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  1. Mmm, I wouldn't give him much credit other than finally getting out of the way to let people that know what they're doing make the actual decisions. Maybe he had some part in it but you'd be remiss in not mentioning what bringing his son up to the adults' table has meant to the organization. Pops is still probably making the "final call", but I would be shocked if he's just nothing more than a mouthpiece to the junior Jones at this point.
  2. Yup. But with that said, if they don't draft a "big name" and name Perkins the starter, I will be intrigued from a fantasy standpoint. He can catch the ball and has big play ability. Maybe pair him with a J-Stew type who can run between the tackles. Perfect bench stash or flex starter in a 12-team PPR. I'll be a buyer if he falls far enough and the above remains true.
  3. I can see him re-signing for less. Way less.
  4. wtf i've won the wolf shirt twice... send karl some socks with his shirt lol
  5. Still no TO is a travesty. I mean, how many times did you hear "we have to gameplan to stop Morten Andersen". You could argue TO's the second-best WR in NFL history next to Jerry Rice. I'm not even a huge TO fan or a fan of the teams he played for. I don't get the Jason Taylor thing either. Maybe not this year. Dumb.
  6. Let us know when Brady has major surgery that affects how he throws.
  7. Yeah it should be up by Feb 21st or so....
  8. Looking to raise some capital, improve on or add picks, etc... AP's rights are available. Would consider including McKinnon. Would also consider dealing Lavonte David's if the price were right. Eversen Griffen's rights could also be up for grabs Other available names: Kapri Bibbs (Anderson or Booker owner? cheap) Jason Witten (old vet will get you by)
  9. Bump. Also, will sell RFA rights to: Hightower, Gano, Vinatieri, Martin, Roby, Blanton and even Robert Quinn Not looking for too much but please don't lowball. Discount if you take more than one. Would also consider dealing a pick or two for cash only.
  10. once the sheets are filled, do you send an email with numbers and such? who's drawing the numbers? btw, poolhost is a nice service.
  11. .... which spurns the discussion of who succeeds the hoodie. Josh McDaniels? I think a dark (or maybe not so dark) horse is Matt Patricia. He'd be the HC/DC and just let McDaniels run the offense.
  12. You forgot the "In 3-4 years" at the end of the subject line.
  13. Seriously, a Stanford-educated guy who's been in and around the game for most of his life. Worth a shot, yeah?