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  1. WDIS: Barlow or S. Davis

    Davis. Lesser of two evils.
  2. Who would you start? Booker @ NY Jets or Stallworth @ NY Giants 1 point per rec. 6 points per TD 1 point per 10 yards Thanks!
  3. Is there an inside joke?

    What's the status on Holmes' knee? (I know, I know... it was already mentioned, but I thought it was only fair that it were said again.)
  4. Is there an inside joke?

    Also add any reference to Bronco Billy (BB for short) to this list of things/names that won't seem to die on the boards.
  5. Leftwich One Week Wonder?

    I would happily have him on my team as a #2 QB (oh wait... I do.) I think this a team that is going to throw a lot and they have a nice little pool of WRs IMO. If he stays healthy, I think he's definitely worth a pick up if available.
  6. What is the biggest week 1 surprise

    I voted for San Fran, but it's not a surprise that Detriot won.
  7. ESPN Sunday Night Crew

    Another year, same old story. If there were a list of things most Huddlers seem to actually agree on, I think this would be high up on the list.
  8. Big Bench Pts

    Marty Booker sitting on my bench
  9. Ummm... Is Ashley Lelie Playing Today?

    Lelie is "playing" (use your own definition of what "playing is.)
  10. Where is Portis?

    Portis over 100 yards now. Need not worry. Betts has just been giving him some breathers.
  11. Julius Jones vs. Tiki Barber

    I go with Jones as well-- bigger upside.
  12. Reading "Committed"

    In breaking Huddler news, msaint has left his wife and is reported to be dating hot European models.
  13. Best Food Network show

    Unwrapped, Good Eats and Recipe for Success. If you like a lot of the Food Network shows, check out Opening Soon on Fine Living Network-- it follows the path of owners opening up their restaurants.
  14. Trent Green info

    An oldie but goodie.
  15. Corey Simon a Colt?

    AS an Eagles fan, I'm sorry to see him go, but Philly always seems to have a good reason for their moves so I remain confident. Nice pick up Colts fans.