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  1. Is David Johnson dead?

    I can't believe I'm actually typing this, but over the past couple games, Ronald Jones has been doing his best David Johnson impersonation for the Bucs. 18 carries for 67 yards and a TD with a couple catches thrown in 2 weeks ago, and then just 29 yards (and a TD) rushing last week, but a whopping 8 catches for 77 yards thrown in. If Jones continues at that kind of pace, I don't see the Bucs spending an early-ish pick on Johnson, who apparently can't stay healthy.
  2. Chew on this

    Loss of Humphries gave even more targets to the top-2... and with Arians never using the TE... Breshad Perriman is probably the de facto WR3 in that offense and he has 9 catches for 75 yards thus far. E2A: Perriman actually sees a lot of snaps, just not producing.
  3. This trade worth leaving my bench thin?

    I would hit accept before the other owner changes his mind.
  4. Josh Jacobs

    Yup, I actually thought about this thread when I saw one in particular. I think he's a fair receiver. Not Alvin Kamara, but he can do it. Unfortunately, though, Jalen Richard is an elite pass-catcher in terms of RBs so they will utilize him as such.
  5. Anyone else smell a Gronk return

    I'm not buying it. There's no way he's in "football shape" for a TE. Maybe I'm wrong... Bowden is legit.
  6. Cam newton

    Came here to post the same thing. I don't know what I think or feel about that. I can't stand Trubisky but not sure if Newton would be an upgrade or not. He'll be 31 when the 2020 season kicks off. Doesn't seem like the kind of QB that can last into his mid-30's.
  7. Mark Walton suspended

    That was a thought of mine, he has experience there. But why would he want to go back? That team is a joke. I think he's looking to find a better team, just my opinion.
  8. What do you need tonight?

    I lost to the last-place team by 0.5 points, giving him his first victory of the season, on the 2nd-to-last play of the game. A 12-ish yard catch by Golden Tate. Almost my entire team was on bye or hurt, and I didn't have the resources to try and fill spots better. I figured I could beat this guy with my backups. Close but no cigar. Praying for a stat correction.

    Did you file a claim with PayPal stating that it was a fraudulent charge?
  10. Ertz officially safe to drop

    I was hopeful that getting DeSean Jackson would open things up for him. Jackson WAS back, but only played the first quarter. Looks like they just went back to what worked between QB and TE in the past. Hoping this continues. If you dropped him in a league where you have deep benches, you're a moran.
  11. What do you need tonight?

    Honestly, wish I had more to root for. Already won in 3 leagues with players going for me, not for opponents. So, wishing good health on my players! In one, however, I am facing Barkley and Tate with Dak and Jabril Peppers. Down 20 so I will need a miracle. In another, up 20 and facing Demarcus Lawrence. So hopefully he CHILLS. Gonna go have a much-needed and watch at least the first half.
  12. Mark Walton suspended

    What a mess. That being said, it leaves Kallen Ballage as the only "real" RB on that team so he should see a pretty hefty workload.
  13. Ertz officially safe to drop

    Like me. I knew he'd been down this season but figured it wasn't long term. I traded Henry and Watkins for Ertz and Thielen. Thought I was getting away with robbery. Maybe not so much now.
  14. I really hate FF

    Yeah not a good week for the 'ol d3-ster. Lost in my "big" league despite scoring a good amount of points. I would have beaten all but 1 other team in the 16-team league. Jonnu Smith with 22 points. Really? Lost in another one I really care about too. Zach Ertz has really sucked. Not having Thielen and Davante Adams hurt. Terrible scores from my IDPs. Will likely lose in yet another unless Conner goes for like 50 points. But hey, won in a redraft and will have a nice little battle of JuJu vs. Terrell Edmunds tonight. Up 4 so *should* be OK. Good luck @Big Country !!
  15. IDP is the way to go man, you'll never go back. And yes, everyone chips in and the points are really distributed evenly. Except for Collins, it seems. I didn't realize he had been putting up some good numbers.