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  1. Mock draft, anyone?

    Sure PM me if you get in on one, I'm super available from 8:30-4 M-F and then via text/email after 4pm PST to jump on if necessary.
  2. Mock draft, anyone?

  3. Maybe I'm acting like a conspiracy theorist but I wouldn't be shocked if the NFL's announcement came by way of the federal government wanting to inject some level of optimism/hope into the American populace.
  4. HB Longhorns - trade block

    Ryan Fitzpatrick - could be a nice backup in a pinch, cheap... will include Josh Rosen for an additional fee Andy Dalton - might stay in Cincy and could retain starting spot... backup in a pinch, cheap Frank Gore - should land somewhere and could be an OK backup, cheap Chris Thompson - he's an NFL FA but could land somewhere where he'd be a PPR monster again All RFA WRs - want their rights? Marvin Jones could be huge RFA rights to Kyle Rudolph - solid backup TE, cheap RFA rights to Mark Barron - solid #3 LB, cheap Eric Weddle - right now he's an NFL FA but will land somewhere, cheap DB3.
  5. 2020 - Franchise Tags (DUE APRIL 7)

    HB Longhorns tag Tom Brady
  6. 2020 Offseason Schedule

    UPDATED SCHEDULE April 1 - Waiver run April 7 - Franchise Tags are due April 7-23- RFA Apr 29- Second offseason waiver run Apr 30- Teams awarded $100 Devy bucks (or at completion of RFA) May 4 - Rookie draft starts Every other Wednesday after rookie draft completion - Waiver runs
  7. Declare your Franchise Tagged player for 2020 season here. Post prior to 11:59pm on April 7th otherwise invalid.
  8. 2020 Offseason Schedule

    Yeah let's do a week. That should give everyone enough time. I'll also send an email to the league.
  9. 2020 Offseason Schedule

    Hey all, we can probably push back both Franchise Tag due date as well as RFA, given the fact we just filled our open spots and of course given what's going on in the world right now. I will talk to TFord about it, and may be posting a revised schedule. Thanks to all.
  10. Welcome Brian and Eric!

  11. Welcome Brian and Eric!

    I am MFL-dumb for the most part so I don't know how to invite you guys in and get you access to your teams. TFord has been awesome in helping me out, basically running the show the past year or so. He is out in the field somewhere up in Canaduh and not able to work on a computer just yet. We will get you guys the keys ASAP.
  12. Welcome Brian and Eric!

    Paging @Pope Flick
  13. Welcome Brian and Eric!

    Some of you may already know Brian (Pope Flick) from his 16 years here at The Huddle. Eric comes to us by way of the forums over at FootballGuys. Brian is taking the Hagerstown team, while Eric is taking over the Angry Groper Brewhounds. @HarleyKR07 - if you don't mind PMing Eric (username TBD) and Brian with your PayPal info, unless I've missed it somewhere in the forum? Let the ish-talking begin!
  14. Got 2 openings in a dynasty league with devy players. You're allowed 3 to sit on your taxi squad. Only $50 entry. Great owners. https://www55.myfantasyleague.com/2020/home/57662#0 <=== link to league The open teams are the Angry Groper Brewhounds and the Hagerstown Seminoles. Both teams are in pretty good shape so you'd be in contention right away. Please send me a message here if you're interested.
  15. Deshaun Watson discussion

    A casino in Vegas has +300 odds he is on the PATS in 2021. Heard this on radio here in LA. The thinking, I guess, is that he's a FA in 2022 and Bill O'Brien is not only an idiot but is tight with Bill Belichick. The Texans, without Hopkins, are going to struggle. So Watson may want out.