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  1. GBP backfield

    I know it's just May, but Jamaal Wiliams is currently listed as the RB1 for the Packers. This could be a highly productive spot and I figured Ty Montgomery was the man there. Maybe Rotoworld just hasn't updated since end of last season? In general, what are folks thinking about this backfield? Aaron Jones looked good in spots, too.
  2. Waivers aren't on calendar

    I don't know how to do this in MFL. I will ask TFord to do it.
  3. GBP backfield

    Totally agree
  4. Kinda shocked he hasn't been signed yet.
  5. Rashaad Penny

    I didn't necessarily change my mind. I simply had that as an option as to why things played out differently. In all honesty, I had Guice 2a and Penny 2b and simply didn't state so in my initial post. I got Guice - at 3 - in another league and felt Penny was the better fit for ATAP.
  6. Rashaad Penny

    I'm lying? Could it be that I simply changed my mind? Could it be that Guice was 2a and Penny 2b and I simply preferred Penny's situation / found it more favorable in terms of what I needed for that particular team? Why do you care so much?
  7. Rashaad Penny

    Stalk much?
  8. Ongoing Rules Talk

    Feel free to throw out rules ideas or point out where there are deficiencies in the current constitution. Thanks.
  9. Seminoles 2018 Roster moves

    I think we voted to allow for dropping of players without cap hits up until final roster declaration. Unless I'm high (which I may or may not be), you can simply drop whoever you want without any penalties right now.
  10. Ongoing Rules Talk

    We have 13 including the 3 devys. I'd be in favor of increasing it to 11 rookies and 4 devys (one of which must be defense).
  11. Non-story. Signing of Anderson pretty much cemented a 2-back rotation for the most part. Waka-waka-waka-man may have seen some 3rd down snaps but I don't think there's any fantasy impact here.
  12. Ongoing Rules Talk

    Agree on first point. Don't agree on second. The cash would be a result of prior season results, just in college Quit being such a buzzkill...... I hated the extra cash for all members of the "winning" conference thing as well, though.
  13. Ongoing Rules Talk

    Absolutely. It wouldn't increase our tracking too much and would expand our universe so to speak. We'll expand the total number of DTS spots as a result, yes?
  14. Ongoing Rules Talk

    Something fun perhaps? How about if an owner's devy players wins the Heisman trophy, they receive an extra $5 in AFL-Devy bucks the following reload?
  15. Cowboys trade for Tavon Austin

    Yeah that's a LOL but... in leagues where you have the room, why wouldn't you add a guy that has a pretty nice physical profile and that COULD make some hugh plays? I won't overpay for him in dynasty formats but in redrafts? I will take a gamble... definitely.
  16. GBP backfield

    Jones was a favorite of mine in last year's rookie crop. I saw him single-handedly destroy a very good University of Texas run defense. With nothing but scraps around him. Granted one of the OLs blocking for him turned out to be pretty solid (drafted by Giants in 2nd Round -- Hernandez I believe). Anyways, if it's an open competition I would not rule out Jones. I just thought all signs were pointing towards Montgomery being given the keys. Maybe that's not the case. A situation to monitor for sure!
  17. REMINDER re: devy's

    Never mind. My lack of MFL knowledge comes back to bite me in the butt. Apparently the devys we drafted last year were added to MFL's database as actual players in February and under these players' transaction history it shows them as ADDS. I should have looked back at last year's draft. Sorry for jumping the gun, folks. But good to get this rule out there with two new owners. Devys are only addable during the rookie/devy draft. Once we get this train rolling we can entertain drops/adds of these cats but for now this is how it is. I need a good long drag off my peace pipe.
  18. REMINDER re: devy's

    Not going to name names but it looks like an owner was able to add devys in the offseason through waivers. This was a huge no-no. The ONLY time we are able to add devys is during the devy/rookie draft. We won't do anything this time because it happened months ago but please remember this rule. Not sure how it happened but it did.
  19. Dez Bryant

    http://www.rotoworld.com/player/nfl/5558/dez-bryant/1 Dude there's no way the Cowboys cut Bryant, right? How do they go into 2018, a year where they should be a contender, with no #1 wideout. Yeah Bryant has some shortcomings as a true #1 but releasing him would be suicidal for the team. Unless they're secretly after OBJ? No way they rely on a rookie, even if it's Ridley.
  20. The commish needs to make a decision on how to handle it. He should be able to trade, but if it looks like he's roster-dumping or just not fair in general it shouldn't be allowed. Commish should probably take control of the entire process.
  21. Have we had any rookie drafts yet?

    We may not see Washington's full value until Big Ben is gone.
  22. uh, yeah ok... well dude, i think you've posted this not only here but at other board(s) as well... do you not have the answer you want yet? maybe if you post en espanol or something you'll get different results. also, i love lone star beer
  23. dude, you've already posted this in the advice forum....