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  1. SPIT SB Lineup

    Jimmy GQ Mostert Breida (hoping Coleman is out!) Hill Watkins Samuel Hardman Kelce Butker Chiefs =============== Pretty good lineup but I think I'm too far out of it to move up to a winning spot.
  2. Super Bowl gambling thread

    And I'm not disagreeing with that either. Spags can definitely design something to combat the Niners' ground attack.
  3. Super Bowl gambling thread

    I like Tyreek Hill at 8-1 to score first TD. First TD is always one of my favorite bets... although I'm not betting online anymore haha. But if I were... that's the one I'd lay.
  4. Super Bowl gambling thread

    Completely different runner(s), and different scheme to boot. Just because KC was able to keep Henry in check does not mean they will be able to handle SF's ground game.
  5. Luke Kuechly retiring

    Yeah, I own(ed) him in my "big" dynasty league. Noticed a pretty pronounced dropoff this year. Still, it sucks to lose him in that league. That said, the guy's doing the right thing to put his health first.
  6. Bold Predictions - Divisional Weekend

    Interesting stat, but shows that he's at least been there 7 times. I'm wondering how many of those 5 losses they were just outplayed, not outcoached. Obviously not running Marshawn Lynch was a huge gaffe in the Super Bowl, and I'm not even close to being a Pete Carroll fan but something tells me he is going to be well-prepared for this game and it will be close. Perhaps coming down to a last-minute FG.
  7. Bold Predictions - Divisional Weekend

    It's the playoffs, things change. Coaching really comes into play. We have Carroll with a ton of playoff experience vs. LaFleur with none. On paper GB has pretty much all the advantages, perhaps maybe even at QB, but this is where the intangibles come into play. I'm not sure GB is as good as their record indicates. E2A: GB is indeed good against the pass, but this is Russell Wilson we're talking about. He always figures out a way. Seattle is middling against the run, but again... Pete Carroll. I can see this being a higher-scoring game. Coming down to a FG. 30-27 Seattle is my call.
  8. Bold Predictions - Divisional Weekend

    I can see Seattle beating Green Bay for sure. Not that bold of a prediction, actually.
  9. Cowboys likely to hire Mccarthy

    Because the Giants would have swooped in. Rhule already makes a butt-ton at Baylor so he's unlikely to go to the G-men. McCarthy was #1 on their list.
  10. Garrett done

    I think you might be surprised.
  11. Wilson for $2? That's crazy, especially compared to $24 for Fournette.
  12. Start Sit Dilemma

    Your other post didn't include Moore. Moore, Fuller and Lockett
  13. I think this is the wrong forum to ask. Gotta play Lockett. And Fuller. Matchups too good. Toss-up between McLaurin and Brown. I don't trust WAS offense at all, so I'd lean Brown despite tough matchup against Lattimore.
  14. Pick a RB and TE

    0.5 PPR Bell vs. PIT Conner vs. NYJ Freeman vs. JAC White vs. BUF Howard vs. HOU Henry vs. OAK Link yours, will answer.