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  1. Packers vs Niners

    I think he can still wing it. His only legit target is Adams. If teams shut him down, Rodgers has struggled. Packers need wr upgrades badly.
  2. Packers vs Niners

    Turnover. Last thing the Packers needed.
  3. Packers vs Niners

    You can say that again.
  4. Packers vs Niners

    Coleman hurt Right arm.
  5. Chiefs vs Titans

    Ladies and gentlemen, Patrick Mahomes. The qb that Chicago didn't want.
  6. Chiefs vs Titans

    Of course Hill didn't have a good game when I started him in spit last week.
  7. Chiefs vs Titans

    Oops. Meant to say they extended their lead.
  8. Chiefs vs Titans

    Titans retake the lead.
  9. Cowboys likely to hire Mccarthy

    Total surprise here: McCarthy is going to let Kellen Moore remain the play caller. Is that good or bad?
  10. Garrett done

    Guess who is the new offensive boss for the Giants. https://www.rotoworld.com/football/nfl/player/2081/jason-garrett You can clap if you want.
  11. Bears LT Jimbo Covert finally got in, and it's long overdue. Blocking for Dan Marino at Pitt, Covert gave up just three sacks during his college career. From Covert's rookie '83 season through '86, Chicago led the NFL in rushing, and Bears finished third or better in rushing during all but one of Covert's seasons. A chronic back injury cut Covert's career short. He retired in 1990 at age 30. I really think he would have gotten into the Hall on his own if he had played longer. ================ Two way player Ed Sprinkle played for the Bears in the 40s and 50s. Per si.com: Sprinkle was nicknamed "the Claw" and was known as one of the toughest Bears ever, as well as one of their best pass rushers. He played on the 1946 NFL champion team and was in the NFL from 1944-1955. Sprinkle passed away in 2014 at the age of 90. Besides being known for the use of his forearm, Sprinkle was simply known as the meanest man in football. He played at only 200 pounds and was called by George Halas the greatest pass rusher he'd ever seen. The Giants once claimed Spinkle had injured two of their players on the same play in the 1946 title game. Part of the 1946 Championship team, he scored the Bears only touchdown to win the game by helping force a fumble and returning it to the house.
  12. Zach Line has retired

    I know he's not a superstar, but Line is just 29. https://www.rotoworld.com/football/nfl/player/10179/zach-line
  13. Luke Kuechly retiring

    If the Panthers decide not to bring Cam back, losing him and Kuechly would mean a total reboot for the team.
  14. Luke Kuechly retiring

    Wow didn't see that coming. Kuechly has had bad luck with concussions. I guess he finally just decided enough was enough and it was time to take care of his health, not that I blame him. A great linebacker and a class act. Sad to see him go.
  15. Jaguars dump oc John DeFilippo

    Interesting. I didn't know that.