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  1. Bold Predictions Week 11

    Heard he got hurt but I didn't know it was really bad. Hope he makes a full recovery.
  2. Gurley comin our his shell?

    With Cooks and Woods out, it made sense for them to give him a big workload. If they both miss more games, they'll have to ride Gurley.
  3. Bears vs Rams (SNF)

    Trubisky had a hip injury.
  4. Robert Woods is inactive

    Before the Bears game he was more of matchup play. Now...
  5. Robert Woods is inactive

    If I known about Woods this morning, I probably would have rolled with Foles in the two leagues I have Goff. Oh well.
  6. Week 11 Milk Carton

    Yeah I'm probably pushing my luck.
  7. Week 11 Milk Carton

    Deebo 4-82-0 on six targets. Thank you magic milk carton. A td for Deebo would be sweet, just saying.
  8. Week 11 Milk Carton

    Deebo Samuel
  9. Jax @ IND (Foles)

    Well heck. He went 296-2-1. Not bad. Wish I would have started him.
  10. Jax @ IND (Foles)

    Picked up Foles in two leagues as a possible replacement for Goff in two leagues. Don't think I'm going to start him today though still kicking it around. I like Foles' ros schedule for the most part.
  11. TNF

  12. TNF

    Actually I haven't been happy since I drafted him. One of the biggest mistakes in all my years in ff.
  13. TNF

  14. TNF

    I'm an Odell owner. I'm not a happy camper either.