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  1. NYG/DET game thread

    I'm wondering if Odell went took another boating trip over the weekend and took Ezekiel Elliott with him.
  2. The Chargers are cursed...

    Wow. Missed fgs. They could be 2-0 right now.
  3. The Chargers are cursed...

    What happened?
  4. Week 2 Injury Thread

    Jordan Reed, chest injury, to the locker room. Corey Coleman possible broken hand.
  5. Week 2 Milk Carton Thread

    Jamison Crowder. I didn't start him, but I'm starting to worry about him and the Washington offense.
  6. Week 2 Injury Thread

    Rob Kelley injured, down on the field. Taken to the locker room. Rib injury. Questionable to return.
  7. Bears&Bucs

    Jordan Howard spotted with his arm in a sling. http://www.rotoworld.com/player/nfl/11339/jordan-howard The injuries are getting ridiculous.
  8. Broncos/Cowboys in weather delay

    T-storms in area. Edit: Play resumed at 6pm et with half a minute left in the first quarter.
  9. Week 2 Milk Carton Thread

    Maybe I'll sit Murray and start Henry next week.
  10. http://www.rotoworld.com/player/nfl/8382/eddie-lacy
  11. Week 2 Milk Carton Thread

  12. Week 2 Injury Thread

    Per Fox, Olsen has left the game, won't return. Foot injury, non contact. Ruh-roh .
  13. Bears&Bucs

    This says it all. And Kendall Wright is banged up.