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  1. Wow, a rare good thread from Lone Star. I don't think we'll really know until we see him in another system.
  2. Chiefs fire DC Bob Sutton

    They should have canned him mid-season. They actually have some decent pass-rushers and are OK on the back end. No reason they should have been so lousy defensively.
  3. SPIT STANDINGS - Week 3

    Brady Anderson White Patterson Dorsett Natson Slater Gronk Zuerlein Pats Not much at WR but looks OK everywhere else. I'm sure others have more at WR so not expecting a weekly win here. Wah-wahhhhhhhh...
  4. Wayyy too early rankings for 2019

    QB 1. Mahomes 2. Luck 3. Brees 4. Roethlisberger 5. Rodgers RB 1. Gurley 2. Barkley 3. Kamara 4. Elliott 5. Gordon WR 1. Hopkins 2. Thomas 3. Hill 4. OBJ 5. Adams TE 1. Kelce 2. Ertz 3. Kittle 4. Howard 5. Rudolph
  5. ***** 20 Questions Winner *****

    Wow nice job. 2018 was definitely not my year for these Huddle contests Glad I got some 3rds and even a win in a few leagues though.
  6. Site Issue

    Just don't click the "Return to old experience" at the bottom, correct?
  7. Wayyy too early rankings for 2019

    That may be true but I think the thought is that with Arians now there he could really take a "leap".
  8. Site Issue

    Yup, it's all jacked up. Not sure why y'all would make site changes during the season. I know it's probably out of your control but this kind of stuff can be crippling. Don't they realize y'all have several months of downtime where things like this can be worked out? Makes no sense, David. Switched browsers, same thing happens.
  9. Wayyy too early rankings for 2019

    Interesting. Why?
  10. Just to generate some general talk around here, who are your top-5's at QB/RB/WR/TE for 2019? Assume full PPR. Go!
  11. Packers' new head coach is Matt LaFleur

    Lots of injuries on that Titan offense. Not LaFleur's fault. Hackett did some decent things with that JAG* Bortles a couple years ago. Yeah, the offense went in the crapper this season, but there are some things to like about this guy. LaFleur is calling plays, FYI. *and by JAG I don't mean Jaguar, I mean "just a guy"
  12. Dynasty league deep rb prospect

    Agree, Richard could be a dump-off / PPR steal next year
  13. Rb help please

    In a deep format, I'd say Washington is slightly more valuable than Williams.