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  1. I'm trying to convince one of my buddy whose dad lives in Vegas (read: free room) to go with me to 2020 draft. It will be an absolute poop-show but so much fun.
  2. D. Adams or Evans n PPR?

    I really like both, I think folks are underestimating what Bruce Arians may mean to the TBB offense and Evans in particular. That being said I think I'd side with Adams. I think he's gonna put up monster numbers this coming season if he and Rodgers remain healthy.
  3. Leveon Bell Trade?

    Topic should be edited. No trade yet. Need a question mark there or something. Sorry to nitpick but.......
  4. Trade - GAF/Longhorns

    Giant Amongst Fems gave up Year 2020 Round 6 Draft Pick from Giant Amongst Fems Huntington Beach Longhorns gave up Year 2019 Draft Pick 7.01
  5. Seahawks release Doug Baldwin & Kam Chancellor

    Baldwin was definitely solid. Bummer he has to go out like this. I don't think I ever had him on any of my dynasty teams and honestly can't think of a time I had him on a redraft either. I always thought he would go higher than I'd want him at... and then he'd produce.
  6. Seahawks release Doug Baldwin & Kam Chancellor

    Almost, Rod Smith.
  7. Trade - SL/d3

    River City Reform will give Thompson, Shaq CAR LB Year 2019 Draft Pick 3.08 Year 2019 Draft Pick 8.12 To Huntington Beach Longhorns for Year 2019 Draft Pick 4.06Year 2020 Round 3 Draft Pick from Allen's Team$8 in blind bidding
  8. Depth-level WRs available

    Need to move one or more of these guys. Not looking for much. Later picks, pick bumps, or maybe equivalent RB? Corey Coleman - lots of room on the Giant depth chart Keke Coutee - flashes of studliness for HOU Phillip Dorsett - never know, he's a Patriot Pierre Garcon - he'll land somewhere Ted Ginn Jr. - never know, he's a Saint Jake Kumerow - never know, he's a Packer Kevin White - there's some room on the Cardinal depth chart... I'm overloaded with Card WRs as it is Send offer or email.
  9. Trade - t-bone / d3

    Huntington Beach Longhorns will give Gallup, Michael DAL WR To Hagerstown Seminoles for * Devy, College 10 FA WR (Collin Johnson, WR Texas)
  10. 2019 Rookie/Devy Draft Chatter

    FYI Allen's pick of Ed Oliver was an MFL mis-click. I reverted the draft and he has re-picked.
  11. At what point should Josh Jacobs be drafted?

    Mid-late 2nd assuming start 2 RBs, 1 flex and PPR league.
  12. 2019 Rookie/Devy Draft Chatter

    I dunno how the quote thing got there. Anyways, we're off and running.
  13. Longhorns/Crabs Trade

    yes... i offered on my phone so money will need to be manually sent, @Tford i don't know how to do it in MFL thank you
  14. Will you draft Kyler Murray?

    Call me crazy but I would consider drafting him as my QB1. The Cards didn't bring Kilff Kingsbury aboard AND let Josh Rosen go to draft Kyler Murray to just sit idly by and not run the Air Raid to its fullest extent. Will it work in the NFL? Remains to be seen, but it's a gamble I'm willing to take, especially after seeing what Patrick Mahomes did last year. The Cards actually have some weapons on offense, have a terrible defense, and Kyler will add 5-6 points per game just through his ability to run. That being said I would want a fairly stable QB2 in tow just in case.
  15. Marshawn Lynch set to retire again.

    A minor speed-bump for Jacobs, IMO. Depth, veteran presence, etc. Jacobs will be an every-down back.