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  1. Darelle Revis

    Maybe I haven't done enough digging - which amounts to none, really - but was it said that he was automatically going to be their CB2 and/or play a significant number of snaps? If the Jets are paying his salary, why not bring in a once-stud vet who could mentor the younger guys and maybe give you a handful of snaps if it looks like he's still got a little left in the tank.
  2. Look at Toomer's stats when either Brown and/or Perryman was out last season.

    Sorry for holdup i tried to preselect on my phone and it wasn't taking. Are we going 24 rounds?

    You mean like having a traditional snake draft?

    mid draft? it's 3 picks that need to be reversed whatever

    Who's to say those that have early picks have "premium picks" though? Especially in best ball format. Hell, I would have rather had picks later in the round, ESPECIALLY in this format. In fact, in a best ball format, I would contend that those at the end of the round have the "premium picks".

    I didn't even notice until I made my pick otherwise I wouldn't have picked. BC - can you go in and fix?

    Erm, yeah that's not right... especially in a best ball format.
  9. I don't think anyone is saying CMac is going to be a "full-time" back. Is there really even a thing nowadays? Save David Johnson, LeVeon Bell and Zeke Elliott, are there really any workhorse, every-down backs? I think it's a given that CMac will be part of a committee. 150 carries x (let's just say) 4.5 ypc (fair number I think) ... is 675 rushing yards = 67.5 fantasy points 50 receptions for 500 yards = 100 fantasy points (PPR) 6 total TDs (I think this is conservative) = 36 fantasy points 203.5 points would have made him RB15 in PPR formats last year. I would take that every day of the week. Edit: Add in possible return stats, maybe 1-2 more TDs, maybe up to 55-60 catches? If he's playing the slot a lot, maybe. Then you're looking at a top-10 back in PPR formats. Even if he stays at 150 carries. I can see 160. 10 a game.
  10. Fozzy Whittaker had 25 catches last season, the bulk of which when he was getting more regular use in the start of the season when J-Stew was out. I assume they will use CMac more than the very average Whittaker and his usage won't depend on J-Stew being available.
  11. Eric Decker to be traded/released

    If he can return to 100% health he is still a very viable WR. Not a #1 but one heck of a #2. Lots of teams out there could really use a guy like this.
  12. They have the internet in Madagascaar? What the heck are you doing there? Dalvin Cook is an elite rookie RB.
  13. Fantrax FF Hosting

    Nooo you totally misinterpreted the gist of my post. It's Fantrax's response that is befuddling to me. And yes please email me something so I can get access, I'd like to see how it's all set up. Also, lemme know if you're interested in the league I'm building!
  14. The Saints backfield

    Staying away in drafts. No thanks. Maybe grab Kamara as my last RB if he makes it until the end of a PPR league's draft.
  15. Fantrax FF Hosting

    I do the same, but I also thought that a lot of these reviews sounded a little generic and "planted". OK so I emailed Fantrax and they said they only have a "limited" number of college players loaded into their system. But you're in a college league? Wouldn't that mean that they have more than just a limited number of college players in their system? Maybe it's that they don't have all college players loaded into their NFL game. I'm looking to start a devy league where we draft/hold college players. If there's functionality built into Fantrax to track this, all the better. Otherwise it can easily be handled via league message board. Not a huge deal.
  16. Fantrax FF Hosting

    Yeah, that was the focus of my email: what the difference between "premium" and free was.
  17. Fantrax FF Hosting

    Have you seen this? https://www.trustpilot.com/review/fantrax.com I emailed them to get some answers about customization, etc. I'll let you know what I find out. Also, def, check your PMs.
  18. Brandin Cooks: Why no love?

    That may be true, but the WR's touches typically result in more yardage. So yes, fewer touches, but those touches usually result in more yardage. It ends up being a pretty even tradeoff, at least from the research I've done. I full-on used to be a "give me the guy who touches the ball more" proponent but then with PPR and the NFL trending more towards passing, and including the preponderance of RBBC, I've totally changed my tune.
  19. News on Maclin?

    I think it's Shady that's doing the "recruiting". This would put a damper on Zay Jones' potential at year-one returns.
  20. News on Maclin?

    Ravens make most sense. One of the bigger "need" teams in terms of WR. Plus his ex-OC from Philly is now with the Ravens.
  21. News on Maclin?

    Glad I scooped up Chesson in a league as a flier. No way they roll with Hill as WR1.
  22. Fantrax FF Hosting

    MFL seems to tinker for the sake of tinkering. I do not know who suggests these changes or how their developers somehow come up with them, but they're absolutely terrible. The interface has always been clunky and confusing, and it just gets worse over the years instead of better. They consistently have "downtime" at the worst possible times and the time they're down is always days longer than quoted. You'd think they'd get the hint because they get absolutely blasted by their customer base. It's simple. No fantasy leagues - not even the most hardcore of dynasty leagues - do anything the week after the NFL Super Bowl. Instead of taking 3-4 days right around when dynasty leagues are doing dynasty league stuff, why not take the entire damn week to do your "upgrades"? Seriously, if there were a like alternative I would be gone. MFL is terrible.
  23. ESPN gfy

    NFLN or Fox will scoop him up quick-like. ESPN is toast.
  24. I pared down my leagues a few years ago and it was still taking up plenty of time. I added a dynasty league last year (went from 4 to 5) and another this off-season. I'm down to one more rookie draft, and then it'll be a slow summer. So figure heck, why not, add another league... since I haven't done a true startup in ages. Don't want to break the bank in terms of buy-in. Especially the first year when there may be some teams that draft for the long term versus others that are looking to make noise earlier. So probably $50 or under, with the possibility of popping it up to $75 after a couple of years of stabilization. Definitely want to do IDP. On the fence in terms of doing a separate rookie and veteran draft or combining into one mega-draft. Would also consider adding a "devy" aspect... that is, having a separate draft for 2-3 college players every off-season. That'd obviously thin out the rookie pool every year, but would take considerably more foresight on each owner to prepare for the future. Scoring would incorporate graduated PPR to balance out RB, WR and TE. I've been here at the Huddle for almost 15 years and am in four leagues that are hosted here on these boards. I would suggest LeagueSafe be used to escrow the funds for the first year until we find a suitable treasurer. I would prefer to not commish, but would entertain sharing duties with someone. I have one other already on board, so would be looking for 10 (or 12 or 14) more. Please respond here if you're interested in talking more about it!