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  1. 32 Homers needs owners

    I just posted that Vikings are back in as well. I am already paid up
  2. R. Brown or B. Jacobs?

    I agree with Bed
  3. qb they both suck please your opinion

    Start no QB and take the chance that 0 is better then negative points That's one ugly choice. Brunell over Harrington...the Bears DEF is very good.
  4. WDIS at RB in TD only league

    I think the always start your Studs comes into play here. Remember that Johnson only had limited carries last week even after they had a huge lead. Johnson is a stud but he doesn't become an every day starter until Holmes is out of the picture.
  5. WDIS? Need 2 RB's out of list inside...

    Even though Johnson is going to get 10 - 12 carries...I believe the Chiefs will be way ahead early and they will sit Holmes sometime in the 2nd half. I think you need to stay away from Arrington and Bennett and start Davis.
  6. Jamal Lewis or Ladanian Tomlinson?

    Sometimes it doesn't matter about matchups. The term "always start your studs especially when they are going for the consecutive game with a TD streak" comes into play.
  7. wdis

    Clayton against Buffalo may be a mess but Taylor against his life in the NFL has been a mess. Until Taylor proves gotta start Clayton over him regardless of opponent.
  8. Pennington?

    6 Fumbles???? I know he didn't lose them all but darn!!!
  9. 2005 NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 1

    Carolina Pathers
  10. Lost in a world of Individual Defense.

    That is one hell of a scoring system. I can say for the first time that IDP's are more valuable then Offensive players in this scoring system. Now more then ever you need to make projections for all players and fit them into a ranking system. Use VBD and include IDP's as apart of that. Julius Peppers has great value in this system because he has outproduced most DL over the last 3 years.
  11. This was in RTSPorts this morning. Panthers fans is this true? Aug 28 2005 3:30AM Updating previous reports, the Gaston Gazette's Steve Reed reports Carolina Panthers RB DeShaun Foster has conceded that RB Stephen Davis will be the team's starting running back opening day, if Davis' injured knee holds up. "We all know Stephen (Davis) is the starter," Foster said after Carolina's 23-20 preseason win Friday night, Aug. 26, over the Cleveland Browns. "That's how it is. We have a good player right there and he's going to help the team out and we're glad to have hi m back." The Panthers would like an offense similar to 2003 when they ran both Davis and Foster at teams every week. There were times when Davis was more effective, and other times when Foster carried the load. Foster is no lock to make it through the season with getting hurt. Right now the team has four other backs that could step in should Davis and Foster get injured. Fantasy Impact: Davis should be ready to go for the season opener, so expect him to start. He is a bit of a risk, but could be a fine No. 2 back if his knee holds up.

    Thanks David and Whitney...truly appreciated. You may even grab us all to pay next year
  13. how did i do?

    Glad to see that the choice not to participate in Yahoo leagues is a good one.
  14. Peppers

    Yeah IDPers wouldn't know that he is the best DE in the game today
  15. Panthers RB

    The answer to your question is doesn't matter whether you pick up Foster or not...when Foster or Brown are available as Free Agents this means you are in a 6 to 8 team league. For a 6 to 8 team league this team just flat out stinks and neither Foster or Brown will help you. Swamp's got it right...any opening in your leagues???