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  1. Actually I bet they try and trade down in 2020 and will tank again next season to try and get Trevor Lawrence from Clemson. I don't know if they're sold on Tua to be quite honest. I sure as hell am not. I think he's a product of that system and will be no better than Marcus Mariota in the NFL. I bet they load up on OL and DL in 2020 and look to get more/higher picks in 2021. Reshad Jones would be helpful to someone. Maybe Albert Wilson?
  2. Eli benched

    I could see that. Minshew is a nice story but Manning would be a steadier presence. That division is winnable.
  3. Eli benched

  4. Yup, nice haul by Miami. That team is going to suck for a couple of years but if they hit on some of these picks, they will be ripe for taking over the division since it'll be right around the time ol' man Brady hangs 'em up.
  5. Eli benched

    A couple of teams just lost their starters... could he go home to Nawlins? Would he be any better than Bridgewater? What other team could use a middling starter?
  6. Trade advice

    Engram to Kelce is a decent upgrade. Thielen to Fitz is a noticeable downgrade. Kerryon to Mixon is probably a wash. Personally, I would stand pat. And yeah, wrong forum.
  7. PI replay

    It already is.
  8. O.J. Howard

    He had 5 targets last week. While this is certainly disappointing, I'm holding onto some hope.
  9. Week 2 Waiver wire, who are you targeting

    Depends on league size and team needs, but I'd say no.
  10. Coleman High Ankle Sprain

    After watching the Niners yesterday, I am so glad I mostly avoided this backfield. I think I took McKinnon (prior to going on IR, of course) in a very late round of one of our best ball leagues here. Two years in a row, I think, that I've done that. Never again. I suspect Breida will be the lead dog but it looked like Mostert was pretty darn spry yesterday.
  11. DirecTV / NFL Sunday Ticket (2019)

    Get the call from Retention yet?
  12. Antonio Brown has frostbitten feet

    C'mon man, you don't think some other team would scoop AB up in a heartbeat thinking they could be the end-all to his issues? AB would find another home.
  13. 2019 NFL Season Kickoff Thread

    Kudos for recognizing that this kid will likely gash the GBP defense tonight. I can see around 100 combined yards, 3-4 catches and a TD mixed in.
  14. Prefer safeties but Fuller would be best of those two.
  15. Longhorn roster

    Chris Thompson - 2 Spencer Ware - 2 then IR Jordan Wilkins - 2 Corey Coleman 2 then IR Larry Fitzgerald - 2 Pierre Garcon - drop Ted Ginn - 1 Courtland Sutton - 6 Josh Lambo - 1 Brandon Graham - 2 Charles Harris - 2 Michael Johnson - drop Oshane Ximenes - drop Cameron Wake - 1 Tahir Whitehead - 3 Barry Church - 1 George Iloka - drop Taylor Rapp - 3 Eric Weddle - 2