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  1. Yeah. I grabbed him in my one Yahoo redraft just for the hell of it. On top of everything, he has TE eligibility there. Yahtzee! Oh wait it says that in the link... haha..
  2. Buy Low on Rob Gronkowski

    Gronk has yet to touch ANY of the money he's received from the Pats. He's been living - and living well I might add - off the endorsements money alone. True story.
  3. TRADE Longhorned Panda

  4. Buy Low on Rob Gronkowski

    I want to agree with you but with there being so many "high ceiling" TEs out there now, it almost feels like you can grab one of them instead since they also have higher floors. Kittle comes to mind here for sure... but there are guys like Hooper and Howard that may take the next step in '19. Add Njoku to that list. I'm just glad I let Gronk walk in the dynasty league I had him in. He would have cost me an arm and a leg (and a back, apparently).
  5. Frickin' Breida, man! I was down a point when the Niners got the ball at the end of the game. Needed ONE tackle from Collins. He got it on that last completion. Now just gotta survive stat corrections.
  6. Two horrible teams, but at least we have fantasy to keep us at least somewhat interest. Anyone embroiled in a big-time battle? I have... League 1 - WON! Still have DeForest Buckner yet to play, too. League 2 - Up 85 points, opponent has Buckner, Kittle and Shepard (should be good, but never know) League 3 - Up 55 points, opponent has Kittle, I have OBJ (should be good there) League 4 - Down 7, opponent has Gould, I have Buckner and Collins (gotta hope for no FGs and a big game out of Collins) League 5 - Down like 70ish, got Trent Taylor (total rebuild, so want to lose anyways ) League 6 - Escaped with the "W" League 7 - My "big" league... up 10ish, opponent has Brieda and I have Warner and Collins (should be good, but would like to see big games from my IDPs!) League 8 (redraft) - LOST. League 9 (redraft) - WON! Looking for a big game out of Collins
  7. Dez Bryant... Torn Achilles?

    Word is he tore it on the very last play of practice, too. Also hearing that they will likely bring in Brandon Marshall, who impressed them last week in a workout.
  8. Letter to Jerry Jones...from a 7YO

    Huh. Wasn't there a Huddler named Big Red?
  9. Panthers/Steelers TNF

    Yeah living on the west coast kind of sucks for sports. 10am for Sunday games is too early. I know some people like going out and getting Bloody Marys but I much prefer a noon start time (lunch, beers). MNF start time is OK if you're able to get out of work before 5. I used to stop at a local sports bar for a couple beers and happy hour food to watch the game, but then kids happened.
  10. Is this cheating??

    That'd make it all the more fishy, unfortunately if there's no provisions for trade review there's not much you can do. I wouldn't take part in the league next year or wouldn't invite those two back if you have any say... but sounds like the commish was duped into allowing it right away. Sucks.
  11. Is this cheating??

    Unfortunately, unless you can prove collusion, you can't argue. Yes it looks sketchy as hell, but there's nothing you can do. Unless there's something written into your league's rules where there is a trade review period... which shouldn't even be a thing in the first place.
  12. Aaron Jones Value?

    Yeah agree with past couple of posters here. This week should be a big indicator of future success. I've been on this guy since his days at UTEP. I watched him single-handedly destroy a very good University of Texas run D a few years ago. He looked special, and if given the opportunity I think he can produce consistently. Let's see what happens this week. I could see 100 total yards and a TD.
  13. Andrews, Mark BAL TE

    Good stuff. I was kinda bummed I missed out on Hurst in dynasty rookie drafts but sounds like this could continue to be a muddled mess.
  14. Is Adam Humphries for real?

    Again, they have the last-ranked rushing attack. They don't have a pass-catcher out of the backfield. Someone has to catch the underneath routes. I don't own Humphries in any leagues, but would be comfortable starting him as my WR3 in PPR formats. To each his own, I suppose.
  15. I'm done with FF Fellas