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  1. only cause I though there was a GREAT comeback to the final post of : "wait, there's more than one person that knows how to write at this site?" wait for it.... "oh no, there's actually no one that know's how to write, but there's a bunch of folks that give it the effort"
  2. Atlanta player fined!

    a - blame the refs for throwing trotter out, not mathis - that was just a complete overreaction (and there isn't a bigger Eagles fan than I am - but as much as every day the Mathis for Trotter trade made sense on the falcons part, that wasn't intentional - just some high spirits that the refs fully overreacted to) b - i really didn't have that "karma" reaction to Mathis - sucks to be him - same thought on Javon Walker - that ain't karma, that's proof that he should have stayed out to get his long term money c - that hit was blatantly illegal, and I really was shocked it wasn't called - I didn't know where the ref was standing, but the guy was airborne and if he was maybe 8 inches lower we're looking at some severe problems - however, that fine, and all the stuff pregame was really differnet (although all part of a nasty little rivalry brewing that could be a great conf title matchup in Philly)
  3. Trotter Ejected

    Sour grapes after the game - Mathis getting trotter engaged was the best play of the night by the Falcons. That was just BS that they ejected them... however, wasn't our defense that let us down - offense puts up 1 TD?!? Seriously? They'll be fine, and still finish 12+ wins, but that was deflating to watch....
  4. MFL Draft

    Tks - I swear I tried that last year and had a ton of trouble...but been reading up and it looks that easy. (I gotta admit, did the draft in Vegas last year and was far from sober at the time...may have had something to do with it)
  5. MFL Draft

    For several years, I always plan on doing our local, in person (mostly) draft in the on-line MFL draft, but only one person entering the picks (me - commish). And for several years, draft time comes, and I cannot figure out how to f'n do it right so that I don't have to continue to go "out, pick the team, back in, draft, out, pick the team, back in..." and give up. So - can anyone give me easy directions so that I can draft the whole league myself online at once?
  6. Anyone still drafting?

    Am I the only guy with a draft Thursday night? We started doing this in my big money "local" (although half of us have to fly in now) league a few years ago - start at 7 and have rules about guys in the game that night (if drafted as a "starter" meaning first pick at a position that starts, be it QB1, RB2... - they start.) Since we're usually through most starter spots (other than kicker/defense possibly), the game has no real impact - and it's great to have on in background.
  7. TO Reaggravated Groin

    I at first was thrilled with how they (and he) played....but there is no way a team can go 16 games plus playoffs with the two top off. players not talking, and one of them just sitting by himself on the sideline - simply won't work over a full season. Hoping they can somehow get back to a decent relationship within the first few games and feel at least like it's not a bad thing if eveyrone stands together on the sidelines.
  8. checking in - feeling lost

    Gotta give Sarge first crack due to history, but if he doesn't, I'd do that for G-Men too (although 4, not 4.5 - I can see the Giants winning 8 and us 12)
  9. checking in - feeling lost

    been awhile - think I have one post since superbowl... new baby and job keeping me busy. Got first non-dynasty draft tomorrow and feel like I'm good till about, oh, round 5 if I'm lucky, then going to start falling apart as the horror of being fully unprepared hits me... "is Charlie Garner still playing? - hurt, huh.... well, sh*t..uh...umm.......FRED LANE" Oh well - luckily, it's my cheapest league so not overly concerned. Sarge - another Cowboy-Eagle bet that I can win, then feel sorry for you and give you a chance to get it back? Say maybe win-spread - I'll say Cowboys don't stay within 4 wins of the Eagles - anything more, I win, less you win? (and I'll even take it to 4.5 for you)
  10. Attn Eagle Fans - Need More Owners

    Will you never learn? After losing our bet last year, you still are talking crap. I come out here once a month, and this is the first thing I see. So, 3 years into Parcells, 5-6 into saying how bad the Eagles are - you ready to bet something on Cowboys vs. Eagles - better record this year?
  11. What IF

    I actually heard on sports radio last week that in '07 or '08 I think, they are headed to a problem, cause the players will try to fight the cap extension with the reasoning that the owners have made a TON over the last few years while the avg player salary hasn't gone up that much
  12. Super Bowl tickets random drawing.

    I sent off three straight years - ddint' get picked (but you do get a postcard telling you that you didn't). My understandign is odds are about 5%, and that was a few years ago - I think more people know about it now.
  13. Superbowl Score predictions

    Predicted score : Eagles 33 Pats 31 MVP : McNabb TD's - owens, westbrook, mcnabb, LJ smith (miss a two pointer, get two FG) Key to game - 3 Pats Turnovers to 1 for Eagles
  14. Birds Fans

    E A G L E S Eagles!!! 7 more hours - keeping myself busy building shelves in garage, but it's tearing me up. And, I have the added benefit of knowing when we win, I get to hang an Eagles Avatar on Sarge to go with his sig line for the next 5 months.
  15. Sarge - double or nothing

    Got that right - can't beat it (although in vegas, usually what happens is ; go up 500, say "playing with house money", and then somehow walk out of there down a grand...)