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  1. Pickup Stallworth off Waivers?

    I cant seem to find anything saying Robinson was cut.
  2. I was thinking of dropping Troy Williamson and picking up Stallworth. Is this a good or bad move? Will the Vikes get it together and will Williamson be a bigger part of the passing game now that Burleson is hurt or is Stallworth the better pickup? Thanks
  3. Troy Williamson?

    With Nate getting hurt in Minnesota, does this open the door for Williamson? Or is he still behind Travis Taylor on the depth chart? Reason I ask is because Stallworth is on Waivers and I was thinking about picking him up and dropping Williamson. Thanks
  4. What a joke

    The play of the game I thought was when Dallas had the ball after Wash. scored their first TD. Cowboys had 3rd and long and Bledsoe completed a pass to Keyshaun for a firstdown only to have it negated by a holding penalty on Flozell Adams. That one hurt.
  5. Ron Dayne?

    I realize Anderson is banged up and Tatum Bell was injured early in the game on Sunday. But come on...Dayne as a starter. Everywhere I read people are saying Dayne may get his shot to be the feature back in Denver. Kinda like the situation last year with Droughns. Any homers have any insight on this situation? Being a owner of Anderson and Bell I am handcuffed to the Bronco's backfield. Just wondering if picking up Dayne and having him take up a roster spot is worth it.
  6. Edge

    I was wondering the same thing. He left the field with a problem with his helmet and never returned. You think with the game only 7-3 that he would be in there this late in the game. Anybody else know anything?? Captain Hook??
  7. One more Quicky before kickoff... Julius Jones on MNF against Redskin DEF or Mcgahee against Tampa Bay?? or Play them both and sit Jamal Lewis??? TD,Yardage league. No pts per catch.
  8. Who do I start out of these RB's?? I need 2 JJ Arrington - sick (stomach illness) Larry Johnson - platoon (with Holmes) Michael Bennett - Mike Tice (idiot) Stephen Davis - against Patriots (tough DEF) TD and Yardage league. No pts for catches. Thanks
  9. Which WR's should I start?

    I like these 2 this week Burleson @ Cin. Lelie vs. SD Dallas was able to pass agianst SD and I think CPep and company bounce back against Cincy.
  10. Running Backs WDIS

    J. Lewis and W.Parker Both teams may be without their starting QB, so I would think they would both rely on the run this week.
  11. Need another TE...Who do I take off WW?

    Any Tampa Bay Homers know if they plan on using Alex Smith alot in the passing game or is he a one week wonder??
  12. WDIS out of... McGahee J. Lewis Julius Jones Willie Parker I need 3 for a TD(6pts), Yardage(1pt per 10 yds), no points for catches league. Which one do I sit this week?? Thanks
  13. Mike Anderson?

    Ditto here...
  14. Need another TE...Who do I take off WW?

    Thanks guys!! The only other available TE on Waivers were Ernie Conwell Desmond Clark Erron Kinney Daniel Wilcox Daniel Graham Kris Magnum Pretty slim pickins.