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  1. Bart Starr

    RIP Bart.
  2. Take for example Dallas. Could Dak, Cooper, Zeke, J. Smith get together with their agents and agree to get paid an equally discounted contracts each so they can all stay in Dallas and pay to keep all their stars together in order to win championships? I mean say Dak was willing to sign for 18 instead of 30 million and Coop for 8 instead of 12 to 15 million. Couldn't the players decide to win and be rich instead of leveraging the cap to the point they lose players and winning potential by going for market salaries each on their own? I'm sure it wouldn't make the agents and other teams happy because it would be the equivalent of short selling a house and hurting the market for the neighbors. However, teams could become dynasties that way given the right group of players right. Just wondering if the NFL has some sort of rule against doing this. In the world of "I need the most, not just more" it probably couldn't happen but it would be interesting to see a team do it. Hell the way the Cowboys have been drafting it seems they are accumulating a lot of star players that require star money.
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  4. Weekly Blitz

  5. STUPID rule if you ask me!

    Does anyone have a reasonable expaination for this rule?
  6. 3rd WR

    Grits, that is a tough one. I like Key because he can catch balls in traffic and Bill trusts him Especially after last week. Hush may be in a shootout but I think Chad is going to hog the action. Key can beat springs or harris . Smoot and Winfield are solid corners and Chad is the only one who can beat both consistantly hush hasn't proved he can beat solid backs consistantly yet. Check my Julius vs. Parker thread please.
  7. Julious,L. Jordan, W. Parker

    parker. You have no other matchups that are better.
  8. Julius or Parker?

    I agree WV. I just worry about the rivalry. Parker to me is going to be on the field where as Bill said he wanted to lighten the load on Jules after last week getting a little winded. I have Parker in the lineup now and I am still sweating the decision. I am also starting Bledsoe so that worries me a little. I need a shot at a big game from Parker and because I am going against Manning. I have Jamal Lewis starting also. Lineup Bledsoe, Drew Lewis, Jamal Parker, Willie Harrison, Marvin McCardell, Keenan Gonzalez, Tony Nugent, Mike Cowboys, DST Reserves Harrington, Joey Brown, Ronnie Jones, Julius Taylor, Fred Edwards, Braylon Jets, DST
  9. Julius or Parker?

    I am going against my fantasy rule book here. Julius is my starter. Julius is my starter. Did i mention that Julius is my starter. However, Parker just looks so good and against the Texans! It just seems so hard to pass up. I would love to pull for Jones on Monday night but then again, is's a rivalry game where anything can happen. Pile on top of that I am a boys homer. Help me out here to think clearly. Is this a tossup. Personally, I would like to believe that Brunell throws at least 3 picks and this one is out of control by the third. But there it is will Julius run all over and all night or will Bill rest him with A-train. Parker is the only guy. EEEEEERRRRRRR. Decision time.
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  12. STUPID rule if you ask me!

    According to current rules, NFL teams carry 53 players on the active roster, then must place eight players on an inactive list prior to each week’s game. Can anyone give me one good reason why a team shouldn't be able to play all 53 players that run their asses into the ground all camp and preseason to make the team, just to sit on Sundays and watch as a TE like watson plays tackle after an injury(happened with the rams last year)? What gives? I find no reason teams should not have all their players available. Why not they're on the team! Stupid just plain old stupid.
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