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  1. GODWIN for JACOBS!?!?

    Absolutely looking at your team
  2. Another owner dropped Hunt and he is avail on Friday. I’m in a league with roster limits, my starters are Saquon and Mixon. Should I drop James White, Antonio Gibson or stand pat. Full point ppr with no flex. Thanks
  3. I think it is clearly Hurst
  4. Woods or DK!?

    Standard I go with DK. Should be a TD rich game
  5. Hunt Available — Who to Drop

    Agreed, shocked to see it. He got caught up in the Robinson starting RB hype in JAX
  6. Yay or nay

    Fairly close, I do think Denver and Chicago are close to a push then it comes down to OBJ vs Lockett. I am partial to OBJ so I would pull the trigger
  7. Hunt Available — Who to Drop

    Thank you all, thinking Chubb as looking over stats. Edited the thread, the owner dropped Hunt.
  8. Flex 💪🏼 help

    Monty game time decision tonight. I would go Brown then Kirk
  9. Flex help

    Ekeler as well
  10. WW HELP RB

    I would go AP, still trying to slowly work in Guice and Gore losing too many touches
  11. Singletary or Coleman

  12. Singletary or Coleman

    Struggle, Coleman vs Cards or ask Singletary vs Fins thanks
  13. Singletary or Coleman

    Nope, starting Zeke and Jacobs. This is for flex
  14. LJ or Rudi?

    You must go with Rudi. Even though he has a tough matchup he is the man in Cincy. Until LJ becomes the man in KC, Rudi should always be started ahead of LJ.
  15. WDIS

    Smith and Wayne

    Drop the TE (Clark). B/U TE's have no value and eventually C-Pep and Burleson will recover. Plus you don't want someone else in your league getting Burleson for free. Engram is a pretty good choice and his schedule is getting easier.
  17. SIMTT?

    Dont Do it. Dillon will wake up.
  18. BLOCKBUSTER trade- i need your help

    That is a tough trade. Life is good for you while Fast Willie is hot. You are basically banking in the fact that your RB's will make it through the season. Since you have Jackson I would have him throw in Faulk as a handcuff. Good Luck
  19. joe horn for th jones

    Make that deal!!!
  20. what about this trade?

    Overall the other player may get a good RB but you get a WR you desparately need and still get a good bye week replacement. I would make the trade.
  21. Kevin Jones or Larry Johnson

    Until LJ gets the rock more I would go with KJ almost every time.
  22. willie or julius

    Go with Willie, I also agree with Ursa Majoris, who is your other RB?
  23. WDIS WR

    Who would you start Deion Branch at NE or Eddie Kennison playing at Oak.
  24. WDIS WR

    Thanks All, I think I will go w/ Branch. See how it goes