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  1. Cam Newton to the Patriots

    He just went in the mid-5th in a dynasty startup with superflex. Other QBs that went in the range were Mayfield, Garappolo and Goff.
  2. Deebo Samuels broken foot

    I wouldn't be shocked if my family and I do too. My wife had some weird sickness this fall, then both of my kids were a little sick. I never felt anything. I'd bet this was here - at least in SoCal - much earlier than folks commonly think. Anyways, back to Deebo.
  3. Deebo Samuels broken foot

    Ugh, was going to be relying on him in a league this year. That's no good.
  4. Kamara outlook

    I'm guessing his TDs spike a bit this year, landing in top-10 wouldn't be surprising.
  5. Kamara outlook

    I'd imagine you hit big on a few other players to make up for those two being "down". Also, I expect a bounce-back from OBJ this year. Maybe worthy of another thread.
  6. Second-year wideouts

    Despite the Niners not throwing much, I think Samuel is the one that steps up with Sanders gone. Longshot, though, is Harry. Never know what happens with a new QB. Maybe he and Stidham really had a connection when the second unit was out there. Edelman is just a slot guy; he'll get his targets but someone needs to be the outside threat for NEP.
  7. Patriots' D is not going to be as good, IMO. They lost Van Noy and Collins, two integral parts of their linebacking corps. I'll be fairly surprised if they rank in the top-10 defensively this year.
  8. Trade - Long Cocks

  9. No more devy slots

    No problem, our man @Tford will fix it. Thanks to him, BTW for entering all our devys.
  10. Trade - Yetis / Longhorns

    Huntington Beach Longhorns Year 2021 Round 4 Draft Pick from Huntington Beach Longhorns $10 in blind bidding Saskatchewan Yetis Year 2020 Draft Pick 4.09
  11. 2020 Rookie/Devy Draft - discussion

    He was slammed at work and then had multiple trade offers to consider.
  12. 3.08 OTB

    I'd want a 2021 2nd plus cash, depending on where I project your pick to be next year. Send an offer and I may accept or counter with a different dollar amount. Don't want to hold things up too much but it's not like the season is starting tomorrow
  13. 2020 Rookie/Devy Draft - discussion

    sorry for holdup, in negotiations for a trade. hope y'all are doing well!
  14. Trade - River & Longhorns

    River City Reform Reeder, Troy LAR LB Huntington Beach Longhorns $1 in blind bidding