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  1. I don't what I was thinking drafting Green in the second round... The whole Packer team sucks. We start 2 RB's and Willie Parker is my other starter. Would it be crazy to consider starting Duckett (vs SEA) over Green vs TB this week? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  2. Trade offer

    In a keeper league no I wouldn't trade Willie Parker for Ward, A. Green - YES, Parker - NO. It does look like you could use the help at WR and if you could get something for A. Green, I would do that.
  3. trade options....

    My opinion is that Willie Parker won't get you too much at this point, certainly not TO. There are some questions whether Willie will do this the whole year as he has never done it before and he has Bettis eventually stealing goal line carries. He's hot right now, but I wouldn't give up too much to get him - definitely not a proven stud like TO. You should be able to move him for a WR, but not a top one, IMO.
  4. WDIS @ QB

    My first thought is to go with Leftwich over Favre. But I think I overvalue Leftwich a little bit. Granted Favre should bounce back this week, even without Walker and Indy's D is probably better than in the past, I think I'd still go with Leftwich.
  5. a deuce mccalister trade

    I wouldn't do it. IMO, McAlister and Bennett are a much better combo than than Mushin and Stephen Jackson. Making that deal doesn't provide you with much more depth or security at RB.
  6. Julius or Parker?

    If you think Parker will do it again this week, start em. I realize it's a tough call to sit someone you actually drafted high for some waiver wire pick up, but... If Parker had a tough match up, I'd definitely go with Jones, but his match up appears good enough to at least flip the coin.
  7. Hugh, I know I am double dipping this week, but I just picked up Willie Parker. Do I start him over Davis - my first round pick? Parker has the better match up and I was leaning that way. Much thanks for your thoughts.
  8. I just picked up Parker and am now in the same situation. Given the match up favors Parker, I am leaning towards starting him. But Davis was my first pick at #9, and week 1 could be a aberration for both players. Hmm.
  9. The Doctor's Office is Open...

    Doc: I've got a defensive problem. Is CAR going to slip with Jenkins (sp?) out? Should I go shopping for a D? DET, CHI are a few of the teams available. Also, I picked Parker up off the WW and dumped the estra TE. With Parker's impressive last week and Davis's not so impressive outing would it be wise to start Parker over Davis this week. Davis was my 1st round pick at #9... Thanks for the help...
  10. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 2

    Hugh, Boldin, Bennett, or Rogers to go with Burleson? I am leaning towards Boldin or picking up a FA such as Jenkins ATL or A. Bryant CLE? Thanks, I appreciate the help.

    Yes he will be playing, despite what you might have heard.
  12. Brooks or Lefty....

    It does and it doesn't... It's kind of like this... I have both, don't think either is too good a start this week... with a subtle reccomendation to look for some help elsewhere - say Volek if he was an available option. If no other options and that is what you have to go with... first thought is Leftwich. But with the weather potentially being horrible... I don't think he will be all too productive.
  13. Pittman all the way. DAL will be playing from behind... NO's DEF sucks.
  14. Brooks or Lefty....

    I am in the same boat... and I decided to pick up Volek this week.