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  1. Site Issue

    It worked for me. Thanks.
  2. Site Issue

    Same here. And it also won't let me into the divisional round and wild card round predictions/projections. I keep getting sent back to the home page. Yes, I'm logged in.
  3. Divisional Game Thread

    Thought the Pats would win but didn't expect a blowout.
  4. Divisional Game Thread

  5. Divisional Game Thread

  6. Mortensen: Browns to name Kitchens Head Coach

    And I read somewhere that Kitchens and Baker Mayfield are tight.
  7. Schefter: Broncos hire Fangio

    Darn. Hate to see him go.
  8. Bruce Arians to Tampa Bay

  9. Packers' new head coach is Matt LaFleur

    The national sports media still loves him.
  10. Packers' new head coach is Matt LaFleur

    I'm surprised. With Aaron Rodgers there, I thought they'd want somebody like Josh McDaniels or Bruce Arians.
  11. RIP Kwame Lassiter

    Just 49. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/2019/01/06/former-arizona-cardinals-safety-kwamie-lassiter-passes-away-age-49/2499368002/
  12. Packers' new head coach is Matt LaFleur

    LaFleur is a first time head coach. His only play calling experience was this season with the Titans, I think. Seriously, thought GB would go after somebody with a bigger resume.
  13. http://www.rotoworld.com/player/nfl/12165/matt-lafleur Not exactly an earth shaking hire. Or am I missing something?
  14. Wild card game thread

    Didn't know the kick was tipped. Agree, Bears should have scored more than 15 and Cohen's small role. Both things are on Nagy. Not really fair for me to put the whole loss on Parkey. And I still can't stand those gimmick 2 point conversion plays that Nagy uses.
  15. Nick Foles

    Is it my imagination or are the Eagles playing better with Foles as their starter than they did with Wentz under center? And I'm talking about this season.