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  1. And of COURSE I have Zeke and Gordon on one of my dynasty teams. I have a feeling both of these situations will be resolved soon though. Maybe just wishful thinking......
  2. Gronk retiring

  3. Draft advice please

  4. Doak Walker Award Winners

    Could you do a similar list with QBs? WRs?
  5. Do you feel that little quivery feeling in your stomach every time you get to say or type that "joke" out? No dog in this fight, but don't you have a battery to chuck or Santa to boo? Philly fan talking junk about any other fan is always fairly comical since you are - by measure - a bunch of toothless a-holes. Back to your regularly scheduled programming....
  6. Do you really believe this or are you just schticking it up?
  7. It's not just the posts in this thread. The guy just has a "I'll throw this dart blindly" kind of thing going. To reiterate, I'd love to have Kittle. He'll be a stud regardless of QB it seems. And to confirm, I think Garappolo will be a solid fantasy QB this season and beyond.
  8. I'm not super-high on him. I just accept the fact you can wait on QB and still find production.
  9. Dude. Garappolo got hurt last year. I think everyone knows that. In his 3 games played he averaged 19.4 ppg. Not a great sample size. And again, not a great sample size but in his 4 starts in 2017 he averaged 22.4 ppg. Not going to turn this in to a Winston vs. Garappolo thing, but both have risks associated with them. As do a lot of players. Shanahan's offense is QB-friendly for fantasy stats. As others will tell you here, you can wait on QB and take a guy like Garappolo and get very good results.
  10. No offense, guy, but you have some weird takes. Care to unpack why you don't like Garappolo? The guy has put up pretty solid numbers when the starter. Not sure how you could "love" Kittle and want to take a flier on Goodwin and not at least have some fantasy respect for Garappolo. Weird.
  11. Only guys I want from that offense are Kittle and Garappolo. RBs and WRs are going to be headaches.
  12. Todd Gurley - 2019 draft ranking

    You think? I'd guess that goal-line work would grind the knees harder. Malcolm Brown may actually be a better option for that role. I see Gurley getting 60% of the between-the-20's snaps, with the remaining 40% being divvied up between Brown and Henderson. And the goal-line work to Brown.