced performance out of desperation to fill a glaring hole. For once I see a great deal of speed in Beas, Thompson and Austin as well as crisp route running. This year they are finally all being required to know and run the entire route tree. When I say Finally, it begs the question as to why this wasn't part of the mainstay disciplines from the beginning. I could be they now have as much between the ears as needed to be a complete receiving corp all working towards the same goal of unselfish performance on a consistent basis. Fancy that.......a well oiled offense with all 11 rowing in the same direction with a single voice calling out the cadence? Defensively I am very impressed with what I have seen from our D line rotation as well as LB depth. This kid Antwan Woods is a Rhino. Seriously, this kid can play the 1 and the 3 technique and seems to live in the backfield. Has great balance and get off. Paring him with Crawford, D Law and Taco then rotating Ward, Gregory, Tapper and Jones looks to be very pleasing. Jaylon Smith is looking like he's ready to take over at LB. This kid is fast, strong and has Lee like instincts. Covered Beasley down the seam at a dead sprint for 40 yards down field giving up NOTHING for separation. Did the same in the Preseason game against Kittle, SF TE. He's lost that hitch in his chase now that the brace is gone and from sideline to sideline looks like there are two of him out there. The rookie Vandy is coming along and most impressed with his range. He gets to where he is going in a hurry with long strides. Still has a lot to learn about the LB position but he will be a good one. As far as the DB's go, we could have the best secondary we've had in decades. Lewis, Chito and Jones can cover. Still not sure how dynamic our safety play is going to be but Woods is rangy and Heath just keeps making plays and is always around the ball. Seems to get better an better each year. Reminds me of Bates or Lynch. I do believe at some point Earl Thomas will be a Cowboy and if that happens I can see a Deion effect for this team this year. If I had to make a prediction right now I say they win 10 games. If the defense lives up to what I believe they can be up front the sky's the limit for this team. Having Zeke all 16 games and Lee/Jaylon all 16 this team will be in the playoffs. Go Cowboys
  5. Your Homer Team Training Camp Chatter

    Liked what I saw with my boys today but if Chaz Green is still on the roster on Monday I will have to drive down there and ask Jerry Jones personally what I can do to get the dirty pictures he has of him.
  6. Giants release WR B Marshall

    BM has slowed down considerably, but he can still post up and be a possession guy when Russel is scrambling around for his life. Big body and knows how to get body position. Won't run away from anyone yet if he still has his hands which seem to be somewhat questionable lately, he can still be a guy that can get you first downs and keep down and distance in the hawks favor. Also a good guy in the redzone. PLEASE DEZ don't go the the Giants. That would really suck.
  7. Jason Witten to retire?

    I agree with you there. Playoff and SB wins are key but I still have to put Romo in a class all by himself when it comes to play making and stats. Maybe not ahead of staubach but certainly ahead of Aikman. Loved watching him play and I saw all three play in my lifetime. Shame Romo and Wit couldn't get to the dance but I have to believe that was due in part to the bad calls against the cowboys and no calls on defense. Yep conspiracy.
  8. Jason Witten to retire?

    Perhaps the single most disappointing aspect of Witten's retirement is this. Neither Romo nor Witten will taste the sweet juice of a SB of which both owe their broth of bitter to a singular moment. Of all the opportunities that fell away from the fumbled snap, to the all the years in between where Romo to Witten with their patented seam route for big firsts and touchdowns. The call on 4th and 1 against the Packers was the culmination of years of crushing thievery. It is known by all who watch football that Dez Bryant caught the ball over the top of the defender, powered his way towards the endzone and tried to pound the ball over the goal line. While in doing so made more then three football moves while controlling the ball even after the force of pounding over the goal line. I believed at the time that this single point in their history could well of been the play that took Romo, Witten and Dez into the history books for making one of the great plays in playoff history propelling them to the Superbowl. However, after watching what Rodgers did to us in Dallas 2 years ago, I have capitulated to the fact that Romo and Witten were to end their careers as perhaps the greatest Cowboys at their position. Romo for all the passing records and Witten as perhaps the Goat of TE's for the Cowboys. Rodgers throw to the sideline the year before last just sickened me and forced me to accept the fact that had Dez were given the catch we still did not have the defensive prowess needed to close the game out against Rodgers. That being said, for all the joy, heart break and frustration it seems that Witten's career just flew by. I remember it like yesterday him breaking his jaw and playing through the pain. Watched as he got his helmet knocked clean off in Philly but rumbled down field none the less helmet-less towards the goal line in Philly. Witten always found a way to get open despite having the speed of an average lineman. His blocking ability will be missed. It is truely a shame that he won't play in the SB. He is and was the best pro and a leader of our football team. Witten, you will be missed. I thought he would play at least one more year but I suppose the sinew has lost it's strength and won't allow him to push on for one last campaign. Well done Witten, well done. Thank you for all the memories and I wish you well in life after Cowboys.
  9. Cowboys trade for Tavon Austin

    Look at all that speed..........Unbelievable speed! We needed someone who can take the top off the defense. He can and will do that. I like the move.
  10. The Catch Rule Proposal

    Well, they passed the new catch rule which should have been that way since the beginning. So now it's proof positive that we were robbed and Dez's CATCH that everyone who knows football new it was a catch is now officially a blown call that cost us a chance to beat GB in GB and move on to the Championship game. Suckage...........that's all I have to say about it. Major Suckage......
  11. Congrats to the Eagles

    That's great news Swamm. Must have been an event for the ages. Now that it's over, I look forward to taking your crown next year. You are now the hunted.
  12. Congrats to the Eagles

    Good for you Swamm. Have a great time and don't get stomped. Happy for you even though you are still the enemy........
  13. Congrats to the Eagles

    You still Drunk Swamm?
  14. Superbowl 52 Chat

    Great game. Congrats Eagles. One question I would like answered though. Dez Bryant catches the balls and slams the ball towards the goal line ball come up and he catches it no catch, yet Ertz catches the ball slams ball over goal line TD. Makes no sense.