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  1. Graphics links broken?

    The icon that shows you that there are "new posts" or where you've posted in a thread is broken. There are several other graphics files that have broken links, too... like The Huddle icon on the top left of the screen. I have cleared cookies/browsing history and even tried other browsers. Can you get this fixed?
  2. Kittle out

    I am getting slammed with injuries already this year. Yikes.

    Combination of Chubb and Hunt's ground yardage will be more than what Mayfield throws for.
  4. Allen Robinson has asked for a trade

    Agreed. He's not going anywhere. I could be wrong, just don't see it happening.
  5. How many leagues?

    Too many, but I can't see myself leaving any of them since they're all slightly different in one way or another, and I enjoy them all so much. 8 dynasty leagues, all with IDP (up from 7 last year) 3 redraft leagues, none are IDP (up from 2 last year) 3 best ball leagues, none are IDP (I forget how many of these I had last year)
  6. Artificial crowd noise

    Didn't even notice. I watch the Red Zone channel and eff around on my phone all Sunday so I don't think my attention span is long enough to notice.
  7. Thank you, @Tford. I really do appreciate the efforts. Of course I went and got my contracts in, only to not set my effing lineup. So @RodneyRules gets a reprieve with me missing out on Kelce's points last night. %$@#!!!!
  8. Did CEH outperform DJ week one?

    Two things: CEH is a stud and this is one of very few cases where I would handcuff. Darrel Williams would plug right in if CEH got hurt.
  9. Zane dropping like a rock

    Hey dude, long time no see! Hope you and Scoob are doing well. I'd bet this is spot on.
  10. Zane dropping like a rock

    Ooh, kicker talk! I kid, I kid... I see no news on him.
  11. Why no love for Bridgewater?

    This is my first year doing superflex (it's awesome, btw) and Bridgewater was a QB that I was targeting from the get-go because I knew I could get him way late and his floor would be pretty high. Good call about the defense. Their DL is going to be good eventually but without Kuechly they are going to struggle. Bridgewater COULD be in some shootouts, especially in division games.
  12. Yeah Barkley is the pick at 2 especially in PPR. He is going to be HUGH in that offense this year. I think that offense really takes off with a healthy receiving corps and Daniel Jones with another off-season (granted, a bit unique) under his belt.
  13. Why no love for Bridgewater?

    I drafted him as my QB2 in a superflex league. I think his floor is SUPER high. I don't think he'll get any less than 240-250 yards a game with 1 TD. There will be games he'll up the yardage to 275-300 and have a few games where he tosses 2 TDs. Perfect backup in fantasy since the floor appears high. He has some weapons and playing in the NFC-S will help his stats a bit.
  14. Adrian Peterson signs with Lions

    From what I've read, Swift should be good to go. I wouldn't start ANY Lion RB right now. But eventually Swift is going to be a solid flex in PPR. JMHO.
  15. Vote on expanded DTS

    Thank you, TFord.