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  1. MFL is terrible.
  2. Not touching Charles and Blount would be JAG for anyone else (maybe save the Raiders). I'd have some mild interest in D-Will in the right environment. I think his legs are still semi-fresh after sharing so much with J-Stew in Carolina and then serving as Bell's caddy in Pittsburgh.
  3. I can see how it'd be a nightmare for fantasy, but how would it be a nightmare for "real life" football? This would be the equivalent of hoarding big names in the NBA in order to chase a title. Maybe Lynch and AP - at their respective ages - could put playing time and glory aside in order to run behind arguably one of the best OLs in football and chase a title? Can you imagine trying to prepare for either AP or Lynch (or both) and supplemented by shifty, pass-catching backs in Richard and Washington?
  4. Have only been paying sporadic attention and not sure what their cap space is and if this is even possible... but what about BOTH Lynch AND AP with the Raiders? Behind that line, roll with the hot hand and have the kids Richard and Washington spell them in COP situations? Huh.
  5. Hey man, I'm interested. How many participants do you have right now? I think you have my email but PM me if you don't. It's the same as my PayPal addy. Thanks.
  6. I was thinking he'd go back to the Cowboys, but this makes sense.
  7. How do you turn off "browser notifications"? I don't want to be pinged when I am outside the forums when someone quotes one of my posts, etc.
  8. Meh, is Charles really any better than D-Mac at this point though? I doubt it would affect Zeke's value much. He is going to get 80% of all touches and Morris and some pass-catching back will take the scraps.
  9. Don't see him in Seattle. Definitely don't see him in NEP unless he's willing to pay for next to nothing. Even then I see him doing nothing. Blount/Lewis (and even White) will command the majority of the looks. How about the Cowboys? Darren McFadden is a free agent and strikes me as the kind of guy that thinks he can still be a feature back. Slide Charles in as the pass-catching CoP back.. back in Texas. Eagles are supposedly kicking the tires. Not sure I get that with Mathews and Smallwood there.
  10. I'm curious why you'd think Seattle would be a good landing spot. Baldwin has emerged as a legit threat, Graham has risen up a bit, Lockett is now a weapon...
  11. You can pretty much guarantee this happens.
  12. Mmm, I wouldn't give him much credit other than finally getting out of the way to let people that know what they're doing make the actual decisions. Maybe he had some part in it but you'd be remiss in not mentioning what bringing his son up to the adults' table has meant to the organization. Pops is still probably making the "final call", but I would be shocked if he's just nothing more than a mouthpiece to the junior Jones at this point.
  13. Yup. But with that said, if they don't draft a "big name" and name Perkins the starter, I will be intrigued from a fantasy standpoint. He can catch the ball and has big play ability. Maybe pair him with a J-Stew type who can run between the tackles. Perfect bench stash or flex starter in a 12-team PPR. I'll be a buyer if he falls far enough and the above remains true.
  14. I can see him re-signing for less. Way less.
  15. Still no TO is a travesty. I mean, how many times did you hear "we have to gameplan to stop Morten Andersen". You could argue TO's the second-best WR in NFL history next to Jerry Rice. I'm not even a huge TO fan or a fan of the teams he played for. I don't get the Jason Taylor thing either. Maybe not this year. Dumb.